Harry finding out that princess henry is pregnant please?

Another night, another event. This was the last one for a while, and boy was I glad; my wife, the people’s Duchess, and I had long been over tired from flying back and forth from various countries in the span of two weeks. We had been on route to a formal charity dinner. She was wearing a stunning red gown, staring out the window, struggling to keep awake.
“Darling, if you don’t feel up to it, I can just go.” I suggested rubbing her thigh gently.
“And leave you all to the suffering? Not a chance,” she smiled into my eyes, “What’s the point of running a marathon if you aren’t going to finish it.”

I laughed.
“Not to be rude, but this dinner won’t last incredibly long will it?”
“It shouldn’t, why?” I ask, growing a bit concerned.

The car slows down to park, I hear the driver coming along to our doors to open them for us.
Her door opens first, “No reason.” She smiles back, this time being a bit forceful.
I gently grab her hand to stop her getting out of the car.
“Love, what’s wrong?”
“Baby, I promise, it’s nothing bad. I’ll tell you in a more appropriate time.” She responds as calm as a cucumber.
I get out of the car, reluctantly and curious as to what she couldn’t tell me.

The night continues to go as a usual routine: some professional photos taken, meet and greet with other royal members, a speech from myself and writing a check. We almost got in the rhythm of it, she described it like a song; go with the beat and everything will seem much more enjoyable. She didn’t quite care for events back to back, but she hated the thought of me continuing to do engagements alone after going solo for so many before she and I became a duo.

We sat down to enjoy our meal, I notice she didn’t have white wine like she normally does. I began to get my hopes up a bit, she always laughs at how much I want kids and my heart skips a beat if she doesn’t drink a certain night or feels nauseous. I dialed down my excitement and leaned in for a whisper, “Will you please tell me what in the world is wrong with you? It really is driving me insane.”

She giggles.
“If I told you, you won’t be able to handle it here,” she pauses, sipping her water, “I promise I’ll tell you when we get home.”
“Okay.” I say, pecking her cheek.

The dinner couldn’t have gone slower, I felt like they were purposely dragging on this event, come on, who needs five different servings? The curiosity was killing me, and she was enjoying watching me grow antsy. She did a good job at hiding her excitement- much better than I am.

After what seemed like an eternity, we finally arrive home and like clock work, my adorable wife takes off her heels and heads straight to the bedroom to change into her sweats. I lay on the bed, undoing my tie and top buttons. I close my eyes for a moment and feel her lay on top of me, I smirk, “Baby, I’m too tired tonight.” I say with regret.
“Keep your eyes closed. I promise it’ll be worth it.”
I do as she says.
“Hold out your hands.”
I continue to follow her instructions, and feel a light box be placed in my hands.

“Open your eyes, dear.”
I open them and are confused by the box.
“What is this?” I chuckle.
“Just open it.” She pushes.

I do as she says again, and see a positive pregnancy test. My heart drops then beats what felt like a million times. I couldn’t control my eyes watering with joy and smiling ear to ear; I grab the love of my wife as tight as I could and kiss her.
“You’re pregnant?!”
She laughs at the stupid face I was making.
“Yes! I’m so excited, it was a nightmare not to tell you.”
“I… I can’t believe this- ho-how far along are you?”
“I’m not quite sure, I’m just late I know that much we have to get a proper sonogram and such but Harry you’re going to be a daddy!”

I blush and lay back on the bed, she lays next to me.
“What do you think we’ll have?” She asks, rubbing my arm.
“I hope a girl.” I admit.
“Yeah. Daughters are so much better than sons.”

We spent the rest of our night discussing all the possible names and looking up cute baby clothes. They are right, having kids changes you, makes you more of a softer and gentle soul. I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with the woman who I love and our beautiful baby. My dreams of finding a woman who I care about and love along with becoming a dad are all coming true. My title doesn’t take my breath away, nor my wealth, but my family and happiness in this very moment did.

Chapter 1: Under Public Scrutiny

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Three minutes and six seconds.

That is all it takes to change the course of a life, my life.

No matter what people believe about fate I was never one to fall for it. I knew that I could change the course of my future that nothing was set in stone. I could etch and chisel away at the solid foundation and still change it into a beautiful life, one of my own making.

In the attempts of breaking through those confining walls my birth right surrounded me with, I came to the realization that my life would never be normal. That my life would be the center of attention for the whole world to see. To see every faltering step, every mistake, every time I had my heart broken.

This is my life.

Princess Emilia’s life.

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Chapter 1

A/N: Here is the first chapter!!!! YAY! I know you have been waiting a while for this, but I wanted it to turn out the way I wanted it too! Please be warned it is an intense chapter and please proceed with caution for triggers. I would love to hear from you, even if its a like, a message anon or not! Without further wait…. please enjoy chapter 1!

