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Could you recommend Eremika blogs to follow?

i feel Called Out on my shyness because i dun wanna tag people because i’m shy so i’ll just give you urls. none of these are /strictly/ eremika, but ye. under a cut? under a cut. i threw in some recs to fics you’ll probably not find on tumblr too. or get recced. *finger guns*

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Kageyama Shigeo from Mob Psycho 100 debris and such inspired by Akira! Phew, this one was fun to do but it took a while. Hatching is fun. I love this show btw, the fights in the episodes are some of the best animation I’ve seen on tv! I need a season 2!

Gpen and digital tones in my Stillman and Birn Beta Sketchbook


Anonymous said to sillyseadwellersketches: would it be fine to request a bloodswap tavros ampora? or karkat ampora?

Here you go Anon!

This drawing took a while phew! super purple/pink haha.

I loved how Tav’s expression turned out, he looks so sweet ~

Karkat’s design is based on this drawing (sadly the tumblr user is deactivated now)

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Sardonyx arc

okay so *cracks knuckles* since the Sardonyx Arc is about the relationship between Pearl and Garnet and their respective issues, here’s how I’m gonna fix that mess:

-Pearl is a LOT nicer in Nora’s Universe. Cause I hated how she was in season one like she was SO snarky and full of herself ugh. you think she’d be the opposite since she was raised to not be her own gem but nope

-Also, there’s more buildup that shows the stress the Crystal Gems are under which leads to an understandable catalyst where Pearl goes too far trying to feel stable again.

-Pearl still fucks up cause of her self-esteem issues and makes a mistake. She knew it was wrong but acted selfishly.

-Amethyst defends Garnet instead of Pearl, because although she CAN sympathize with Pearl, what Pearl did was way out of line because fusion means so much to Garnet

-Garnet spends SEVERAL episodes distanced from Pearl cause she needs space to think. Pearl understands this and steps back.

-Ruby isn’t treated as unfair for being angry and Sapphire doesn’t defend Pearl. Fusion is just as important to Sapphire as it is to Ruby. They both talk about how they can resolve this. Ruby gets heated and Sapphire gets overwhelmed, and Ruby goes outside to try to calm down while Sapphire stays inside.

-At the restaurant in Keystone SAPPHIRE ends up banging the table cause she gets frustrated. Ruby senses something’s wrong and follows her out of the restaurant. Sapphire talks rapidly about how she doesn’t know how to feel because she loves Pearl but what she did was wrong, and how it’s hard that she and Ruby always feel like they have to be above everything, but Sapphire doesn’t WANT to be above everything. Ruby consoles her and they calm down, refusing. Garnet gets that free ice.

-In Onion Friend, we don’t see Steven playing with Onion nearly as much. The focus is on Amethyst and her mixed feelings about the situation. She vents to Vidalia about how she can understand why Pearl acted selfishly (and she might have done something similar if she had less self-control) but it’s hard to watch Garnet, whom Amethyst respects, get hurt. Vidalia talks a little about her relationship with Marty and Yellowtail and gives Amethyst some advice. Vidalia braids Amethyst’s hair during their talk because Amethyst always liked having her hair played with.

-Historical Friction COULD be cut out, but I think I could mold it into a good padding before the resolution of the Sardonyx arc. Basically, Steven asks Pearl to help out with the play, which leads to Pearl talking about how people aren’t perfect. Steven and Pearl talk about what happened with Garnet and Pearl says how she wants to apologize soon. She recounts a story where even Rose made a mistake and how she had to fix it herself, because she couldn’t just wait for someone else to fix it (let’s say, Rose hurts Greg, and has to learn how to properly apologize and make it up to him). Pearl rewrites Dewey’s play where Dewey is flawed but tries his best to make up for his shortcomings, and instead of having the Crystal Gems swoop in and do his work for him, he refuses their help and remarks on how “if you want to fix a problem YOU started, it’s best that you’re the one who fixes it”.

-In “Friend Ship”, Pearl doesn’t act obnoxiously optimistic like she does in Steven Universe. She’s way more aware of her shortcomings and actually ends up helping less than she should because she’s afraid of doing something wrong. Garnet and Pearl get trapped, and Pearl apologizes sincerely. Garnet sympathizes with how stressed Pearl has been and her desperate need for reassurance, because Garnet has been stressed, too. She tells Pearl that it’s hard being the leader all the time and she knows what it’s like to feel out of control. Pearl apologizes for pushing her over the edge with her selfish act and Garnet says “I’ll forgive you when we get out of here.” They fuse into Sardonyx and escape the trap.

