phfw holiday 2012


I am so lucky to be able to witness such a magical moment for the 2nd time and with VIP passes pa. Thanks to my wonderful friend, Mhaj who happens to be related to Michael Cinco. I will say it again for the nth time, Michael Cinco’s show was phenomenal! I don’t know how he do all these impeccable designs but I do know one thing though, he himself is an incredible piece of art.

If you read my PFW S/S12: Michael Cinco post last year then you already know that I am a huge fan of ANTM. And Allison Harvard is my bet for ANTM: All-Stars cycle 17 but she ended up as a runner-up. I don’t care though, Allison is and will always be my all star :)

Super fangirl moment talaga ko that night! I seriously couldn’t contain myself when I saw her walking on the runway. Like I want to shout “I love you, Allison!!!” so bad and super kilig talaga ko LOL. There was one moment when she walked towards us then stop and pose. Like oh my goodness!!! she was 1 meter away from me and good Lord, her eyes! So breathtaking! Umm.., ok! I know I sound so creepy now hahaha. So maybe, I’ll just let the photos do the talking.

And as usual, the male models were wearing nothing but those white briefs. LMAO

Dominique Reighard + Michael Cinco + Allison Harvard = So much awesomeness in 1 photo!

All photos taken by ME.


An elemental ghostly chill haunts Happy Andrada’s “Apparition” collection. She derives her sepulchral white drama from her dark dreams and ethereal encounters with souls and spirits weaving in and out of her reality, blurring lines between lace, organza, cotton and tulle. There is a certain icy sweetness to her collection’s tainted purity. The sacrificial virgin, the scorned lover, the wandering muse, the mourning mother - all form mystifying silhouettes brought by intricate cuts, dyes, appliques braiding and looping. (got this from Happy Andrada’s promotional leaflet)

Need I say more? Happy’s designs were the best out of all the collection under the Visions & Trends segment of the fashion week that’s why I made a separate blog post just for it. I think she should have a solo show ‘cause her designs were really amazing and unique. O well, hopefully next time :)

All photos taken by ME.


“Rajo Uno! Rajo Dos!” uhhh, still can’t get over it. It was like a party rather than a fashion show haha. The whole room was dancing the Rajo Dance! Such an awesome night! Felt like I was in a club surrounded by well-dressed creatures.

Aicha: Tama ba ‘tong napuntahan natin?

Me: Feeling ko nasa ASAP tayo. HAHAHA

All photos taken by ME.