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hey uh same anon, if i'm honest i meant it a little more cuz it doesn't really feel like you're writing celeste? don't take this the wrong way but it's kind of coming off a little like you're exoticising japanese culture a bit for horror aesthetic

OUTOFDOLLS. Thank you for this message, this is the good critique I need and I’m so glad you sent it. I’m going to address the second issue first because I believe that’s the biggest statement in this question. I respect all cultures profoundly with all my authority, back from their mannerisms to their sayings to their ways of speech. I make sure that when I write something regarding it, I put my entire soul effort or even weeks into it because I think the biggest piece of humiliation and shame for me would be offending or discriminating any culture in general, but let’s further on why I’m getting so in depth with Japanese culture for our beloved Sotomi,

I am so deeply invested in Japanese culture for Sotomi is because of the doll culture in Japan.  All of the students talents are what makes them their character and for Sotomi I’ve chosen the art of traditional doll making. She is the SHSL traditional doll maker, and her talent alone makes lots of room for research. Doll culture in Japan takes a HUGE place in Japanese history, from religion to a child’s plaything to an object of delight to an actual living creature. Doll making goes deep into Japanese ancient culture from the makings of dogu, humanoid figures by the ancient Jomon culture in Japan (8000-200 BC)  and the makings of Haniwa figures of the Kofun culture (300-600 AD). There are even temple records  that refer to the makings of grass dolls to be blessed and thrown in the river at Ise Shrine (3 BC). This is one of the roots of the modern day festival Hinamatsuri. Doll culture is so popular in Japan that there are two festivals regarding it: Hinamatsuri and Tango No Sekku. There is also special behavior for dolls. An expression would be the ceremonies of Doll burial. When the doll’s owner must reluctantly throw it away, they takes it to a temple where old and new dolls, both costly and ordinary ones, are together. After the owners say goodbye and express their deep gratitude, the dolls are burnt to ashes. The sudden change in Sotomi’s deep investment in Japanese culture is not simply for a horror aesthetic; if anything I care less about that; but is the Doll culture. I do not exploit Japanese culture for some cheap thrills and that is definitely NOT my intentions. I spend agonizing time thoroughly researching, writing, and devoting my time towards the doll culture in Japan. The least thing I worry about in Sotomi’s characterization is her horrific side, my main focus are her dolls. Her dolls are apart of her entire character and literally, what she is! I have spent years of research and dedication on traditional Japanese dolls and I am very confident with my knowledge on them. And if I do come off like that, I will drop what I’m doing immediately and look for another way to express her culture. I favor the Japanese culture and in no ways would I ever wish to exoticize it nor exploit it.


Just finished redoing this Shinrin boy of mine, Dr. Reid.
Yes I named him after my favorite character from Criminal Minds a long time ago lol.
The old original is on the right, and the redone version is on the left.


Phew! Finally got all the four dragons done for the modern au! Shin-ah’s tattoo goes around his throat (since I couldn’t find a way to make it look nice on his face lol). I imagine modern au Shin-ah would spend his time looking after stray animals and making sure the neighborhood kids are okay. He’s got a big heart, the sweetie. He is my precious child

Hope everybody likes these four guys! 

~ Starr

Ficlet: Being stranger

Phew, actually got something done for this week’s @introvert-club ‘s prompt in time! Prompt for this week was “Ode to strangers”, and I really liked the open ended nature of the prompt! Fics produced so far have been very interesting, and it has been fun to follow the tag and see what people have produced :) (Some swearing and mentions of fucking, but nothing explicit; little angsty.)

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Hello! I would really love to request a fic where both MC and Seven are asexual. That one part in Seven's route where he wants to "hold you tight and love you all night" made me a bit anxious since I hc him as ace!!! So I hope it's okay for me to request 707 and MC having a totally sexless relationship, but still being pretty close, if not physically? Any situation will do, maybe they tell each other their orientation at the same time??

Phew! Finally got this one done! Still pushing through that writer’s block, ugh. But I did it! :) I am 1000% here for ace!Seven oh man.

Mild spoilers for Seven’s route (specifically day 10)!

{ao3 link for mobile}

Today was the day. Seven was going to tell you.

He had been putting it off since the day he met you. He didn’t want to admit it, but it was because he was scared.

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A short comic summarizing the story of Princess!Frisk~

Credits under the cut~

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Just finished a Film Studies essay on auteur theory and almost done with my Faustus quote cue cards finally!!
It’s been a day of organised chaos as you can see but got so much done today phew!
9/100 days of productivity

As I was discussing with one of the anons the other day, one time I tried to make an EEnE fanmovie and the backgrounds were basically my tribute to the show’s world.  