Then they tag-team Peridot and successfully capture and poof her. Garnet finally regains a little confidence and remarks “Well, that’s one problem we won’t have to worry about for a while.” Amethyst, sinking to the ground, groans “I’m sooo glad it’s OVER!!” Pearl nods and Garnet chuckles. Steven asks if Garnet and Pearl have finally reconciled, and Garnet shrugs, looking at Pearl, who smiles awkwardly. “This’ll have to do, for now.” (Garnet says this before the episode fades to black)

Sadie’s Song doesn’t exist. I don’t find it that interesting and I think the show could do without it since it doesn’t provide much but a tiny glimpse into Sadie’s life. If I change my mind later, you’ll know. Also, Nightmare Hospital is pushed back later in the series for the sake of making this arc uninterrupted.

Nightmare Hospital is after this episode, which causes the gems to go back to investigating the cluster experiments and catching them. The Crystal Gems then realize if they want to know more about the nature of the forced-fusion experiments, they’d have to talk to Peridot. this leads to “Catch and Release”, where Peridot is unbubbled so they can question her. Unfortunately, she’s pretty uncooperative until much later.

How I Believe Side:Despair Could've Kept Nagito Komaeda Around Instead Of Banishing Him From The Plot For Convenience (And It Still Work)

*Obviously DR3 Side:Despair Spoilers Ahead (I know it’s been months since the anime but I’m being courteous)*

*Also let me preface this by pointing out that, despite its severe flaws, I still like Danganronpa 3/Side:Despair and if nothing else found it entertaining.*

Okay, so I have this tendency to rant about topics in my head where I’m more “eloquent”. And one of the things I was ranting to myself about was some of the writing issues around Danganronpa 3’s infamous Despair Arc.

One of the things I got to thinking about was the whole mess around the SHSL Problematic Fave himself, Nagito Komaeda. Specifically, his weird situation when it came to the plot.

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Happy Valentines Day!!

Well, since everybody else is doing it, I thought I might as well hop on the bandwagon too and give a shoutout to some pretty amazing people on this site that are very special to me and those who have made my experience on here better than I could have ever imagined! 

@purekagome (who else would be first other than my adoring wife?) WOMAN. I LOVE YOU. When we first started talking, it was all omg you’re so amazing, thank you, and aWWW YOU’RE SWEET and now you drive me fucking crazy and you make me wanna pull my hair out but you’re so freaking important to me and just I’m so glad we’re married and let’s make a baby. Right now. Thanks for putting up with my bullshit and cheating ways and general bitchiness lol love you babe! 

@inunanna HEY GIRL HEEEEYYYYY Nanna! <3 I remember before we were close when we would talk for hours about Inukag and Edwin headcanons and make up fanbabies and their personalities and ahhh it was so fun and all those conversations gave me so much inspiration and it created a relationship that I will cherish for the rest of my days! I love you sweetheart! <3<3

@vividxdreaming aahhH!!! Omg I’m so glad that we’re such close friends and just just just AAHHHHH you’re so importing to me! The first time we really talked I think was after I made that chocolate oneshot that you requested and our relationship just blossomed from there and then you became a part of our group chat and it’s the best decision that has ever been made. I love you girl!! <3 THANK YOU FOR BEING YOU AND BEING MY FRIEND!!

@grapefruitwannabe So we’re talking right now and I’m doing you in the chat and it’s so amazing BAHAHAHAH. and you liked it. and you even said it was great. SO AMAZING. But anyway Grape I LOVE YOU SO MUCH and you art so well omg and you even make fanart for my trashy fics and I’m just so faltered and honored and just. I’M SO GLAD WE’RE FRIENDS <3 I remember the first time you made fanart for me I literally freaked out and just. Yeah lol. <3 Thanks for being the awesome friend you are, Grape! ^_^

@bananacreamphi AAHHHH when you first joined our group chat, I didn’t know you very well, and I only knew you from a stream we were in together, but now I know you’re the sweetest person, you’re sincere, and I’m so blessed to have you as a friend I love you!! Thank you for being my friend!