Sept 2nd 2012


“Home is not where you are from, it is where you belong. Some of us travel the whole world to find it. Others, find it in a person.”

They say that when you travel you are searching for a certain piece of yourself, a piece of your soul that is innately missing. Every city you cross through, everyone you meet along your journey, only brings you closer and closer to finding that missing piece. For some it’s adventure, for others its wealth, and for everyone else…it remains unknown until they find what they are meant to be searching for.

I have spent years searching for that unknown piece of myself that makes me feel so incomplete, almost a feeling of being lost. But, maybe you need to get lost and lose yourself in the world in order to find yourself again because not all those who wander are truly lost. Maybe they are only searching for something that’s just out of their grasp and when they find it… well that’s when the real adventure starts.

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Chapter 17

Thursday, January 29, 2015 9:30am
Nottingham Cottage, Kensington Palace, London

Harry went back to sleep when Arabella kissed him goodbye that morning. He doesn’t have anything planned today, maybe just a day in the office, so he was enjoying his time in his bed. Albeit it would be much better with Arabella by his side, but duty calls. Harry should be used to this really. If he’s not mistaken, she has more public engagements this year than he does and on top of that, she also have to plan their wedding. Harry knew he wouldn’t be that much help in the wedding planning area, but he just hopes that nothing goes horribly wrong.

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Chapter 35 Part One

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“What?” Harry’s eyes drifted to the woman staring up at him as she silently sat in the passenger seat.

Addy’s lips gently formed a warm smile holding the prince’s gaze hostage. “Nothing Henry…” She continued to keep her eyes on Harry as he turned his attention back to the road ahead of them.

All she wanted to do was tell him about Jake; what she had recently found out about him.  A part of her knew he would already be upset with her having not told him a word about the flowers she had been receiving from her ex-boyfriend, let alone his proposal. Yet a small voice inside of her head convinced her otherwise that now was not the time to do so.

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Chapter Sixty-Three: Tutta la mia vita, sei tu

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This one is for you, daddy. I’ll forever miss you.
xx Bea

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Can I ask for a Prince Harry imagine? Harry and YN just got engaged and their reaction when they find out that a movie is been made about them. I just think it’d be cute

 “… No, I think, well I don’t know what to think. I’ve never had this happen to me before. Well I mean- yes I know she’s going to find out eventually, who is being cast? Okay. Okay- I got to go.” Harry hangs up the phone in an odd fashion, scratches his head to fight off the nervous tick, followed by a slight blush on his cheeks and says, “Hi, love.” 

“Hi. What was that all about?” I ask sitting on the couch. 
“Oh, nothing… Just something rather silly.” He says sitting on the chair diagonally across from me. 
“No, seriously tell me.” I say light heartedly. 
“Trust me, you don’t want this to ruin your morning.” 
Harry.” I tease.
Darling.” He echoes in the same tone. 
“Henry! Please.” I whine. 
He remains silent for a moment. 
I stare him down during the same moment. 
“Well, being on the grid with the media and all…” He tails off. 
“What? We are signed to a reality show with our co-stars the Kardashians?” 
He lets out a laugh. 
“No, some film company is making a movie about us.” 

I remain silent for a few moments. 
I look up at my husband to be, before I could say anything, “Look, I will try my best to try to get this-” 
“Harry, it’s fine. I don’t care. Those magazines say loads of trash about me and you every chance they get when they have a free moment. A 90 minute movie is not going to be the end of me. It would take a lot more than just some silly script to get me hot and bothered.” 
He sighs in relief, “How did I get so lucky to find you?” 
“What do you mean?” I ask. 
“Well, Kate was a little worried when they made a film about her and Will that the actress would be better looking than her.” He laughs. 
“Oh that would be my first fear too.” I joke. 
Harry gives me a cute smirk in response and sits next to me on the couch. 

“So who is going to play us?” I ask, rubbing his back gently. 
“Tom Hiddleston, is rumored for me.” He says, gently closing his eyes.
“And… For me?” 
“I heard Meryl Streep.” He says in a serious tone. 
I side eye my fiance before he lets out a huge laugh. 
“No, in all honestly they didn’t share that information with me.” He admits.
“You’re just quite the trickster aren’t you?” I ask. 
“No, you’re just a bit too gullible.” 
“I’m sorry? What was that my love?” I ask reaching behind my back to grab a pillow. 
“I said you’re too gullible.” 
“Oh really?” 
“Yes. What are you going to do about it?” 
“Oh, just this.” I admit before smacking him with the pillow. 

The rest of the afternoon consisted of us having tickle wars and pillow fights against each other all through out the house, like the true goofballs we actually are. 

Chapter 2: Running From My Shadows

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I know what it seems like.

