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Hosting/Reporting Blues

@the-asexual-reaper requested: “The Jim twins, Bim, and Wilford bonding over journalism and being TV hosts? (also, I’m happy to hear you’re doing better! :D )” 

i kinda went with one jim if that’s okay? hope you enjoy and everyone else too

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     News reporter Jim had been sitting at his desk for hours, going through reports weather man Jim and field reporter Jim had given him, sighing as he took a moment to remove his glasses and rub his eyes. The reports were nice, but…more than anything, they involved something that happened to one of the Jims that wasn’t good, whether it was one of them taking a great tumble or some of the equipment becoming broken. For one thing, the Jims wanted to become good reporters and hosts like Wilford or Bim, but that dream was becoming far-fetched at this point. They kept having issues with their stories not getting much attention, half the time things not being recorded properly or something else going horribly wrong. As news reporter Jim fumed over the reports and the rising doubt of the Jims not being successful, Wilford popped his head in. “Everything alright there, Jim?”, he asked, stepping into the room. Jim was startled for a moment, too involved in his own mind to notice Wilford was there. 

“Not entirely, no…Do you have a moment to talk, Wilford?“ 

"Why do you think I came in? You looked a little down, I felt like popping in to see what’s up!" 

Jim paused for a moment, surprised. Him and the other Jims were new egos in the building, everyone slowly getting use to their strange antics. He glanced down at the reports on his desk, Wilford’s eyes following. He didn’t say anything, realizing what was going on. "The other Jims and I…We don’t seem to be as popular with our reporting like your’s…Things seem to go wrong or it is just too ridiculous to some. Do you think we should keep reporting at all?”, Jim asked, not daring to look up at Wilford while asking, until Wilford gave a loud, hearty laugh. “Do you think I got a lot of attention when I started reporting and hosting? It took a while for people to find what I was doing entertaining to them, and even longer to gain the audience I have now. Don’t get me wrong, I have had my share of awful mishaps happening during such things, so you are definitely not alone with that, along with your lack of confidence in your work, I have felt that too myself" 

"You have? Really?” Jim was even more surprised now. Wilford was always the incredibly confident one of the egos, besides Bim and Bing, not really caring towards what others thought of him when he did his own thing. To even hear Wilford say that he has had a lack of confidence was shocking. 

“Let’s not forget Wilford becoming so panicked before going on camera one time that he wore his whole outfit backwards, but went with it anyway”, Bim said, stepping into the room. Another hosting and reporting legend in the same room as Wilford? Jim didn’t know if he could handle this. Wilford pouted at Bim’s comment, but didn’t deny it. “Even I, the wonderful and amazing Bim Trimmer, have moments of doubt before going on camera and hosting my show. I understand how you feel with doubting your work as well, and Wilford does as well I imagine. But I can tell you the mistakes I have had happened to me are waaay worse than his!”

“Oh, we’ll have to see about that, won’t we, Bimmy?”, Wilford said, chuckling. Jim was astonished, hearing the reporting legend Wilford Warfstache and hosting legend Bim Trimmer say they have had mistakes and doubts before on their work. It was reassuring to Jim, knowing that even his idols have gone through what he’s going through. 

For the next three hours, though, the three of them got to share hilarious instances of things going wrong while hosting and reporting. Cameras not working and not recording when they’re suppose to, lines and words getting messed up and mixed up, the nervousness getting to them which caused hilarious stories of before-the-show prepping and accidents. Jim was becoming relaxed around his idols, never having the chance to talk to them this long. Hearing about their accidents during and before shows, their anxiety and fear of being on camera and before getting on camera, along with how long it took them to gain an audience was extremely relieving to him. It let him know that in time, him and the other Jims will become almost as famous as Wilford and Bim. 

“…and that’s how I figured out to never have five cups of coffee before a show with some accidental 5 hour energy! The studio we filmed at still doesn’t allow me to enter for fear of their crewmen becoming traumatized again by me” Bim laughed, shaking his head. Wilford and Jim laughed along with him, Wilford patting Bim’s shoulder. 

“Not everyone can handle your extreme energy and…secret abilities, Bim”, Wilford grinned as Bim suppressed another laughing fit. Jim smiled, obviously happy with this. 

“You know…You both have relieved me of my doubts now. At least now I know that even the most amazing reporters and hosts have their bad days and…that one day me and the other Jims will be up there with you two”, Jim stated shyly, messing with the button on his shirt sleeve.