@kuddle-cakes MY KUDDLES!!! <3<3<3 To be honest, I don’t even know how our friendship started XD but I’m so grateful to know you and you’re so freakig sweet and your sMUT IS AMAZING bahahaha! Okay seriously, I love you very much and just. I’m so blessed to have you in my life, thank you for being my friend darling! <3

@mmhinman Where do I even start?! My fellow Queen of Collab! :D Omg tho but your art is just SO AMAzING and god I just love it so much and I love youuuuu aahhhh you’re so important to me!! I love our little collars we do, we make beautiful music together XD Thank you for being my friend lovely! I love you! <3

@ryupioupiou !!!!!!!!! *excited noises* CROISSANTS. XD Man that still cracks me up lol Man I don’t even know how we became friends, but I’m so glad we did and you’re just so special to me and I freaking love you and our stupid inside jokes! You’re funny and sweet and just NEVER CHANGE I love you!!!!! <3

@dreamer-of-the-wandering-suns Girrrrrrrllllll where do I begin? You’re just the cutest, sweetest little thing and I just wanna squeeze you and never let you go <3<3 Remember I am always here for you if you ever wanna talk and I’ll do my best to help in anyway I can! You’re so important to me and I love you so much and just. Stay strong, beautiful! You got this, and keep being amazing! <3


@meido-zangetsuha DOGYASHA IS MY SALVATION AND I LIVE FOR THAT FIC XD Okay seriously lol you’re so fun to talk to and I ADORE GNOCCHI OMG I LOVE HIM SO MUCH ALDJFALIFJLAIDJF I want to cuddle him heheheheeh But I love you too, Happy valentines day darling! Give Gnocchi love for me! OH AND YOUR NEW PUP KURASI!!! 

@inuyashaforlife Dude. my go to person when I can’t figure that stupid game XD Hahahaa. Well I’ll be honest, I don’t know you very well, but I do know you enough to include you in my close knit group of friends and I hope it stays that way! Love you doll! Thanks for being my friend! 

@kagomeforever AHHh You tag me in so many cool memes and stuff and I absolutely love filling those out so thank you for that! Also you’re such a sweetheart and I get so happy whenever I see that you tag me in something because it’s like “OMG SHE THOUGHT OF ME YAY I FEEL SO SPECIAL” and just tHANK YOU DARLING! I love you with all my heart too! <3

@artistefish Your art brings me life. Your aus. Just. OMG. NO words. You’re an amazing artist, and one of the sweetest people I know, and I love reading your sometimes random little posts about your everyday life and how excited you get over the Inuyasha stageplay (WHICH I ALSO CANT WAIT FOR OMG) and you’re amazing and I love you <3 Thanks for putting up with my fangirlingness XD 

@gypsin I LOVE YOUR STORIES SO MUCH AND I GET SO EXCITED WHENEVER I SEE AN UPDATE AAHHHH!! So I’m not gonna name names *coughgrapefruitcough* but I heard through the grapevine that you enjoy my fics and I know you’ve mentioned be before as a favorite author *INSERT FANGIRL SQUEALING HERE* and I just wanna say HOW FLATTERED AND JUST HAPPY I AM TO KNOW THAT AND I LOVE YOU OKAY!!! <3<3<3 THANK you for the quality fanfiction and for being so amazing and sweet! 

You are all so very, very special and dear to me and I hope you all know how much I adore each and every one of you. You’ve made my experience here on this wretched site so much more enjoyable than I thought it would be, and you’ve made me feel so welcome, loved and appreciated! Honestly, I really had no idea how amazing people I would meet and how all of you would become so special to me! Every day one of you do something that just makes me wanna cry because it just makes me so happy and just. SO MANY FEELS. ALL THE TIME. I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW THANK YOU FOR PUTTING UP WITH MY WEIRDNESS AND  AND AND JUST. YOU’RE ALL AMAZING <3<3

I’m also gonna give a shoutout to some people who I don’t talk to as much, but I see in my notifications all the time and that I occasionally converse with and they’re people you should definitely check out! 