That I am running away from my problems and I am; I can honestly admit that.

Lately, I am always running away from the pain, the hurt and the silence looks of pity since the release of the infamous tell all. It is now what I call my home, a familiar state of unwanted questions, disapproving looks and accusations of questionable truth. There is this shadowing grip that keeps pulling me back to these suffocating walls of privilege that I was born into.

No matter how far I run, I cannot escape those shadows that are always reminding me of who I am and who I can never be. These shadows haunting me of how to act, how to live my coursed life of unwanted attention. Yes, it is true that I wished I were someone else and I know what you may think of how ungrateful I am for my life of privilege but you do not walk in my shoes and see what I see.

No matter how far I run, these shadows linger trying to pull me back home, but this time I need a little space. I have forgotten what it is like to live, to laugh, and to be me, Emilia Andelle, not Princess Emilia.

So I ran to a place where no one knows my name. Where I can breathe and escape these shadows of my past, if even for a day.

“GO REBEKAH!” Emilia stood up cheering above the crowd with her protection officers, Tristan and Luke, beside her.

Rebekah was in the lead of a rowing race with less than a minute left in her first competition of the games. The suspense was building as the seconds ticked by slowly. Emilia became quiet, holding her breath in apprehension. Her fingers clenched together tightly in a silent prayer as she bit her bottom lip nervously.

“Come on Becks!” Emilia yelled again. The whole stadium was on their feet cheering on their friends and loved ones as they battled out the last few seconds of the race. If Rebekah made the top three she would advance to the final round for the pursuit of the gold medal.

The buzzer rang loud indicating the end of the race. Emilia jumped proudly squealing with joy and hugging Rebekah’s brother Luke beside her as they cheered loudly for their friend and sister. She had done it; she made it to the final race that would be held the next day.

Emilia watched Rebekah stand up with her arms in the air celebrating her win, looking up around the crowd spotting them applauding her efforts. Emilia’s heart was swelling with pride for her friend as she beamed a wide smile.

No matter what trouble laid ahead of her, Emilia knew she had made the right decision in coming to support Rebekah. Along with her PO’s Tristan and Luke, Emilia left hastily late in the night boarding a commercial red eye flight to London nearly making Rebekah’s first competition.

Her phone buzzed in her pocket as she pulled it out to see her father calling her once again. Emilia let the call go to voicemail like the others before. There was no point in answering, as she knew what it was all about and the only reason he would be calling her was to scold her once again.

Being reminded of the events that had unfolded the day before brought a sense of relief knowing that she was far away from the madness that surely was developing in the wake of her actions. The conversation with her father still lingered in her mind, his words on replay.

Of course she was not like Edward, he would never leave in the middle of the night to a foreign country with a limited protection detail. He was the good sensible twin of the pair and even though they were genetically similar, they had vastly different personalities.

Edward was more of a people pleaser, never questioning his duty to serve the royal family and always did what he was told to. His life as heir to the throne led him down a different path than Emilia all because she had been born three minutes and six seconds after him. As they grew older, they had slowly started to drift apart mainly a forced divide by Emilia herself. Of course she loved her brother, but she could no longer bare the constant blame whenever they were in trouble. Emilia always had received the brunt end of the punishment constantly being her fault, marking her as the troubled twin by the media.

It could not have been further from the truth. Yes at times she delved into her trouble maker side, but the media were bound to make their own version of truths when it came to her image. No matter what she did Emilia found herself being hung out to dry. Even when she pleaded with her brother to take some of the heat, he refused and began to lecture her on the importance of a clean image for the heir. If the two were spotted out drinking and stumbling out of nightclubs, it was Emilia’s persuasion that led the heir astray. At least that’s how the papers wrote it.

The cheers of the crowd pulled her from her plagued mind as she refocused on why she was here. Emilia glanced beside her to see Luke nearly in tears of joy as he proudly watched his sister. Wrapping her arm around the husky built PO who was much like another brother to her, she comforted him.

“She did it Luke!” Emilia beamed proudly along with him. It had been an emotional couple of years for the whole family. Luke and Rebekah’s family, the Balvondio’s, had a long-standing relationship with the Illyrian royal family. For generations they had provided protection for the House of Andelle, passing the duty of service down to their younger generations. Rebekah had been Emilia’s protection officer before Tristan, but when she enlisted in the military Emilia encouraged her to go despite the reluctance from her family.

Rebekah had returned home with injuries from an ambush she had sustained while out on patrol. It was a night Emilia would never forget, being forcibly awakened by Tristan with an urgent phone call that held the details of her friend’s life threatening injuries. It was too painful for her mind to still comprehend so she banished that thought away wanting to focus on the present.

To see her standing there with her arms proudly in the air after all she had been through was a testament to the strength that was within her. It had not been an easy road, one filled with tears, pain and grief as Rebekah came to terms how her life would forever be changed with the loss of her leg.

