Attention to all Philippine Exotics (please help us relay this message to everyone)

Friendly reminders for all EXO Fans, 

Hello! how are all of you doing? Probably still spazzing about our EXO oppas right? ^^ We ourselves still can not believe that we have met them and had the opportunity to watch them live. Many fan accounts are spreading all over the internet about our oppas. Can we please ask your cooperation to refrain from spreading fan accounts with name dropping of sources to avoid conflicts? ^^v it would mean a lot if we can help our oppas protect their private lives right?

And to the people who posted those fan accounts, may we request you guys to please take it down before things will start to get worse :)

Let’s all love our oppas~ We are one! Saranghaja!

-Baixian Ph staffs

BaiXian Philippines [ 白賢 菲律宾 ] DKFC SUPPORT PROJECT
Philippines [ 白賢 菲律宾 ] DKFC SUPPORT PROJECT
by BaiXian Philippines [ 白賢 菲律宾 ]

BaiXian Philippines is very glad to inform you that we will be supporting EXO PHILIPPINES in their gift project for Byun Baekhyun, alone, for this coming DKFC (Dream Kpop Fantasy Concert). 

We are here to kindly ask for little amounts of donations that would be a great help for our DKFC Support Project to become successful. 

Details on how you can support the gift project will be announced later this day. Also we will be announcing special projects next week  that would surely make you Baekhyun Biased blood delighted.

Please join EXOPH PROJECT BAEKHYUN to suggest a gift for Baekhyun and also to know more about EXOPH project for Byun Baekhyun, the light within the lyrics of our hearts.