@coquinespike @jeanbeannie @nebula1701 @adorableears7 @kibitoshinkai @inukag-4ever @simply-zerah @inusgirl @brokenangelwings83 @rikareena @shardetector @morphinetune @lilifire @theroseangel321 @xkoiinu @blackwingguardian @dark-havoc-priestess @vixenfoxpaws @inuyashaeienni @inu-yaasss-a @sinuyasha @stoatsandweasels @wenchster @batmandy-lover @kaze-ranna @justafewsmallsteps @mustardyellowsunshine @akiza-hades-rose

I apologize if I forgot anybody, but please know that I love you all very much and I hope you have/had a great Valentine’s Day full of love, support, your favorite chocolate and wine and many many hugs and kisses from me!!! <3<3<3

okay so, let’s attempt to round up my Holby thoughts tonight (i apologise in advance)

the roof scene with Serena was the biggest plot twist of ALL TIME, i loved it sososososo much. it felt like such a fitting end (for now) for her, and Serena Campbell getting drunk on shiraz in a deckchair on the roof listening to Blondie is my new aesthetic

the Berena roof scenes were SO much more than i expected!! they were so wonderfully sweet and moving and hopeful and i definitely did not cry

and the scene with Jas, wow. i wasn’t expecting that at all. finally both of them let go of their guilt and pain towards each other, you could see it was a huge relief for both of them. the way Serena spoke about Jasmine to her face was just beautiful and Jas’s reaction proved that all she’s wanted all along is to feel loved and appreciated (i may or may not have also cried at this)

Hanssen being all supportive and sweet to Serena was also adorable

Seeing Dom so broken and lost is hurting my heart, the scenes between him and Zosia were understated but seriously powerful and they’re all playing this storyline incredibly

and now we take a moment for the real mvp… JAC NAYLOR LADIES AND GENTLEMEN

where do i even start??? it was so good to have her back anyway, the show never feels the same without her imo

the scenes with her and Mo were so good!! i love their friendship so much but it seemed extra special tonight, not only were they acting like total besties with the lunchbox etc but there were some genuinely sweet moments too. Jac reassuring Mo that she’s doing a good job balancing motherhood and work was such a lovely moment, especially given how much they’ve helped each other in the past when it comes to children, and how much closer motherhood brought them. their relationship is by far one of my faves on the show atm, Rosie and Chizzy have such great chemistry as a double act. plus Jac’s pirate line made me scream

and of course, the Jac and Jasmine scenes which i’ll honestly never get over. y'all know how much they ruin me, but tonight was GLORIOUS. it’s been clear (to me anyway) all along that Jac does care for Jas, she just wont admit it and that was obvious when she made the complaint a few eps back. but seeing her actually step up and protect Jasmine made me so emotional, you have no idea. she’s rarely been so defensive on someone else’s behalf or so fiercely protective of anyone, and the anger in her voice proved she cares about her little sister after all. i have a lot more feelings about this scene but honestly i cant even put them into words, it was just so beautiful to see her finally protecting Jas and it’s probably one of my favourite Jac scenes of all time. ill be talking about this forever and a day so if you wanna cry over them with me feel free

also, shoutout to the oysters/lesbians scene for making me die laughing

sorry this is long af and probably doesn’t make sense but basically, this was one of my favourite episodes of all time (of anything, actually)

Corrin’s Marriages

Since I try not to judge a book by its cover, I spent the past two weeks exploring all of Corrin’s potential first-generation husbands (minus the exclusives I can’t obtain in Revelation). 

Thoughts are based on S-ranks, My Room dialogue (I tried to reach at least 4-5 hearts with each husband) and dialogue with Kana (most are rather generic, but a few have key phrases changed that give some significant insight into their characters). 

Favourites ended up being: Saizo, Takumi, Leo, Shura, Laslow and Hinata, with surprise option Azama (I still do NOT like Azama, but if you DO, you won’t regret marrying him if you haven’t already). 

Jakob:  Would definitely be devoted to Corrin. S-rank is rather sweet.
Terrible father, but dialogue with Kana is amusing.
My Room lines: Well-delivered. Saccharine sweet. Jakob’s model is one of the better ones.
Go for Jakob if:
- Master/servant roles are your thing.
- You’re immune to faux-British accents.
- You fantasize about stepping in to rescue Dwyer from his ass of a father.

Kaze:  Corrin does rather tease Kaze, but she cries out of joy in their S-rank, so good case to be made for mutual feelings.
Kaze would be a good father. Dialogue with Kana, though, is generic.
My Room lines: I think Kaze’s supposed to sound all hesitant and shy, but instead he sounds utterly bored. Room model is well-drawn.
Go for Kaze if: 
- You want an actual, genuine nice guy.
- Wouldn’t mind him falling asleep mid-conversation.