“Emilia….” Tristan leaned in to whisper. “We should go before they find out…” Emilia’s eyes aligned with his view seeing the cameras flashing away, capturing the moment for the competitors.

Tristan made Emilia promise that they would only watch Rebekah’s events to remain under the radar as a security precaution. One of the reasons she was not able to come here in the first place. A team of two POs in a foreign country was not suitable protection for a princess, but Emilia was going whether they had liked it or not.

It was in her best interest to leave, despite how discreet and careful she was trying to conceal her identity by wearing a hat that shielded her face and casual clothing. Sitting amongst the crowd was another cautious tactic to remain anonymous. Emilia knew if she stayed that the chance of her being identified was greater. All it would take was one person to share on social media that she was here or a simple picture as her face was already splashed across every media outlet thanks to her outburst the previous day.

“That would be best.” Emilia was reluctant to keep her promise, as she wanted to stay and watch more of these inspirational competitors. She understood the feeling of competing for your country having done it in the Olympics as an equestrian rider. But these games were different, they inspired every single person that packed the place to better their lives and that anything was possible if you just set your mind to it.

Regretfully she stood up from her seat and followed Tristan up the stairs.

Harry clapped proudly wearing a wide grin that had been plastered on his face all morning. He could not have been happier with the success and turn out of the games as he scanned the crowd to see people fill the venue. Watching the competitors battle it out in a tight race filled his heart at their dedication and hard work they all shared with one another.

Harry’s RPO Riggs scanned the crowd carefully looking for any potential threat on the prince. If he was being truthful, he did not condone Harry sitting amongst the unknown crowd that made his job more difficult. He understood it was for optics, but the potential for things to go array was a higher probability.

His eyes fell upon a woman sitting between two men that was suspicious in attempting to shield her face whenever the cameras swung in her direction. The men beside her were clearly on guard sitting tensely beside the young women. Narrowing his eyes he kept a close eye watching their interaction for a few moments.

That was when he saw the blonde man beside her lean forward showing his concealed weapon. Riggs glanced back at the woman having a strange feeling that he knew who she was, but simply could not place her identity. Edward Lane Fox, Harry’s private press secretary was seated beside him enthralled in the competition when he noticed Riggs uncharacteristically on high alert staring off into a certain section attentively.

Edward leaned in careful not to worry the prince. “Is there something I should be concerned about Riggs?” He cautiously spoke in a low whisper while clapping his hands.

“That woman over there is with two bodyguards sir. One I am sure has a weapon and she’s trying to hard to conceal her identity…. she looks familiar.” Riggs eyes remained locked on her movements watching the way she carried herself.

Edward followed Riggs gaze as he scanned down the crowd landing on the group he was concerned about. His eyes narrowed further having a sense of the same feeling circulate through him as Riggs. He too could see a slight familiarity of the woman.

His eyes grew wide as the image popped into his mind. Pulling out his phone, Ed searched through to find an article that he remembered reading earlier in the morning. Enlarging the picture he took another glance at the woman further confirming that it was indeed Princess Emilia of Illyria, an unexpected guest.

“Riggs you are right. It’s this woman…” Ed handed Riggs the phone to confirm her identity. Ed’s mind started to soar thinking of the publicity she would give the games. They already had President Obama and the First Lady in attendance, but another royal, especially a well known one to the media would surely cause frenzy.

The woman had stood following the celebration of winners that would advance to the final round. The dark haired woman kept her face planted to the ground following the two men up the stairs. Ed could not seem to understand why the princess was trying so hard in hiding her identity, but he could not waste time in alerting Harry of the matter and capitalizing on the potential coverage.

“Sir.” Edward turned his attention to Harry who gave him a curious look having seen them being too interested in someone a few sections beside them.

“What is it Ed?” Harry’s blue eyes grew wide with concern hoping that everything was going according to plan. He could not afford any mishaps right now at the beginning of the games.

“Princess Emilia is here.” Edward leaned in to inform the prince.

“Emilia?” His brow furrowed in confusion for a second before realizing whom Ed was referring to. “You mean the woman who smashed that paps camera yesterday?” Harry chuckled lightly at her expense having seen the pictures all over the papers.

Damn was she a feisty one. Harry remembered thinking, as he was intrigued that a princess would behave in such a way. His grandmother would surely have his head had he done the same.

“Yes sir. We were not aware that she was to be attending, but she is leaving now and it is best that we welcome her to the games officially. Perhaps get a photo taken of the two of you…” Edward went further on to tell the prince that she was in the midst of leaving and time was of the essence.

