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Breathe Me

Description: Dan accidentally lets one of his kinks slip during sex

Tags: Smut; Top!Phil; Bottom!Dan; Breath Play; Choke Kink

A/N: Wrote this before school. Nothing like hardcore sin first thing in the morning. Seriously I will take my ticket to hell in train form. Seriously. I’m freakin (also holy shit?? this is 828 words of pure smut??) have fun. 

“Ahh Phil!” Words spewed, back arched, skin slapped against skin, nails dug into shoulders, hips, everywhere they could reach in a timely matter.

Dan cried out again as Phil hit the perfect angle, his hips jerked along with Phil’s and his mouth fell wide open. “Oh god… baby.” He whispers before Phil hits it harder and he can’t stop his needs from arising. “Choke me!”

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Too Hot To Handle

Word Count: 4.3k 

Genre: smut  

Warnings: Grinding/frottage, rimming. 

Summary: Dan was sleeping on the couch and Phil comes in when he was having a wet dream. Later Phil finds out what the dream was about, and helps make it a reality for Dan.

Link for Ao3 ( x )

A/N: My first fanfic!? WOo! i hope you guys like it! (oh tell me if you find any grammar mistakes so i can fix them thank you!) Enjoy :)

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anonymous asked:

I agree about C team, generally. Personally I preferred the new characters in ZTD (as characters not people) because they were more interesting. But then again my favorite character from VLR was Tenmyouji, even before I knew he was actually Junpei. His speech about how multiple timelines don't matter was really impactful to me. But then again, I'm pretty sure the creators of ZTD only cared about Phi and Sigma despite the potential Akane and Junpei had from the previous games.

Carlos was the only character in ztd l had a problem with. I thought he was okay but l never understood why people call him a “cinnamon roll” when he played a huge part in vlr ending in ztd. (I just didn’t think he was that great of a character and c-force quit box just makes me uncomfortable)

I sorta agree but with Junpei character in vlr. It constantly revolves around Quark and for me. It got a bit annoying. I remember that part where Junpei let Dio vote because he was looking after Quark and he got mad at Phi for picking betray, when she should have pick ally. (Leaving Dio to do it, it’s clear Phi wouldn’t pick ally)

I feel like it’s odd that Akane/Junpei have been in three games and l only like their 999 versions and nothing more. I feel like with most series, the main characters usually developed but with Junpei/Akane. Their both totally different people in each game so it’s hard for me to think they developed well in the series. 

High school au phanfic where dan holes himself up in his room right after exams to unwind and when he emerges from his house two days later he finds a mock-funeral for him on his front lawn and phil starting his “eulogy”

“I lost my best friend to the mid-year exams two days ago”
“I miss him so much”
“I can hear his voice sometimes”
“Calling me”
“STO P ”
“may his soul be in peace”

At first it was just a thing with his and phil’s group of friends but now it is literally tradition

Like every time they finish their term exams that the entire town knows by now and even turn up bringing flowers and shit and the town seamstress even provided phil with an all-black formalwear for the occasion

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Can you please discuss the controversy about being Christian/Catholic and being a member of the Divine Nine. I'm interested in pledging but I'm worried that my faith will be contradicted.

Sure…. This is going to be long…Apologize for the error if there are any.

We regard religion as part of each member’s well being and recognize that each member ascribes to the religion that they most identify with. As a result we are able to have members of practically every religion capable of coming together for a common cause. Something Christian oriented organizations can rarely do. What binds BGLOs together is a commonality that stems from our pledge process, the ideals we ascribe to, our members, and traditions we have.  Churches cannot control BGLOs as they can other organizations. We don’t prevent our members from worshiping whichever God or Gods they want. Our freedom of religion is so ingrained in the individuality of each member to the point where we have members who don’t participate in certain activities simply because of their religious convictions (drinking, going out on the Sabbath etc). We don’t judge them for doing that nor does it affect their membership negatively. Several Chapters of our orgs have things like meditation time, Bible study, prayer Circles etc. and we are open to members creating their own. The massacre in South Carolina took the lives of Five members of BGLO organizations. Bro. Rev. Clementa C. Pinckney Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc. , Soror Sharonda Coleman-Singleton Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc., Soror Cynthia Graham-Hurd Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc, Soror Myra Thompson Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc, Bro.  Daniel L. Simmons Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc. All were at Bible study very very well versed in the Bible. Faith Family Frat is the Alpha way

To touch on a few points of controversy…..

Secrecy- Our organizations function on secrecy. Not because we have nefarious motives but simply due to the fact that not everyone wants us to succeed. If we reveal publicly how or why we do things we will have more people against our cause than for it. You’d be surprised how many Churches currently work against several of our initiatives.

Churches also function on the basis of secrecy however for them it seems to be okay because they are Christian.