Subaki:  Despite claiming not to be arrogant, Subaki is actually arrogant in S-rank.
Would be far too competitive with Kana.
Great My Room model, however his arrogance extends to his My Room lines.
Not nearly as sweet as imagined.
Go for Subaki if: You like to feel perpetually inadequate.

Silas:  S-rank not convincing; Silas destined to remain (disputable) best friend. Probably prefers Lord Corrin.
My Room: Model okay. Lines forgettable.
So nice he apparently doesn’t even mind being slapped awake.
SO NICE, did I mention he’s NICE.
Go for Silas if: You want most generic, blandest romance ever.
You have a teenaged boy’s viewpoint of what it means to be a nice guy.

Saizo:  S-rank short, but amusing.
Never removes his mask. Kisses must be cold.
My Room: Well-delivered lines, possibly 2nd best VA.
Corrin learns he likes to be tickled; also is apparently rather demanding of his time.
Gruff-personality-hiding-actual-shyness trope nicely played.
Kana dialogue is amusing. Wouldn’t be best father.
Go for Saizo if: You want to learn all a ninja’s most embarrassing secrets.

Azama:  S-rank actually alright up until the part where he ‘trick-proposes’ to Corrin.
Less of a jerk to Corrin than to most.
All but his kiss lines are surprisingly sweet, would probably be actual good husband.
Dialogue with Kana also surprisingly sweet. We learn Azama does more for Corrin than her other husbands.
Never opens his eyes.
Definitely elevated him as a character in my eyes (although I’m still not a fan overall).
Go for Azama if: You already don’t mind him as a character, because quite a bit of effort went into his marriage to Corrin by the writers.

Hayato:  The worst.
The S-rank is pretty good, even great, then it’s all downhill from there.
Awful My Room model. Awful My Room lines. Feel as if writers intended to punish anyone daring to marry Hayato.
No, seriously, I was prepared to give him a shot, but he is the literal worst.
Couldn’t even finish this one.
Dialogue with Kana is generic.
Go for Hayato if: You really dislike Corrin. Or yourself.

Hinata:  Amusing S-rank. Like that both get so embarrassed that Corrin actually runs away.
Literal puppy. Very excitable.
Good My Room model and lines delivered very appropriately.
Played for an entire game and did not regret.
Makes you mother of best Pickle son.
Like that he cops to not being romantic at all. Suits being Kana’s father.
Go for Hinata if: You want straight-forward fun.

Takumi:  Stealing him from Oboro and I don’t care.
S-rank is eh at first (and he actually shares lines with both Ryoma and Hinoka) but it ends on a rather sweet note.
My Room model is not great; bothered by his neck. But VA is so great; lines perfectly delivered. Least awkward to listen to.
Has only sensible reaction to you blowing on his face.
My Castle lines are full of positive affirmations. Actual sweetheart.
My Room lines are tinged with mild insecurity.
Kana and Kiragi suit being siblings best, in my opinion; both visually and character-wise.

Kaden:  Decent S-rank, though Kaden is rather… effusive.
Lots of very affectionate, love-dovey lines.
Great My Room model.
Mildly concerning written lines lead one to wonder just how nice Corrin is in return.
Generic dialogue with Kana; doesn’t quite suit Kaden to be his father.
Kana apparently grows and sheds a fox tail at will.
Go for Kaden if: You want ~~cuuuuutee~~

Ryoma:  Surprisingly good S-rank. Like that Corrin takes some initiative.
Never takes off that chin armour.
My Room lines are decent (with below exception), and well-delivered.
Does have the line, 'kiss me, you fool’ (while in chin armor, no less), so minus 100 points right there.
Better husband than I expected. Dialogue with Kana is generic.
Go for Ryoma if: You want one of the more stable characters. To be queen of Hoshido.

Shura:  Good S-rank. Corrin seems to like Shura as much as he likes her.
Good-looking My Room model. Well-delivered lines.
Another actual sweetheart.
Comes across as a decent father in his Kana dialogue.
Has saddest face if you slap him awake.
Definitely one of Corrin’s strongest and best potential husbands.
Go for Shura if: You want an all-round decent guy.