It was great publicity for the games to have celebrities and foreign dignitaries present to further put a mark of the games on the world stage. Anything that would help promote them Harry was willing to do even if it meant to allow the press more access to him than he particularly liked. After all the hard work he spent into developing them, he wanted it to be a success for the competitors.

Rising from his seat he climbed the steps in hopes to intercept her before leaving. It had been the winter after Harry’s mothers passing since the last time he had seen Princess Emilia. That year had been a blur for the prince, but he remembered her icy blue eyes peaking around her mother’s dress staring at him. No one would ever be able to forget the depths of those blues if they ever came in contact with them.

Emilia’s POV

Tristan guided her through the dense crowd, thankful that they left before everyone had started their departure making it easier for them to navigate through to their exit. Emilia took off her hat feeling safe enough that no one had been able to identify her as of yet.  Sighing with relief her lips spread wide into a smile thinking that in a few minutes she would be able to see Rebekah and congratulate her on the job well done.

Emilia was caught up in her mind when she nearly ran into Tristan’s back not noticing that he had stopped. Placing her hand on his back she caught her own fall mumbling quiet profanities as she regained her balance.

“May I speak with Princess Emilia.” A posh British voice commanded.

Gasping at the mention of her name she closed her eyes briefly hoping that she was not caught. Taking a moment to decide her action Emilia head lifted from the ground slowly to find the source of the voice. A set of crystal blue eyes were starring back at her as they held her gaze.

“Ma’am?” Tristan formally questioned her from in front knowing she had wanted to leave a quick as possible to not be detected.

Prince Henry was starring back at her with a charming smile placed delicately on his lips. He was the founder of the Invictus Games, a fact that put Emilia in a tough spot. If he knew she was here supporting Rebekah he would surely cause more trouble than good for her.

Emilia was caught in a locked gaze with the man, not hearing Tristan’s question. It was like no else around them mattered as their gaze was held hostage by an unknown force. Emilia was stunned unable to respond to Tristan.

Swallowing a lump in her throat Emilia knew she had to speak with the prince but wanted to keep it as short as possible. “Yes. It’s ok Tristan.” The prince had caught her off guard with his deep stare that seemed to lock her under a spell.

Emilia stepped around Tristan finding herself a mere few feet away from Henry.
“Your highness.” Emilia turned on her charm offering him fake endearing smile before sticking out her hand to greet him.

Harry’s hand wrapped around hers, shaking it firmly sending waves of shocks up her arm at his simple touch. Emilia forced herself to look away from the prince in an attempt to regain her composure. Get yourself together you idiot!

“I was not aware that you were attending the games Princess. I wanted to offer you the royal box, I am sure it is better than your seats.” His voice sent chills up her spine to the base of her neck. Emilia inwardly groaned at the prince’s deep voice that was clearly enthralling her back into his gripping charm.

Finding the courage to glance back up at him she was met with those same blue eyes. Her knees felt that they were going to give out beneath. Get a grip Emilia.

Pursing her lips together she took a moment to formulate her words not knowing how to respond. It was a mix of the prince’s voice and that of her own will to keep her visit discreet that sourced a debate within her. If she did not accept the prince’s invitation it would come across as rude, but on the other hand her visit would be surely exposed. Emilia needed to find a compromise or a valid explanation.

Harry sensed her apprehension in the wake of his question. She pursed her succulent lips together in a hard line as she struggled to answer him.

Emilia glanced past the prince noticing his team behind him staring at her intently waiting for her reply. She needed to explain to Harry why she was about to refuse him, but she wanted to do so in private.

Gently grabbing his arm she locked eyes with him. “May we talk more in private.” Emilia guided him over to the railing above a section of empty seats away from their teams.

“I cannot accept that Henry…” Emilia lifted her head slowly to see the prince’s reaction. “I am here unofficially and I want to keep it that way.” She pleaded with him in hopes he would understand.

“Then why are you here?” He took a step back defensively indicating his thoughts on the matter as he questioned her motives.

She was taken back by his brash inquiry. “For a friend.” Emilia informed him with narrowed eyes making the prince’s brow furrow in disbelief.

“A friend?” Harry questioned her curiously as she nodded her response.

“Would you like for me to repeat it another time so you can understand it?” Emilia angrily spat out the words with instant regret once they left her lips.

Harry tossed his head back with laughter to her response being slightly caught off guard. Who is this woman? She doesn’t take shit from anyone. A part within him stirred with curiosity, a craving for more information about Princess Emilia.

The prince took a step forward wanting to see if he could push her buttons again. He found it refreshing compared to the careful thought out responses of those he met. Emilia was unbridled and her true self no matter whom she was with. She did not hide behind a masked image like so many in her position.

Emilia’s eyebrow rose suggestively at his forward action. “What are you doing?” She whispered trying to find his intent.

