phew got that done


Phew! Finally got all the four dragons done for the modern au! Shin-ah’s tattoo goes around his throat (since I couldn’t find a way to make it look nice on his face lol). I imagine modern au Shin-ah would spend his time looking after stray animals and making sure the neighborhood kids are okay. He’s got a big heart, the sweetie. He is my precious child

Hope everybody likes these four guys! 

~ Starr


aaaaaaa finally got this done!! 2 days of work phew ;v;

This is my @gorillazsecretsanta gift for @nextsight! They requested anything 2-D or any other members. Haha was originally drawing stu only but then it turned into the whole clint eastwood video ^^“
Hope you enjoy!! Don’t hesitate to ask me for requests because i would love to! I’m so bored most of the time tbh lol

Merry Christmas :)

Blackie~ 🎁


A short comic summarizing the story of Princess!Frisk~

Credits under the cut~

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Just finished a Film Studies essay on auteur theory and almost done with my Faustus quote cue cards finally!!
It’s been a day of organised chaos as you can see but got so much done today phew!
9/100 days of productivity

Okay, so after much deliberation with the lovely chaitea09, I have finally finished Varlen’s pre-Inquisition backstory now that he is not the Herald (that role goes to his lovely twin sister, Riven Lavellan, who let’s face it would do a much better job)!

Under the cut for those who happen to still be interested in Varlen the Alpha-Dork (it has been a very spammy week, and I do apologise. I’m just in real deep guys help me).

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January was sort of a shit month for me and I’m happy to have it behind me. 

But, in an effort to be somewhat positive about life, I want to mention that January was also a very productive month in terms of (the not fun kind of) self-care. 

Last month I saw the eye doctor, dermatologist, dentist, gyno, primary care physician (couldn’t tell you the last time I got a physical…), and had blood work done. Phew!

(Technically, I saw my PC twice because I ended up with strep throat last week. Which, btw, completely kicked my ass. I haven’t been sick like that in a long time and I forgot how draining it is. I had to lean on a shopping cart in Target while waiting for my prescription to be filled because I was so exhausted and I thought I was going to fall over.)  

I started taking a new multi-vitamin, fish oil, Vitamin D (my levels were terrifyingly low…), and probiotic daily. I’m thinking about adding milk thistle too.   

I’m flossing every night. (I was always a few times a week flosser but the shaming my new dentist gave me was so severe that I never want to experience anything like that again.) 

Again, nothing very fun or sexy but definitely important self-care accomplishments.  

I think I want February to be about getting myself moving. I bought a 10 ride package at Flywheel. (Bless that 6am class.)  I want to do some yoga (probably just here at home at first. So if you have any streaming video suggestions let me know! Pure beginner stuff only.)  And I want to maybe dust off our treadmill and see exactly how slow my mile pace has gotten.  

Anyways, happy February, friends.  Go Pats!!!!  

P.S. Shout out to for helping me put together an awesome team of (all lady!) doctors here in Philly and for making it so damn easy to make medical appointments.