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💐 sweet on sorority wedding traditions! 💐

Q: My big is getting married in a couple of months. Any ideas about how to incorporate our sorority into the big day? I’m one of her bridesmaids so I really wanna make it special!!

A: For a sorority wedding, one of my favorite traditions is the Badge Bouquet! Pin the bridesmaid’s badges to the wedding bouquet, along with the bride’s badge. This is so sentimental and makes a wonderful photo too! 

Or, the sorority bridesmaid’s can pin their badges to their own bouquets. Badges can also be pinned to the inside of a wedding gown at the neckline or underneath a strap. 

💐   Bring LOTS of Sorority Charm to a Wedding: 💐 

  • Serenade: Sorority sisters form a circle around the bride and serenade her with special chapter songs. There will be tears!
  • Big/little Pics: Take photos in your traditional big/little “stacked” pose. 
  • Sorority Photo Frame: Design a photo frame, chalkboard sign, or garland especially for the sorority sisters to pose with.
  • Sorority Blooms: Use your special sorority flowers throughout the wedding. 
  • Photo Exhibit: Display several sorority photos in elegant silver frames on the “family history” table. 
  • Sorority Shadowbox: Design and display a sorority shadowbox celebrating your sisterhood memories. 
  • Hand Signs: Stage a wedding guest and bridal party throw what you know.
  • Sisterhood Video: Shoot a bridal video to be shown at the rehearsal dinner, bachelorette party, or reception featuring the bride’s sorority sisters wishing the bride a happy future and reminiscing about college days.
  • Greek Groom’s Cake: If the groom was in a fraternity, represent both bride and groom’s houses on the groom’s cake.
  • Bridesmaid’s Sparkle: Order matching necklaces or bracelets for the sorority bridesmaids to wear. They should feature your sorority mascot, symbol, or jewel.
  • Little Touches: Bring your sorority colors or insignia into the wedding favors, bridal party koozies, bridal party spirit jerseys, bridesmaid’s robes and other wedding day accessories. 
  • Saying Sign: Design a pretty sign with your sorority motto, creed, or favorite inspirational quote. Place it on a small easel for decoration.
  • Sister Guest Plaque: Paint and decorate a pretty wedding plaque (or wood monogram), display it at the reception and ask all the sorority sisters to autograph it with best wishes. Sorority members in attendance can sign it during the reception. 
  • Wedding Cooler: Paint a “greek style” cooler for the bride and groom to take on their honeymoon. 
  • Lavalier Love: Add the bride and the groom’s lavaliers to the wedding bouquet. 
  • Music: Include the bride’s favorite sorority music in the wedding ceremony, or have it played it at the reception. 
  • Symbol Sugar: Add sorority symbols into the floral arrangements, centerpieces, cookies, and wedding cake… For example, add anchors to a Delta Gamma wedding, crowns for a Zeta Tau Alpha wedding, and fleur de lis or golden keys for a Kappa Kappa Gamma nuptial.
  • Ceremony Reading: During the wedding ceremony, have a well spoken sister give a meaningful reading that expresses the sorority’s values.
  • Greek Garter Charm: Add a sorority symbol or greek letter charm to the bride’s garter.
  • Ice Sculpture: Design a stunning sorority symbol ice sculpture!
  • Sisterly Toast: Ask a poised sister to give a toast to the bride and groom at the reception. 
  • Wedding Party & Guest Gifts: Give greek themed favors to the wedding party and guests.
  • Greek Letters: Include greek letter marquee lights, or floral greek letters in the reception decorations. 

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So, as some of you know, the re-chartering process is not cheap. We have to raise $1550 as an installation fee (that covers the cost of ritual equipment, songbooks, and other chapter supplies), plus pay for the visit of the Province Officer and the NVP-E. That’s about 2 grand, and not everyone had a great job over the summer like me and can afford their initiation fee, so we want to have money so that every girl who has worked so very hard for this can be initiated.
We’ve held several fundraisers, but we’re still fairly short of this goal.
If everyone who follows me donated 5 bucks, we’d have almost twice of what we need to get installed. So please, if you can spare it, donate. I have been working for this since October of 2014 and I love this organization to bits, so all I want is to get rechartered this semester, but it can’t happen without this money.
Thank you all for reading this post, love y'all so much!
Vita Brevis, Ars Longa

🎉 Building the ultimate bid day goodie bag! 🎉

Q: I was wondering what would be some good items to put in a bid day goodie bag? 

A: First select a super cute tote bag  and then select your favorite treats to go inside. How many gifts you give depends on your budget. Ordering in bulk helps bring down the price per item. Everything you select should be customized with your sorority name, greek letters, symbols, or mascot for extra flair. Your new members will be thrilled to get their very first sorority swag from their new chapter!

🎁   Top 50 Sorority Bid Day Goodie Bag Gift Ideas! 🎁 

  • Tumbler
  • Mug
  • Water Bottle
  • Koozie
  • Plush Toy 
  • Headband 
  • Sunglasses
  • Notebook
  • Note Pad/Note Cards
  • Sticky Notes/Tabs 
  • Key Fob
  • Luggage Tag
  • Laptop/Car Decal 
  • Stickers
  • Magnets
  • Picture Frame 
  • Candy 
  • Landyard 
  • Sunglass Strap
  • Makeup Bag
  • Pens & Pencils
  • Pillowcase
  • Button 
  • Pocket Mirror
  • Casual Bracelet 
  • Bumper Sticker
  • License Plate Frame
  • Coin Purse
  • Nail Files
  • Nail Polish/Nail Wraps 
  • Metallic Tattoos 
  • Mini Clipboard 
  • Hair Ties 
  • Socks 
  • Flip Flops
  • Dry Erase Board 
  • Cookies
  • Small ID Holder
  • Decorative Wood Block
  • Bottle of Bubbles
  • Colorful Straws 
  • Plastic Mason Jar
  • Charm
  • Hanging Decor 
  • Art Print
  • Lip Balm
  • Stemmed Cup
  • Dog Tag
  • Weekly/Monthly Calendar
  • Coasters

Also fun for your new members to wear on bid day ~ tank top/tee shirt, cap and fanny pack!

Brothers and Sisters in The Music Fraternities and Soroities

As a brother of both Phi Mu Alpha (Fall 2011)and Kappa Kappa Psi (Spring 2013), I have had plenty of interactions with all 4 of the musical greeks. Littles and Bigs across both organizations, friends in separate organizations, like most of us do. 

But why do we all have to isolate ourselves? For rits and events obviously we are separate, but outside of that why do we have to separate ourselves into sections? Why are PMA and SAI a “red team” and KKPsi and TBSigma “Blue Team”? 

Is there a reason for this, don’t we all share the common bond that brought us to greek life in the first place? The one universal language we all understand?


Whether you want to admit it or not we are all the same in that one factor. Service vs. Social sure there’s a difference, but when is the last time your Kappa Kappa Psi chapter didn’t have a social event? Or the last time your Phi Mu Alpha chapter didn’t do anything service/philanthropic related? 

So all that said i wonder, why does the hate exist? Why is there a Red Team vs. Blue Team? Why can’t we all just help each other out? Who cares if a PMA brother helps out KKPsi brothers in marching band? Who cares if SAI sisters are hanging out and a TBS sister joins them? Not for any reason, just because we all share that one bond. It’s time that we all work together instead of isolating ourselves into separate groups even within our own organizations. We all came to school with that one bond, why do we have to stray from it because we wear different letters than someone else?

Music. That’s where it all started