Arthur:  A very Arthuresque S-rank. Poor Arthur. Corrin a little mean.
So gimmicky.
Lines are exceedingly well-delivered… for his character, of course.
Can not take seriously.
Sweet My Room lines… but, it’s Arthur.
Very amusing dialogue with Kana.
Go for Arthur if: You want the good joke option.

Odin:  Poor Odin; Corrin is definitely mean in their S-rank.
My Room: Decent lines, not too over-the-top. Sweet level-up (big heart) rank line.
Best, most unique Kana dialogue (perhaps with exception of Izana).
Decent delivery of lines.
Corrin would probably not be the best wife.
Go for Odin if: You really like Odin, and long for more of his unique way of speaking.

Niles:  S-rank is okay; surprisingly bland.
Nowhere near as much bite as you’d expect.
My Room lines surprisingly generic. Somewhat sweet, but mainly forgettable.
Sounds as if a LOT of his characterization was lost in translation, which marriage to him bears out.

Laslow: Saccharine S-rank. Not normally my thing but for some reason I have a soft spot for Inigo/Laslow.
Adorable My Room model.
Voice like molten honey.
Not a great match with Lady Corrin, though? I feel as if he (and Odin) are better matches for the other ladies.
Generic dialogue with Kana until the last line, and aaaah.
Such a smoothie. Classic romantic.
Go for Laslow if: You want your insecurity with a dash of tragedy.

Benny:  Corrin is as mean to him in their S-rank as she is to Odin. Lay off these precious muffins, Corrin.
Surprisingly bland post-marriage lines. Feels as if the writers didn’t expect anyone to really choose Benny.
Dialogue with Kana is similarly generic.
My Room model could look a lot worse.
Bit of a joke option; not as …unique as Arthur, but can’t quite take Benny seriously as a husband.
Go for Benny if: You really like Benny as he is pre-marriage, because the marriage isn’t changing much.

Leo:  Perhaps the best-written S-rank in the entire game.
It’s so great. You can really hear his inner turmoil. The agony. It’s beautiful.
My Room model is great.
Post-marriage lines are… somewhat awkward. Also, awkward VA.
To be fair, it is REALLY hard to deliver the word 'lovely’ unironically (and I should know, I’m a Brit) in a sentence.
Is a let-down as a father to Forrest, although he does redeem himself.
Generic Kana dialogue.
Go for Leo for: That S-rank.

Keaton:  S-rank is amusing.
Would treat Corrin as an actual treasure. Actually bites, unlike Niles.
My Room model and VA are both decent.
As with Kaden, does not really suit being Kana’s father, especially re. tail.
Kana dialogue is rather generic.
Go for Keaton if: You really like tails…but Kaden is too lovey-dovey for you.

Xander:  Touching concern for being a good husband to Corrin.
Very sweet lines. Definitely less self-assured than Ryoma.
Even sleeps with a frown.
Comes across as needier than expected.
VA is only slightly awkward. My Room model is decent.
For all his concern, believes sparring with Corrin makes her happy? Pfft.
Go for Xander if: You want your knight in shining armour.

