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She’s just a cosmic girl
From another galaxy
My heart’s at zero gravity
She’s from a cosmic world

Phew! Here it is! It’s a little bit late, so I’m so sorry, but it took a long time to get right and I wanted it to be as good as I could get it. This is for @yliseryn for her birthday! The big ONE-EIGHT! Keep getting more and more talented and amazing! Here is the prettiest couple in the galaxy! Dancing must really be easy in zero gravity.

I did my part and submitted for the fan project, phew!

Big thanks to @verryfinny again for telling me about the project! I wouldn’t have been aware of it otherwise because I was too into farming for sturdy helixhorn and catoblepas brisket.

Also a slightly clearly version of the “cover art”:

Batman headcanon that Conner is such an open and affectionate boyfriend to Tim. Like Tim is still shy and insecure about their relationship and isn’t one to make a big deal of it. But Kon is so damn happy that Tim likes him back and he gets to kiss the boy wonder whenever he wants he can’t contain himself. His bf is just so talented and handsome and amazing Kon needs to share his love with the world.

You bet during interviews about alien attacks, Kon goes onto long tangents about how his boyfriend saved the day cause he’s just that awesome and have you seen that butt? Phew! And he totally does the Will Smith pose with Tim in order to show off how great his Robin is. Like look at him, he’s perfect and he’s mine and I love him. He’s such a romantic and he totally does dramatic make-outs mid-battle and constantly surprises the bae with presents and flowers. Tim is super embarrassed by all the attention but it really makes him feel good. He’s been neglected and written off for most of his life that to have someone heap praises upon him and gush about him like he’s important. Which is of course one of the reasons Kon does it. Also because he's happy with Tim and he wants to world to know it.

Crycest; Everlasting - Pixel Collection!

Phew :’D It’s hard to draw pixels (on such a small size..) but a lot of fun! And yeah. These are all (Cry related) Characters (with their official outfits) which will appear in the Crycest; Everlasting Manga! (Fnaf!Cry will just get a little appearance for like one chapter or something like that.) Welp I hope you like them! :D

“All That’s Best of Dark and Bright” (BuckyxReader Part 17/?)

Phew! It’s been a while.  Here’s this chapter finally.  Another loooong one. I apologize in advance for whatever sorta feels it might give you heh.  Let me know what you think!  Super big thanks as always to @hispeculiartreasure for her near inexhaustible support of me and this fic.  Also to @clutter-buck for letting me make sheep noises at her when I get stuck and for suggesting murder.  @ladyhawkbunny deserves a metal (along with the hubs) for putting up with me talking about it constantly IRL… it’s a lot harder to ignore someone you’re sitting next to lol Also big thanks to @mellon-collie for helping me with Russian, that will be more realized in the next chapter.  And, of course, Thanks to all the lovely people who send me messages and the followers who have requested being tagged! @paulaamarieee @maryjanemjn @charlesxcvier @smol-kyla @theoneandonlyowengrady and @undiscl0sed-desir3s

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Parts 1-3 // Part 4 // Part 5 // Part 6 // Part 7 // Part 8 // Part 9 // Part 10 //
Part 11 // Part 12 // Part 13 // Part 14 // Part 15 // Part 16 

The familiar crunch of gravel outside the house let you know that Steve had arrived to pick up Bucky.  A week had practically flown by, despite how little ever happened at the house.  Bucky did physical training in the morning, the two of you shared meals and movies and sometimes just quiet time together doing your own things.  Thinking back on when you first met him, it was amazing how comfortable the two of you had become in each other’s presence.  Even the nightmares and panic episodes didn’t seem to punctuate the time so harshly anymore.  They were by no means gone, but he had become much better about letting you help.  Sometimes it was enough just to sit close, shoulders or hands or knees touching, until he gained his bearings once more.

“Steve’s here,” you called out to Bucky from the living room.  Of course, he probably already knew the car was pulling up.  Supersoldier hearing and all that.

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“Warning: Zombies detected.”

My Runner 5 cosplay from the app Zombies, Run! at Popcult 2015

Cosplayer: Electricitytrick

Photo: Neqtar

Phew… finished up this comic, written by George Hall. It’s part of a reintroduction of his old Bloodgard series.