“Trying to figure out why a woman came all this way here to ‘support a friend’ despite all the trouble she had found herself in the previous day. This woman had to have realized that coming to such a public venue would surely put her in the path of being in the papers again after said scandal. Or were you planning on smashing all the cameras here too Princess?” Harry barked a laugh at her ridiculousness. “Even that hat will not help you…” he pointed towards the one she held in her hand before continuing his teasing.

The prince’s laughter quickly subsided seeing Emilia’s expression diminish. His gaze softened realizing what he had said to her. Harry watched her lower her head in embarrassment a sign that made it clear to him that he had indeed put his foot in his mouth.

Everyone here knew… Emilia was trapped again in her mind reliving the moments of yesterday. She was foolish to think that if she came here she would be able to be herself. Harry was right, what was she even thinking?

“I’m sorry Princess.”  He apologized profusely knowing it was not his place to question her.

“Please stop calling me that.” Emilia snapped at him coldly. Was he intentionally trying to get her caught?

“I- I’m sorry, but I am trying to keep a low profile your highness so I cannot accept your offer no matter how ridiculous you think I am. Now it is best that I leave before someone notices you speaking to me or before I go smashing all those cameras.” The princess replied with a snide condescending remark hoping that it would end the prince’s interest in her presence.

Emilia turned on her heel taking a step back towards Tristan when she felt a big hand wrap around her arm gently. Her head turned back over her shoulder to see Harry starring at her apologetically.

“I am sorry Emilia.” He shared an understanding look with her. “There is a service exit down at the base of the stairs you can use whenever you want. My offer still remains at anytime you wish to accept it.” Harry’s had lingered for far too long causing her breathing to become erratic at his simple touch. What was happening to her? What is he doing to me? Emilia shook that thought out of her head.

Prince Harry released her arm letting it fall to her side. He took another step toward her, closing in their proximity to each other. Emilia needed to get out of there and now. It was like she had no control over her mind and body, a foreign invader had commandeered it.

“It would be an honor to have you publically support these soldiers, I know they would appreciate it.” His lips spread wide in an endearing smile.

“They don’t need someone like me…” Emilia whispered softly to the prince taking one last stolen glance up at him. Their eyes connected and for a second the prince saw her unguarded vulnerability. Harry knew what she was referring to and he wanted to reassure that it was not the case.

Before Harry could stop her departure she was gone out of his grasp following in behind her POs. Harry watched her carefully, her last words still lingering in his mind knowing what she was referring to. He was simply puzzled, unsure of their whole conversation that formed a spark of curiosity. Harry needed to learn more about this firecracker of a woman that intrigued him.

Emilia looked back over her shoulder at him as she paused in her steps as if she wanted to say something else to him. Her lips parted in an attempt to speak, but she shook her head deciding it was better left unsaid.

Emilia ran down the steps following her RPOs out of the venue.

“Emilia!” Tristan knocked on her door impatiently.

She had already been up for a few minutes, but chose to stay in her cozy warm bed a while longer. “WHAT?!” Emilia hollered through the door at him.

“Are you decent?”

“Maybe.” She giggled knowing that her answer would drive him crazy.

The doorknob jiggled as the door flew open. Tristan stood in the doorway with an angry look.

“You promised that we would be careful here Emilia.” His tone was serious and low. Emilia only saw this side of him when she was definitely in his bad books.

Sitting up in bed she looked at him with confusion. “What are you talking about?”

“This!” Tristan walked over tossing his phone on the bed.

Emilia grabbed it in a hurry wondering why he had become so upset with her. Her hand flew to her mouth covering her gasp.

A picture of her talking with Prince Harry had been taken yesterday during their conversation was splashed across his phone with the heading…  Princess Emilia was unexpectingly spotted at the Invictus Games? Is this a publicity stunt or is she really here for the right reasons?

“No no no!” Emilia shook her head in disbelief. The prince surely had something to do with this. His persistence led her to believe that he had been a part of this. Harry must have known that if her identity were leaked she would have no choice in not supporting the games publicly.

How could he does this to her?

Emilia glanced up at Tristan with anger-fueled eyes. “Get me Prince Harry NOW!!!”

Chapter 16 Part 2

A/N: Here is part 2 like I had promised! PLEASE READ PART 1 HERE FIRST IF YOU HAVE NOT ALREADY! Enjoy readers, I had an absolute blast hearing how excited you were for more! It it much appreciated. Without further adieu…

“Happy Birthday Addy.”

Her rant was interrupted by a deep male’s voice, one she had come to miss. Her eyes immediately flashed open not believing what she had just heard.

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Chapter 22

AN: YES! This is the last chapter for this fanfic. <3 I love you guys and thank you for the support! <3 I might release a sneak peek (and possibly a new link) for the next part. (Yes, there is another part.) I love you all!