“That’s the spirit Jim! You’ll become the best reporters known to mankind! I mean, you guys have reported on stuff no one has ever thought about before, which is pretty incredible!”, Bim grinned.

“Bimmy here is right, it just takes time. And people who enjoy seeing some goofs on camera, but honestly, we all enjoy all you Jims’ reporting nonsense, it is refreshing to see some new stuff around here besides the same old faces”, Wilford chuckled as Bim playfully hit his arm (“Who are you calling old?! My face is ageless!”). Jim couldn’t help but to grin, stress off his shoulders for the moment and immediately started going through the reports again, writing notes down furiously. Wilford and Bim gave each other a knowing look, getting up and saying they’ll see the Jims at the next meeting, excited to see what they have in store to show. Jim watched them leave, muttering a small “thank you”, to which Wilford and Bim both smiled as they walked off to other business they needed to attend to- or well, needed to attend to hours ago. Helping a good friend makes you forget time easily. 



“Meant To Be Yours” pearlrose HEATHERS/SU- ANIMATIC

This took much longer than I estimated but I finally got it done PHEW!

Panic! at the hook-up (part 3)

Rating: M (this is a lie, It should strictly be T)

Pairings: AkaFuri. Slight Nebumibu, Murahimu and Midotaka.

Characters: Akashi Seijuro. Furihata Kouki. Mibuchi Reo.

Word Count: 4700+ words (this is NOT the final chapter, unfortunately)

Tags: Aged-Up Characters. One Night Stand AU. Fluff. So much Fluff. Awkward conversations are awkward. Dorks who don’t know how to get their shit together. Reo the Angel Incarnate. Author is very sorry for splitting the chapter. Okay not so sorry. Just feeling Evil.

Parts: Part 1/Part 2/Part 3(here)

Summary: Akashi woke up after a drunk one night stand feeling at peace with the world. Unfortunately the brunet in his arms doesn’t seem to think the same way. (or an AU where Furi and Akashi have been scarred by terrible relationships in the past that one never wants to get into them and one waits in vain for someone to love him back)

Author’s notes : |||orz terribly sorry for cutting the chapter short! Its just got wayyyy out of hand and I didn’t want to dump too much in one go. So…..splitting into two! As always, thank you so much for reading and following this story!! It all ends with the next update! (which will be posted soooooooon!!)

AO3 Link right here!

Seijuro rapped his knuckles impatiently against the metal door of the nondescript building. The area the address had indicated looked like something anyone would miss in the passing, not offering a second glance. It had no discernible boards or colourful nameplates that made it stand out to the passerby. Nothing, to show that it was an art studio of one of the most sought-after names in the Art World. And yet, Seijuro stood in front of it, rather irritably, for more than twenty minutes in the frosty weather.

“Maybe he couldn’t hear you. Isn’t there a bell around here somewhere?” Reo was next to him, puffing clouds of air into his gloved hands before rubbing them. His hair was pulled back into a stylish yet unkempt ponytail, few strands tugged loose to drape his cheekbones artfully, giving him the Gallery Owner Look (whatever that meant, Akashi had waved it off when Reo started to explain enthusiastically), and the side clips had been abandoned - courtesy the aforementioned Look. 

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Who is best dad

J: Recently what my dad has done for me came to light - and I do love him!  I just can’t forget what he put me and mom through. 
G:  In that case I suppose my biological parentage is disqualified.  I’ve still never met him… It would have to be my Father, who inspired me to become the person I am today.  
J: Okay, what’s his name?
G:  No idea.  He was a boss, though. 
J: … Eh, still better than mine I guess.  You seem happy. 

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Edit: @sutakujo (and anyone else! ur all invited!)

Imagine: Trying to explain periods to the boys

Phew, finally got this done! Don’t worry, the others are all works in progress. I’m super excited about all of it! Also, feel free to request any newsie or character or anything you want, it doesn’t have to be Race and it doesn’t just have to be newsies HAHAHA! love you guys, hope you enjoy! this was hilarious to write!

You woke up early that morning, nauseous and a pounding pain in your hips and head.

Oh god…. Not now! You thought to yourself in a panic.

You rubbed your temples for a moment, trying to come up with a quick fix to your… issue.

You take a deep breath and lift up the thin quilt, checking underneath for a murder scene.

The nervous knot in your stomach tightened; there was blood all over your pants and the sheets.

Looking around frantically, praying none of the other boys were up, you quickly gather your sheets and run into the bathroom.

You shove all the material in the sink, including your pants, and begin scrubbing the blood out with your hands.

You heard the sound of shifting beds, realizing that the boys were beginning to wake up.