If all goes as planned, it should be published in OiOiOi at the end of the year~ This is the first page, and the one which I got the most experimental with colour with.

Working on this comic was such a great experience. It’s my first big comic project since I was in 2013 and I was definitely more ambitious in the artwork here than I was back then.

Producer K’s Dev Notes #90

HELLO EVERYONE, THIS IS PRODUCER K GETTING BIG FROM BIG MEALS EVERY DAY. Phew, writing in big capital letters are kinda tiring.

Anyway, today I’m introducing you a bigger Leonardo!

・Name: Leonardo
・Old Name: The Cowardly Lion
・Character Introduction: Leonardo is one of your friends who went on the journey together; the Lion who got courage from Oz. Because he helpedcreatures in the grand old forest, he became king of the forest. Sturdy-built and strong, he has a regal presence as the king of beasts. On the otherhand, he has tendencies to be quick to speak and act before he thinks, and the Scarecrow and the Tin Woodman often have to stop him. Though he is human now,he can’t hold his animal instincts like hugging you and others.
・Love Tendency: Always frank and expressive of his desires for others.

Pretty hot, isn’t he? You wanna touch his ears, right?

Well, clean your ears before next time because I’m introducing the background music of Oz+ next time! Getting back to work! C ya!

Phew, i got really engaged with this one.
Lovelies, remember: you have a body, you go to the beach and voilà, you have a beach body. It’s really that simple, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.
Go to the beach and have fun!

This Mess of Moments

A Joyce and Hopper Fic
(on ao3)

HAHAHAHA IT’S FINALLY DONE. CAN YOU BELIEVE??? This started as a simple 5 times fic and now it’s a little over 35K and spans from high school to post season one. It’s got fighting and angst and sex and more fighting and more sex and more fighting! It’s even got plot! PHEW. 

Anyways, big shoutout to francesca and rebecca for being CONSTANT cheerleaders. High fives to my other cheerleaders, you’re the best too! (these people will tell you never to add me on snapchat because you’ll get frantic 1am messages about plot and endings.) 

SO …here friends. Enjoy! 


Coming out of chemistry, his last class of the day, was like taking a deep breath of fresh air. And seeing Joyce perched on the hood of his car, her pencil skirt hiked up as she let the sun reach all the way above her knees was a much needed reminder that life wasn’t always boring chemical bonds. But if any of the escaping teachers caught her with her skirt up like that, she’d be fucked.

“If you’re gonna sit there, at least wiggle your ass a little to buff the hood,” he joked as he got closer to her.

She rolled her eyes and flicked her cigarette butt in his direction before hopping down and leaning against his door.

“You gonna survive Mr. Cook?” she asked, looking up at him as he got closer. She was so small.

“Any chance you’ll do my work for me?” He cocked an eyebrow but she rolled her eyes again.

“I already did that work last semester and I’m sure as hell not doing it again. Go find a new girlfriend for that.”

Hopper tossed his books through the window behind her, then slid his hand up her side as he leaned down to kiss her.

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Title: It’s All Good News Now
Author: Tobirion / Tobiroth / modeoheim
Pairing: Eventual ASGZC
Summary: Despite moving to Midgar Cloud still struggles reconciling traditional Nibelheim values with big-city urges. His virginity should be given to someone special, not a random hookup—but the only person who fits his criteria is his best friend, who is in a relationship of his own, no less. Friends with benefits turns out to be more complicated than anticipated.
Notes: Canon ‘verse (but not canon-compliant).  Thanks to all the people (especially boomchickfanfiction) who helped me out with this one!

Chapter one: [ffnet] | [AO3]

Euphemia reacts to character reactions to her death

As requested by nynynightmare

1. Lelouch

“Um, so you’re going to make my death mean something by…killing even more people? And furthering the divide between Japan and Britannia?”

Lelouch: It’s what you would have wanted.

Euphemia: I’m not sure it is…

Lelouch: It’s what you would have wanted.

2. Cornelia

“You…you gave up your birthright to avenge me? Aw, sis!”

Cornelia: I-it was no big deal…

Euphemia: Bring it in for a hug!

Cornelia: N-no!


Cornelia: …Fiiine…

Euphemia: Yay!

3. Nina

“N-no! Tokyo didn’t kill me! PLEASE DON’T BLOW IT UP!”