The Fight is Over

“Henry Charles David, wilt thou have this woman to thy wedded wife, to lie together according to God’s law in the holy-“


“Please, turn it off.” Bella said sighing and her mother quickly turned off the car stereo. She bit her bottom lip looking out her window. It still hurt, of course. The thought of Harry marrying someone else hurts her still even though it is the reality of life. We don’t always get what we want but we do get what we need. She thought leaning her head on her window.

“Wilt thou love her, comfort her, honour her and keep her, in sickness and in health? And, forsaking all other, keep thee only unto her, so long as ye both shall live?” The archbishop asked Harry.

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Chapter One

Authors Note: I’ve had this idea bouncing around in my head for a while now and finally decided to try and write it all down. I have a few chapters written, but I’m new to the fandom and don’t know what kind of response it will get. So I’m posting this now to test the waters and see what people think! Hope you enjoy and feedback would be lovely! :)

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Chapter 16

Thursday, January 29, 2015 6:00am
Nottingham Cottage, Kensington Palace, London

“Do you have everything?” Harry asked from the bed with half his eyes closed as he watch Arabella get ready for her trip to Plymouth with his grandfather. She’s wearing a blue long sleeved dress that flares at the waist. It’s custom made for her as it has weights at the bottom of the skirt so Arabella won’t have any accidents in public. She has on Jimmy Choo nude heels with a nude Michael Kors Lava tote bag. She grabbed a white Herno classic collared coat to go with her outfit. She has on nude stockings as the weather forecast in Plymouth today is 7 degrees Celsius.

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Chapter 26

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It was finally out. The whole world knew.


Harry scrolled through the article reading it through tightly pressed lips. Seeing a picture of him and Addy together from last night made the anger from deep within boil to the surface. Someone had taken it when they weren’t looking, an intimate moment shared between the two.  A private moment that the world now had seen.


Someone had leaked it.


Someone had betrayed them.


He did not have the heart to wake Adalyn up, knowing that her world would now forever be changed the moment he would see her green eyes open. Placing his phone down he ignored the constant buzzing eventually turning his phone off. He gently brought Addy closer to him, careful not to wake her. Wrapping his arms around her protectively praying that she would not wake up to this madness.

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Chapter 3

A/N: Sorry for the wait, but here is the next chapter! Thank you all for being such amazing readers. I am so excited and eager to see what you guys think! Without further wait, here is the chapter…

Harry had not seen Emily since she had settled into her own accommodations three days ago. He had been working steadily, constantly flying and by the end of his shift, he was exhausted to do anything else.

He was sitting in the cook house that supplied all the soldiers with their day to day meals. Tossing his head back in laughter, the prince scooped a spoonful of hashbrowns when suddenly, quiet whispers grew around him. When Harry had first arrived on base, he witnessed that same feeling when he walked in here and saw the guys staring and whispering that a prince was here.

Turning his head back to see what the commotion was now about, he laid eyes on a familiar blonde woman walking in beside another woman. Emily held her head low avoiding the men that were gazing at her as she was wrapped up in a serious conversation while walking down the middle of the separated tables. One man whistled and Emily brushed it off like nothing happened, not giving a second of her time to acknowledge that man.

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Chapter One

|| So here it is, Chapter one. I hope everyone enjoys reading this and future chapters i post.  ||


The war torn country to which many British and American  soldiers alike find them self. That includes Prince Harry. The 3rd in line to the British Throne was out in Camp Bastion with other soldiers, acting and being treated like the rest of the lads, something Harry really enjoyed.

That was one of the reasons Harry loved being out here. He was treated the same as everyone else. No one treated him differently because he was a Prince. He slept in the same building as the rest of the soldiers, ate in the same canteen. The only downside to all this was because he was a prince the media wanted to publish that he was out here. Of course if they did that he would be at risk as well as his teammates, something Harry didn’t want.

So back home in London before he arrived here his father, The Prince of Wales, himself, The Queen  and their Personal assistants made a deal with the British media. A select media group would fly out to Afghanistan, film Harry while he was here and get a interview from him on the grounds they would only release the footage once Harry had returned home.

Of course Harry didn’t like the idea of cameras following him around the base. But being a Prince he had no choice but to agree.

Sitting down on his makeshift bed the Prince ran his fingers through his messy ginger hair. Himself and a few others had just come back from a patrol out. Lucky for them nothing out of the ordinary happen while out, just a simple patrol around the nearby village.

“Here Harry, the mail jet has arrived, you coming?” James, one of Harry’s fellow soldiers and very good friend said as he entered the sleeping quarters.

“Yeah sure on my way” Harry got up from the bed, quickly following James out of the tent and into the open space of Camp Bastion. Harry never really got much mail, only occasional letters from different family member’s and close friends, not many people knew he was out here that’s why.