“Shit shit shit!” You mumble to yourself, rubbing the sheets as hard as you could, fading the blood to a light pink color.

You heard the boys up and walking around, knowing they could walk in at any moment.

Grimacing from the wetness of your pants, you put them back on and take your dripping wet sheets with you.

The boys give you a weird look as you walk past, without a word, and right out the door.

Just outside, there was a clothes line where you could hang your sheets to dry for the day.

“Mornin, (Y/N)!” Romeo chirped as he bounded down the stairs.

“Heya, Rome.” You reply, finishing clipping your sheets to the clothesline.

You went back inside to start preparing for the day, when you heard shouting from the room.

You went inside to see who was arguing this time and were shocked when you found all the boys hugging you, in a relieved way.

“Whose hurt youse?!” Racetrack asked, holding your shoulders.

You gave him a bewildered look.

“What are you talking about?” You ask, removing his hands.

“Deres blood all ovah ya mattress!” He said.

Your eyes widen, and you facepalm.

Of course there would be blood on the stupid mattress.

“Well.. Uh,” You could feel your face getting hot as you stutter through an explanation.

“Alright boys, sit down. We have to have a talk.”

They obey and take a seat as you stand, mentally preparing yourself for a talk you never thought you would have to give.

“You see, boys, there is something in a woman’s body called a uterus. And every month, once a month, it prepares for a baby. But… when it doesn’t get one, it starts to throw away all the things away, in the form of blood. And it hurts like hell. Like, someone is continuously kicking you in the lower abdomen. It also makes you super tired and cranky.”

“You can say that again.” You hear Racetrack whispering to Jack.

You glare at him, and he grins.

“Any questions?” You ask, ignoring him.

Half of the boys look confused, the other half just look horrified.

“Ise got no words.” Albert says, shaking his heads.

Some muttered in agreement, others just looked like they were trying to piece together what you had just told them.

“So, this happens EVERY MONTH?” Romeo yells, clutching his head.

“Yeah, about.” You reply nonchalantly.

He looks horrified.

“Dontcha bleed out?” Jack asked, looking skeptical.

“If I bled out, I wouldn’t be standing here!” You say with a laugh.

“Is this why youse extra angry once a month?” Mush asked.

You smack his arm.

“Ouch! I’ll take dat as a yes…” He said, rubbing his arm.

You roll your eyes, but run into the bathroom to adjust everything under the hood.


Phew! Finally got all the four dragons done for the modern au! Shin-ah’s tattoo goes around his throat (since I couldn’t find a way to make it look nice on his face lol). I imagine modern au Shin-ah would spend his time looking after stray animals and making sure the neighborhood kids are okay. He’s got a big heart, the sweetie. He is my precious child

Hope everybody likes these four guys! 

~ Starr
Keep These Secrets In A Lie - Chapter 2 - quillsand - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling [Archive of Our Own]
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By Organization for Transformative Works

Ron believes in love, and he also believes in all the things that his parents taught him- commitment, hard-work, and bringing the best out in each other. Love is supposed to lead to all those things, but in the case of him and Hermione, it only led to pain.

They’re still friends, of course, but they don’t exactly act like friends do. Friends don’t look at each other the way Ron and Hermione look at each other. Friends don’t care for each other the way Ron and Hermione care for each other. And friends definitely, definitely do not kiss each other the way Ron and Hermione kiss each other.

Chapter two is now here! Featuring more angst with a side of hurt/comfort and a sprinkle of fluff. I hope you enjoy! 

10 ways Kogami can propose to Akane

In honor of Kogami’s birthday, here are 10 possible ways Kogami can propose to his longtime love (assuming they ever got past the dating stage)!

10. In front of the whole division

Kogami decides to propose during one of their meetings, thinking everyone will believe it to be sweet and romantic, forgetting that Akane hates public displays like these.

Kogami: Inspector Tsunemori, will you marry me?

Akane: …

Akane: You don’t know me that well, do you?

Kogami: I’m not good with questions answering a question, Inspector.


9. In private

After that experience, Kogami decides to propose after a romantic dinner in Akane’s quarters.

Kogami: Inspector Tsunemori, you have changed my life. Will you do me the honors to be my wife?

Akane: *giggling drunk and kneeling on the floor next to him* Lol what are we doing

Kogami: …

Kogami: It’s not fair that you’re so hot when you’re flat out refusing me.

8. The fake mission to get Akane to find a ring

He forgets that Ginoza still exists and how he now knows that he’s trying to propose to a woman way out of his league.