Nina: I-it didn’t work!

Euphemia: Phew…

Nina: I’ll have to develop it into a superweapon!

Euphemia: NOOOOOOO

4. Nunnally

“Nunna…you restarted the Special Zone? Even after…even after the last one?”

Nunnally: Yes, but…it didn’t go very well.

Euphemia: Better than the last time is good enough!

5. Arthur

“Well, Arthur…I’m…glad you’re taking this so well.”


Euphemia: Not even a sad mew?


Arthur: [yawns]

Euphemia: …Nevermind.

6. Charles

“Uh, hi Dad. You, uh…you going to do a speech for me? Or anything?”

Charles: I have to say Euphemia, I’m disappointed.

Euphemia: Oh…because of the massacre. I see.

Charles: WHAT? No, that was great! I always thought you were kind of wimpy but when you decided to kill all those Japanese! THAT’S MY GIRL! I was disappointed that you got headshotted like a n00b!

Euphemia: Uh, but didn’t you try to create the gentle world I wanted?

Charles: Yes, well, I’m in two minds about the whole thing.

7. Schneizel

“Schneizel, it’s so nice to see that you care, but if you could show it in ways other than manipulating naive young girls into creating weapons of mass destruction, that would be great. Thanks!”

Schneizel: But it’s what you would have wanted.

Euphemia: Why do people keep saying that?!

8. The Japanese Population

“I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry”

Eleven: Well, on the bright side, at least you’re dead.

Euphemia: …Yay?

9. The Britannian Population

“Please don’t think I’m a purist fanatic!”

Britannian: Who are you?

Euphemia: Huh? How could you forget? The Special Zone massacre…

Britannian: Oh, was that something the Demon Emperor Lelouch did? Sounds like him, that evil bastard.

Euphemia: Um…hmm.

Euphemia: Lelouch and I need to have a little chat.

10. Suzaku

“S-Suzaku…I…I never wanted this to happen to you…I would do anything just to see you smile again…”

Suzaku: And I’d do anything to see you do the same.

Euphemia: …I’m here now, aren’t I?

Suzaku: Yeah. In List Fanfiction but…that’s enough for me.

Euphemia: Is that a smile I see?

Suzaku: Ow, it, uh, kind of hurts.


Euphemia: We need to expose you to fun. Right now.

check out this trash i made in my techie class

i figured id show the world how big of a pile of trash i am by posting a trashy pic of my trash-engulfed ass holding this wood-cutout trash i made of a thing that is complete and utter trash

*slam dunks self into trash bin*

phew i didnt think it was possible to include the word “trash” so many times in one sentence but ya know what i did it.

I saw this gorgeous pic and decided to give all the Big Hero 6 members a Pokemon team (well, I replaced Baymax with Tadashi, but w/e). SO, here goes! Big Hero 6 Pokemon crossover aww yee

Tadashi: Meganium, Chansey, Altaria, Herdier, Audino, Kangaskhan

Tadashi would have a combination of gentle, nurturing Pokemon, and ones that are pretty loyal. He wouldn’t really like battling that much, he’d be much more interested in Pokemon research, so his style would concentrate on higher defense/special defense and slowly draining opponents’ HP through annoying status moves. I gave him Chansey and Audino because they’re soft, gentle healers (like Baymax, duh). Meganium because it’s based on that fanart, and also I think of Meganium as a really gentle and sweet Pokemon. Herdier is really loyal and protective, as is Kangaskhan, plus they’re literally “the parent Pokemon.” And idk, I just liked the thought of him having an Altaria.

Hiro: Charizard, Metagross, Magnezone, Sableye, Lucario, Cubone

Hiro is a typical fanboy; he loves anything that looks awesome and kicks ass. He’s the youngest League Champion ever, going for all-out speedy offense (he specializes in one-hit-KOs). He uses his status as Champion to get himself into and out of a lot of trouble, much to Tadashi’s dismay, who believes Hiro should use his abilities to help people. Since Hiro is into robotics, I wanted to give him some kind of man-made, robitc type Pokemon, hence Metagross and Magnezone. Charizard is just what I consider to be one of the most badass Pokemon, plus he flies (a reference to Hiro flying around on Baymax). I gave him Lucario because of the martial arts thing, and Cubone because of the whole dead-mother thing (only in this case it’s dead brother, but w/e).