As the men gathered in a group they listened as another soldier stood facing them with a large grey bag of letters and parcels. One by one the men went up to collect any letters or parcels they had received from loved ones.

As the bag got emptied Harry was doubting he had received anything this time around, that was until the soldier pulled out a brown envelope bag.

“Wales, Henry” The man called out earning a small,barley audible,groan from the Prince. He hated being called Henry.

Harry went to collect the parcel before returning back to the group. Once all letters were delivered out the men were dismissed. Harry made his may back to the bunkers to read his letter in peace.

Arriving at the bunkers the Prince sat down on the bed before opening up the parcel letting the contents fall onto the bed.

A folded piece of paper fell onto the bed as well as a packet of sweets. Chuckling to him self Harry picked up the letter before he began to read it.

“Hey Harry

        I hope everything is well out there, not getting into to much trouble I hope.

How are you though? Getting by? I could tell in your last letter how much your loving being out there but at the same time missing home. I know its hard but think of it this way, a couple more months and you’ll be back home, hopefully in time to meet your niece  or nephew.

Kate sends her love, she was admitted to hospital with severe morning sickness as you know. And the media found out so we’ve had to tell them. So don’t be to surprised if your asked about it when you next see them.

Speaking of the media I spoke to father recently and he said the t.v. crew should be arriving with you by the end of November. So please be nice.

Hope to hear from you again soon.

Love William
P’S. Don’t eat all the sweets at once.”

Shaking his head with a small laugh Harry placed both the letter and packet of sweets to one side promising himself to reply to his brother letter as soon as he could.

A few weeks had past since Harry had received a letter from his brother William stating when the TV crew would arrive. So far they hadn’t turned up yet. But the Prince knew it wouldn’t be long now until they arrived and bust his little bubble of privacy he had here.

He was currently sat in the catering bunker with a few of his fellow soldiers and friends. They were having lunch together as well as having a break as they had just come back from a patrol out. As they ate their meal Major Callum walked over to the table.

“Captain Wales, just to inform you that the media crew have just arrived and are currently setting up in the spare bunker across from the Apache’s When you are ready”

Harry glanced up to the Major, a small smile appeared on his lips as he nodded his head. The Major then walked away leaving the men to it.

“Yeah and from what I’ve herd, one of the camera crew is a woman, and she  is fit”

One of the fellow soldiers said as he made his way towards the table, a cheeky grin plastered upon his face that caused the whole table to laugh. But the red haired Prince  rolled his eyes before he stood up. Better get this over with, Harry thought to him self.

“I’ll see you guys later”

Harry said as he left the table, shaking his head he couldn’t help but laugh to himself at the actions of his soldiers.

The red haired Prince proceeded to walk towards the bunkers where the camera crew was currently setting up. Of course he wasn’t looking forward to this, but being a member of the royal family this was something he had to do, interact with the media.

As he neared the bunker he could hear voices as well as equipment  being set up. It sounded like there was a few people inside. As Harry entered the bunker his eyes cast around the area. A few men and women were setting up cameras as well as checking to see if the equipment worked.

The red haired Prince’s orbs then fell on a blonde woman who was stood in the middle of the bunker, she was talking to another one of her colleagues. He must of been staring at her because the next think Harry knew she was walking over to him.

The woman then stood before him, calm as anything considering she was in a war zone. A warm smile on her lips she held out her hand for him to shake.

“Hello, I’m  Amy”

Chapter Five

A/N: I want to sincerely apologize for the lack of posting on this story. I have another fic that I was into writing and needed to get to a certain place before I switched stories. Thank you for your patience and sticking with me throughout this wait. I appreciate every one of you! Hope this chapter is worth the wait.


Sophia placed her vehicle in park watching the man in his military uniform come to the driver’s side of her car. Rolling down her window she felt a brush of cool wind tousle her hair. She handed him her ID as she patiently waited for the man to confirm her identity allowing her into the secure military base. Glancing up at the sky, clouds had grown eerily darker as the evening went on. Trying not to dwell on the ominous sign she heard the spreading of gravel beneath the man’s feet.

“Thank you ma’am. The residence is you are visiting is down the road, first right and around the corner. Have a goodnight.” The man handed back her ID heading back to the security gate allowing her inside.

“Thank you sir” she waved politely while driving through. Following the man’s directions she pulled into the driveway of a blue house. Turning the vehicle off she sat there for a moment attempting to calm her building nerves.

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Chapter 18

A/N: Even though its currently 1:45 in the morning and I have a 10am class tomorrow, I finished this long awaited chapter and let me tell you guys, this was the most hardest chapter I have ever written in this story. Goodness gracious. I am so sorry again for the wait, but I hope you guys enjoyed this. SURPRISE 

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