Kogami: It’s a harmless mission - 

Ginoza: No.

Kogami: Just one -

Ginoza: No.

Kogami: Well I’m going to do it anyways!

Ginoza: You literally can’t while I’m in charge.


Ginoza: Good God.


Kogami: Please!

Mika: No.

Kogami: You don’t even have to be involved! I kinda prefer if you weren’t!

Mika: Of course I have to be there! I’m an Inspector!

Mika: How dare you make light of the Inspector job!

Kogami: …

Kogami: You know, you’re just like Gino.

7. Takes Akane back to the wheat field where he killed Makishima.

Akane: I don’t really want to be here, Kogami-san…

Kogami: I just want you to know that day was not an end to our relationship… but a beginning.

Akane: … You brought me here to this spot to show that our relationship is beginning…

Akane: When you have previously left me here!?

Akane: To chase some other guy!?

Akane: Without even checking to see if I’m alright!

Akane: Ginoza’s father was dying!! And you left!

Akane: Tell me honestly, if Makishima was here, would you would totally choose chasing him over finishing this proposal?

Kogami: *sweats nervously*

Kogami: I did not think this through.

6. Rose petal trail leading to the ring (and a shirtless Kogami in bed)

Akane did it for him, and while, yes, it was a bit too feminine for him, it’ll be perfect for her! Plus, he shows how thoughtful he truly is (bonus points!!)

Akane: But you said it was too feminine.

Kogami: For me, yes, but for you, it compliments your femininity!

Akane: Kogami-san, I hardly need anything to compliment my -

Akane: Wait, you think I’m feminine?


5. A report sent to Akane where it sends hints of love throughout and at the end it says in big block letters “MARRY ME!”

Kogami forgot to spellcheck.

Akane: Kogami-san, this report is simply awful.

Kogami: ???

Akane: Look at all these spelling errors!

Kogami: That’s me being poetic!

Akane: Why would you need to be poetic about killing someone?

Akane: Actually, never mind, that sounds like you.

Kogami: I am so confused.

4. During training

They’ll be sweaty, close, and personal. It’ll be perfect, Kogami told himself.

Kogami: So that’s why I want to spend my life with you. What do you say?

Akane: *suddenly throws Kogami down to the floor and pins him down* Did you lose your concentration or something?

Kogami: *thinking to himself* And that was when I realized I was talking to myself.

3. The carts that usually hold the Dominators comes over and when it opens, a ring appears.

He doesn’t realize Akane has a history with those carts.

Akane: Ugh, what does Sibyl want now!?

Akane: *gets up and leaves the room*

Kogami: *hiding behind the cart* What the fuck.

2. In SEAUn

This girl came all the way for him! She clearly has the hots for him! He has to take the chance now!

Kogami: So since we’re already chained to this car together, wanna just marry me and be chained together forever?

Akane: Did… did you just make a joke?


Kogami: Smooth, right?

Akane: I hate you so, so much right now.

1. Shows her this list

Kogami: See, these are all the ways I thought about proposing to you. But none of them seemed right for a perfect woman like you. So instead, I am just asking straightforward: Will you marry me?

Akane: YES!!!

Kogami: Phew!

Ginoza: Congratulations, you two. I’ve done research (more like Kogami got too far ahead of himself and asked me to do this before he asked you) and I found about 10 different wedding options.

Akane: Gah!



Phew, got a lot of work done on the vest today! Fixed up some fit issues on my draft, made up this muslin version, and got my applique pattern drawn out.

The design is even more detailed and small scale than I thought, it’s going to be a real challenge…


A short comic summarizing the story of Princess!Frisk~

Credits under the cut~

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I got all the asks I can done. My back and hands are killing me.

I am gonna rest until tomorrow and continue the story. No more asks until then please; they will be ignored!

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Hello! I would really love to request a fic where both MC and Seven are asexual. That one part in Seven's route where he wants to "hold you tight and love you all night" made me a bit anxious since I hc him as ace!!! So I hope it's okay for me to request 707 and MC having a totally sexless relationship, but still being pretty close, if not physically? Any situation will do, maybe they tell each other their orientation at the same time??

Phew! Finally got this one done! Still pushing through that writer’s block, ugh. But I did it! :) I am 1000% here for ace!Seven oh man.

Mild spoilers for Seven’s route (specifically day 10)!

{ao3 link for mobile}

Today was the day. Seven was going to tell you.

He had been putting it off since the day he met you. He didn’t want to admit it, but it was because he was scared.

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