The Signs as Characters from F.R.I.E.N.D.S
  • Aries: Susan Bunch // While she's not that much of a primary character, Susan is definitely the most Aries-like character on the show. Her sarcasm and attitude show her as being tactless and sometimes aggressive, and her determination shines in the fact that she was determined to get Carol, so she did.
  • Taurus: Rachel Green // Rachel symbolizes the materialistic nature of Taurus perfectly, also often appearing stubborn and self-indulgent. When it comes to her good traits, she is sensual towards her lovers and loyal to her friends.
  • Gemini: Emily Waltham // Whenever I meet a Gemini, I divide them into two categories - the fun-loving Geminis, or the dramatic Gemini. Emily is definitely a dramatic Gemini, appearing two-faced and quite manipulative when it comes to Ross.
  • Cancer: Janice Litman Goralnik // I originally saw Janice as a Gemini due to her being so talkative, but then I remembered the softer side of Janice and the fact that she was very nurturing when with Chandler, and how much she seemed to care about everyone. She is also overemotional, moody, and unable to let go.
  • Leo: Joey Tribbiani // First off, Leos love the limelight, and Joey is an actor. Joey tends to be protective of his friends and generous, and can also step up to be a leader. He can also be very vain.
  • Virgo: Monica Geller // The perfectionist of the group? Monica. While she is reliable and can be understanding, she can also be very critical and a little too much of a perfectionist. And you can always count on Monica to be organized.
  • Libra: Phoebe Buffay // Always the peacemaker, Phoebe seems to be a Libra in every sense. She is caring, polite, and fairly easy-going. She is also a melodramatic type (especially when it comes to PBS) and quite oblivious.
  • Scorpio: Gunther // A little bit of a reach? No, I don't think so. While we may not get to see Gunther as powerful or magnetic, we see him as passionate...about Rachel. Scorpios are also known to be jealous and resentful. Gunther shows these characteristic when it comes to any man that Rachel dates, especially Ross.
  • Sagittarius: Chandler Bing // We all know that Chandler is known for his over the top jokes, showcasing a Sagittarius' ability to be funny and outspoken. His sarcasm proves him to be a bit tactless as well.
  • Capricorn: Ross Geller // Ross is definitely the "too serious" friend out of the group, making him the perfect candidate for Capricorn! He tends to be a bit unimaginative, but is also reliable and responsible. And of course independent, as he lives on his own for the main part of the series.
  • Aquarius: Frank Buffay, Jr. // Phoebe's younger brother Frank is definitely a unique one, which is what Aquarius is all about. A little all over the place and rebellious, he always strives for goodness.
  • Pisces: Mike Hannigan // Mike can very easily be seen as imaginative, tolerant, and selfless. He may be passive-aggressive at times and a little oversensitive with his overreactions, but his weirdness makes him a good match for Phoebe.

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  1. Watashi (Yojōhan Shinwa Taikei) a young student who is obsessed with finding his way to “rose-colored campus life”, while being socially awkward mess with wild dreams and no willpower to achieve them - that’s me in a nutshell
  2. Hanekawa Tsubasa (Monogatari Series) a class representative, who hides her insecurities behind the always calm and rational persona? I feel you, Hanekawa
  3. Yamazaki Sagaru (Gintama) he invented blandness and he owns it - I will always root for him (the whole list could’ve been Gintama characters but I decided to limit it to one character from the fandom)
  4. Nozaki Umetarou (Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki Kun) a guy who is obssessed with shoujo romance and has no idea what real relationship looks like? very relatable
  5. Kikuhiko/Yakumo (Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu) emotionally distant and secluded guy who prefers to escape from himself and the world around him into the stories he performs for the audience
  6. Elizabeth Bennet (Pride and Prejudice) an oblivious nerd who thinks that they know everything about the world and people surrounding them while it’s actually them who are clueless - can relate 
  7. Eva Heinemann (Monster) despite being a walking trainwreck she actually managed to regain her will to live and she even found new goals to achieve - truly an inspiration 
  8. Emma Swan (Once Upon a Time) she was an insecure woman who was suffering from abandonment issues, so she decided to surround herself with huge emotional walls to protect herself from the pain. Thankfully her journey ended with her finding her family, new friends and new love and - the most important part - she finally learned to love herself. I hope we all will achieve the same in our lives.

Hanaemi 花笑み (Japanese) - Means the “flowering smile” or “the smile of flowers” in old Japanese. It is a smile that is as beautiful as blooming flowers, calling people to feel happy.{Credit : @word-stuck, Thought Catalog, and Google}

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Pairing: Taehyung x reader

Genre: angst, future fluff, tattoo soulmate au (kinda?)

Description: Whenever you fall in love, a black tattoo appears somewhere on your body. They turn red once the person you love dies. But blue, blue is a different story.

Word count: 1,009 words

A/N: I just had this idea after reading this by jungkxook. I truly recommend reading it, her writing is really beautiful🌸. I’m so in love with the tattoo concept so I tried this. It’s gonna be a series. Hope you enjoy 🤗

ch. 1


“Dammit, where’s my fucking lighter? I thought I’d put it in this jacket…” You were furious at this point. You were in a little alley you’d never seen before, couldn’t find your damn lighter and the only reason you were here was your sister’s goodbye letter. What a coward move of her. How could she just leave you like that? You wanted to finish this together, like always, together.

You needed this goddamn cigarette right now more than anything. You wanted nothing more than the relaxing feeling it offered when you were stressed, drowning your sorrows and problems in nicotine, hoping they’d crumble to ashes and disappear just like its remnants. You felt betrayed. You couldn’t go back home now, you didn’t feel like it, didn’t feel like entering an empty apartment while knowing that you’d be alone. All because your own sister, a person you trusted with all your heart, abandoned you. The only thing to calm your jumping nerves at this realization was fresh air and nicotine.