GoGo: Ninjask, Jolteon, Greninja, Weavile, Crobat, Gogoat

GoGo’s got the fastest team around. She’s all about a quick battle that consists of hard-hitting punches, moves designed to slow opponents down, and evasion. She holds the world record in the Speed Pokeathlon and trains for it by constantly cruising around Cycling Road; stay out of her way, unless you want a beating. GoGo’s team is pretty obvious, they’re the Pokemon with the highest base speed (non-legendary and non-mega-evolutions). Plus Gogoat because I COULDN’T RESIST.

Honey Lemon: Glameow, Sylveon, Reuniclus, Empoleon, Milotic, Vileplume

Don’t let Honey’s adorable team fool you; they’re tough! While she mostly loves dressing her Pokemon up for the contest circuit (she’s untouchable in the cute contest), she also is a top researcher for both Silph Co. and Devon Co, mostly studying various chemical reactions Pokemon poisons have. When she does battle, her strategy mostly consists of messing you up with status condition moves and distracting Pokemon with Cute Charm. I gave Honey a lot of cute/“girly” Pokemon to match her love of fashion and bubbly personality, so Glameow, Sylveon and Milotic made the most sense. With her chemistry background, I wanted her to have Pokemon that could cause various status damage/just struck me as sciencey, so I gave her Reuniclus and Vileplume. (And Empoleon cuz I needed someone to have a Gen 4 starter OTL) 

Fred: Magmar, Hawlucha, Tyranitar, Sceptile, Wheezing, Bidoof

Fred annoys all the local Officer Jennys by trying to be a vigilante superhero. His heart’s in the right place, and he often does help stop some crime (although he usually just causes more damage than necessary in order to catch the perp). His strategy involves spewing fire and gas and packing punches. Fred’s team ties into his Fredzilla mode and love of comics. Magmar and Wheezing fit this pretty directly, I think, and Tyranitar is kind of like Godzilla, so that works well, too. Sceptile is lizard-like, and Bidoof is pretty goofy, like Fred.

Wasabi: Gallade, Aggron, Excadrill, Emboar, Aegislash, Sandshrew

Wasabi is the cleanest, neatest Pokemon breeder the world has ever seen. He likes a quiet simple life for him and his team, and tries to avoid battling whenever possible. He surrounds himself with tough-looking Pokemon, but they are just as kind-hearted and gentle as Wasabi. Most of Wasabi’s team is based on his hero outfit; Gallade, Excadrill, and Aegislash all have blades/swords. Aggron’s PokeDex entry talks about how it rebuilds its territory if it gets messed up, which reminded me of Wasabi’s OCD neatness. Wasabi is also kind of a scaredy-cat, so I thought that Sandshrew, which curls up into a ball when threatened, was also a good fit.

I was sitting here with my manager. She came over to my house with a number 6 balloon before we’d even turned it on, and I said, ‘You’re a risk taker.’ She has a lot of faith in me, so I really appreciate her. We turned it on, I’d actually never watched it on the television like we did, and it was very exciting. [I felt a] big 'phew’ of relief. I think I was pretty nervous this year. I was so excited about Ken [Watanabe] being included, and I was celebrating that one and then my category came up, and I was really relieved to see my name there.
—  Kelli O’Hara on her 2015 Tony Nomination for The King and I


Phew. Man 2014 was a big year. SO much work. 

  I started the year at a very crappy job. I remember calling my friend in tears about how terrible it was on most days. Since then I had quit my horrible job and got a much better one. I took my health seriously and got in shape, losing 25 pounds this year. I purchased a completely new workstation (cintiq included!). Bought my first car!  Drew and animated more then I ever have before, even making a decent portion of my earnings by freelancing! I even got to visit L.A for Thanksgiving.

  It wasn’t without it’s bad parts, my father was really ill though most of the year, I had injured my wrist from overworking and since the majority of my friends moved out of state I had to re-learn enjoying my own company. 

  However I achieved most of my goals and really learned self discipline this year. It had its rough points, like really really sucky points. However, I grew a lot. I learned to take care of myself emotionally and mentally, began caring about my appearance and started dressing nice.

I just really gained some confidence and grew to love myself. 

So my Goals for 2015-

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