Symbols- Our organizations have and use symbols mainly remind our members of our purpose. Christians look at those things as Idol worship.  Some see it as demonic symbols thus demonic worship. Then again, Sankofa symbols have also been called the same things.

Churches ignore their own Idol worship and it’s ironic, some of the symbols we use come from the Church. If you ever get a chance to go to the Vatican, several Cathedrals etc. have the same Symbols and others all over the place. There are certain places where you question if the buildings are sanctioned by the Holy See. If you are not Catholic, look at your own Churches and ask about some of the symbols that are used. Look at how certain things and people are idolized to the point where certain peoples transgressions are overlooked (rapes, thefts, etc). The Cross for example is a symbol of salvation for some and persecution for others.

Rituals- Our organizations have Rituals we use for different things. Their meaning varies per organization however they have a purpose not only to those participating in them but to those watching. Everything from how we sing, to how we step, to even how we dress have meaning which are secular and not religious.

Churches have rituals they perform that go against the Bible teachings. You should read Pagan Christianity, authors Frank Viola and George Barna.

Oaths: Our organizations have oaths which are no different than any other oath you will and have taken. Every job you will ever have requires you to take at least an Oath, in some cases several. They just call them contracts. One is verbal the other is written. This year, I have taken 85 difference pledges of allegiance, and secret most of which are blind oaths. If I want to earn a living ( and the bible says something to that effect about working and eating), I have no choice.

Many Churches make their members take oath to the constitution of their respective denominations. Some of those oaths contradict teaching in the Bible.

History: The Black community is waking up to the realization that Churches aren’t as civic minded as they used to be or ever were. BGLO have the track record and continue to prove that we are about our community and the development of our people even when they don’t want it.

For example, in the early year of what became the Civil rights movement, more than a few Black Churches actively worked to derail the movement. It is no secret that of the times Bro. King and others were arrested their only support were BGLO members and not Churches. This hasn’t stopped some of those Churches from forgetting those times.  Even today, we still have Preachers calling racism Gods will and our President the Anti-Christ.

Money: We as orgs are able to raise funds for certain things. How we use those funds are at the discretion of our leadership and our members. With internal audits etc. those who misappropriate those funds or objectives that are not met are dealt with. We can get more people to donate to our cause than Churches can to theirs. Something several Churches can’t say.

Of the over $500 Billion collected by Black Churches since the 1980’s, most of those funds have gone to individuals or to the Churches and not used to help those downtrodden as the Bible teaches us.

I could go into other things but I think you get the gist. Certain Christians are throwing stones when they live in glass houses built on sand.

Being a Christian is an individual endeavor. Very very very very few people can tell you what God’s plans are for you. Maybe joining one of our Orgs is a lesson He wants you to learn or an example for what he expects of your service to him. Maybe you will see what the tenants of Christianity should be in practice.

If you are worried about contradicting our faith are you absolutely sure you are not doing things now that contradict it. 

Pray about it, ask to speak with members of your denomination who are also Greek and see what happens.

There are also Christian Fraternities and Sororities you can join instead. 


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i guess when I meant bland I meant predictable. She's one of my favorite characters in the series but I found her very predictable compared to the ambitious and mysterious girl and then old woman she was in the past.

Because of ztd, the fan base considers Akane, “having no personality”. For me, that’s one thing in ztd l didn’t like. I still didn’t like what they did with Akane character. (I agree about the predictable part)

I wish in ztd, we could get more reasoning as to why Akane/Junpei were the way they were in ztd. Junpei does explain it but l wish it could be elaborated further.(I wanted Akane to mention her brother or mentioning that she was zero in the first game)

I kinda wish the zero escape games went in chronological order because l think the story wouldn’t be confusing. (With ztd, l still found the plot twist really confusing) I would understand Akane/Junpei character a bit better. As much as l like Phi and Sigma, Junpei and Akane don’t get enough development throughout the series and l wish they were the main character in all three games. 

This is probably me but ztd akane wasn’t as worse to what they did with clover in vlr. Clover development in the series was just awful. (I’m not sure if people like vlr Clover because l didn’t) Clover gets a downgrade in terms of character development and is treated as an idiot/fan service to the rest of the vlr cast.


A/N: Saw these two on Phanfic and thought “eh, why not”. Also, I literally just wrote this (1:30 AM) so I apologize for errors and whatnot.

Warnings: wedgie, cuteness

Genre: Fluffity fluff cute

Word Count: 1,085


Phil was bent over the counter, elbows rested on either side of the paperwork. He and Dan usually took turns doing the bills because they used to fight over it. Now, it was his turn and it was such a pain in the ass.

He should’ve been working on his upcoming video or planning the next one. There was the severe amount of editing he had to do, the part he had to re-film because the audio screwed up at one part, the-

Phil snapped his head up when he heard something in the hallway. He was sure Dan had gone out to get the food for tonight, but he may have already gotten back.

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