You looked around in hopes of finding a little shop to buy a new lighter or even matches although you didn’t really like the latter option because of the fire extinguishing really fast, before you could even make use of it.

While you walked around the empty street looking for a possibility you spotted a young man walking into your direction.

Maybe he could lend me a lighter?

You slowly walked towards him and prayed that he’d also be a smoker and eventually a nice smoker helping you out in your hour of need. You prepared your sentence in your brain, having always been shy and extremely awkward when it comes to talking to strangers.

“Excuse me?”

He averted his gaze from the pavement at the sound of your voice and tried to find the source of it.

“Yes?” He said, finally finding your eyes and waiting for an answer.

“Could you lend me a lighter, please?” You asked. Internally cringing because of your impatience that made you do this instead of searching a little shop, but you didn’t really know where you’d been to begin with or where you could find one.

“Yeah, sure.” He said, nonchalantly. Phew. While he fumbled in his pockets, you took your time examining his face, his features that seemed quite familiar. You knew this guy from somewhere, but who was he? Where’d you seen him before?

Cigarette already between your middle and index finger itching to be ignited, you stopped staring at him when he offered you the item you needed so urgently at the moment.

“Thank you.” You said, wasting no more time and bringing the cigarette in between upper and bottom lip, proceeding to light the other end. But then you took a closer look at the man’s property in your hands and you couldn’t believe your eyes. Were they playing a trick on you?

No, there’s no doubt.

This was unmistakably Jimin’s. Silver covering and a neatly written ‘Jimin’ in Katakana, the japanese alphabet used for writing foreign words. He’d told you about his trip to Tokyo and that he’d bought it there at a local souvenir shop when you once recognized the letters of your mother tongue. The owner of the shop was kind enough to write Jimin’s name on it as a personal wish. He knows how to sweet talk people way too well. But where is Jimin?

You eyes were now wide open, staring at the little thing in your hands, you were about to speak up, it was already getting a bit awkward when you didn’t return nor use it, but kept gaping at it. Maybe you were hallucinating, hoping for a little sign of him. You turned your gaze away from what you thought must be an illusion or pure coincidence, it’s not like Jimin was the only person on this planet to own such a thing, right? You lifted you head up to look once again at the helpful stranger in front of you.

Now you knew why he looked so familiar. He resembled one of Jimin’s friends, the one you occasionally got to see on his phone background or outside the library when he picked Jimin up after studying together. Unfortunately, you never really got the chance to get to know him. But you were not exactly sure if it was him. What was his name again? This couldn’t be coincidence, could it? Maybe it was only a ludicrous play of your mind, you’ve been going insane these past few months, especially today. You weren’t quite sure what you should do now but you definitely didn’t want to miss a chance to get any kind of information about Jimin.

It’s worth a try.

You don’t know if it was the adrenaline pumping in your veins of finding a hint that led to Jimin or some kind of confidence boost that made you ask him the ridiculous question that was flooding your mind: “Do you know Park Jimin ?”

Please, say yes. Tell me where he is. Is he okay?

He looked a bit taken aback and hesitant, as if contemplating wether to answer the question that seemed to be really weird, considering the fact that you didn’t know each other. Realizing the uncomfortable tension in the air and his shocked face mixed with confusion, you decided to make an explanation, trying so desperately not to sound like a creep.

“Um, it’s just, I’m sorry. I must’ve mistaken you for someone. Here, thank you. ”

You stretched out your hand and returned the lighter back to its owner, turning on your heels and walking away. You had no destination in mind, you only wanted to outrun the embarrassing situation that was a result of your blunt, unthought actions, and mostly of your despair that probably reached its limit today.

Why am I so dumb? Am I really losing my mind now? I must’ve really mistaken him for-


You came to an abrupt halt, you didn’t expect this. Why did he stop you? What was he going to say?

You turned around to face him, a bit anxious but the curiosity definitely overweighted.

“I knew Park Jimin. Who are you?”

A/N: If you have any feedback, questions, critique, etc. please let me know and don’t hesitate to ask me anything. The tattoos and the colors will be explained better in the first chapter. It’s my first bts fanfic, I’ll try my best.