If you’re interested in seeing more, they’re under the cut!  I got 90 minutes into this animatic so there’s A LOT of backgrounds I’m proud of hahaha hehhhhh i can’t believe i didnt finish this project

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MLP Season 7 Adventures: Human Delta’s New Magic and Chat with Starlight Glimmer and The Ponies

*In Camp Everfree, Human Delta is done picking up the trash, and Gloriosa and Timber thanked him for that*

[Gloriosa Daidy] “You did a wonderful job on helping us.”

[Timber Spruce] “Never could have done it without you.”

[Human Delta] “Phew. That was a hard job, but I got it done just in time.”

[Gloriosa Daisy] “Oh, the campers are heading back to Canterlot High.”

[Human Delta] “Hmm… guess they are done having fun at the camp. Oh… um… sorry for what I did. I was obsessed with equestrian magic, and I took things literally.”

*Sunset and Twilight and the others were on the bus talking about Human Delta*

[Sunset Shimmer} “Well, I guess he is learning his lesson after all.”

[Human Twilight] “I’m pretty sure that he can redeem himself.”

[Gloriosa Daisy] “Apology accepted Delta. But please don’t become crazy with all the magic that you used on us.”

[Human Delta] “Likewise… (gasp)

*Suddenly, Human Delta look at his hand and sees a powerful light on it.*

[Human Delta] “This… can’t be!! I wasn’t expecting this.”

[Timber Spruce] “Me neither… I never seen something like this from you.”

[Human Delta] “Hahahaha!! This is amazing!! Sparkling stars that is surrounding my hand. Gloriosa, I must go asap.”

[Gloriosa Daisy] “You may be dismissed. Come again soon.”

*Human Delta walks and head back to town and tests out his new magic.*

[Human Delta] “How is this even possible?!! There is no way I can still have magic like this.”

*Human Delta channels his power and throws it at a tree, and the magic explods on impact, and sparkling glitter scatters around*

[Human Delta] “This is amazing!! I have some magic!! Oh my goodness, wait until Joshua sees this.”

[Human Joshua] “I’m right here.”

[Human Delta] “Josh!! Never thought you came to see me again.”

[Human Joshua] “I see that you are excited and was mentioning about magic.”

[Human Delta] “You never gonna believe what you are about to see.”

*Human Delta charges up his magic on his hand and showing it to Human Joshua*

[Human Joshua] “No WAY!! This is… rad!! Delta, don’t tell me you have magic from Midnight Sparkle.”

[Human Delta] “That was the past. This time… I have good magic. Sparkling glitter and light appears on my hand everytime I channel myself. It’s like casting a spell.”

[Human Joshua] “Wow!! Can you do a little research on yourself?”

[Human Delta] “Although, I need your help on this one.”

[Human Joshua] “Don’t worry, as Gloriosa would say… I got this.”

*Meanwhile at Twilight’s Castle, Delta Brony talked to Starlight Glimmer about the events he been through*

{Delta Brony] “So I fought an evil pony named Twivine Sparkle, she had the magic from Twilight, Luna, Celstaia, and Cadance. I am the only unicorn who defeated her and returned the magic to the princesses.”

[Starlight Glimmer] “Wow!! I can’t believe that you were very heroic.”

[Delta Brony] “That’s before she used Tirek’s power to transform into a hybrid. Then me, the Mane 6, and the princesses defeated her again and we managed to reform her during the time Omega Brony was here.”

[Starlight Glimmer] “Omega?”

[Delta Brony] “Very long story Glim Glam.”

[Twilight Sparkle] “Starlight, you also distracted Princess Dark Matter and we was able to defeat her as well.”

[Starlight Glimmer] “Isn’t that the girl who took your cutie mark, and transformed into a powerful being and was planning to take over Equestria?”

[Twilight Sparkle] “That’s right. She used the negative power of our cutie marks, but thanks to its positive power, we regain our cutie marks back.”

[Rainbow Dash] “Yeah. We couldn’t have done it without Megan.”

[Starlight Glimmer] “Wow. Seems that you ponies have some special tasks.”

[Delta Brony] “The Mane 6 will do anything to spread the magic of friendship in Equestria. And you will do the same if you keep this up.”

[Starlight Glimmer] “Well, I still have some friendship lessons that I need to learn from Twilight.”

[Twilight Sparkle] “So Delta, are you learning some new spells?”

[Delta Brony] “Nothing new, but I did learn how to do this.”

*Delta Brony channels her magical ability to create a golden shield.*

[Delta Brony] “The shield spell, the one that you and Starlight has.”

[Twilight Sparkle] “Very nice Delta.”

[Delta Brony] “Thanks. I’m starting to get the hang of it. Especially when I am an alicorn. Well then… I guess I better meet Pinkie Pie to get some desserts.”

[Twilight Sparkle] “Alright. See you later.”

*Delta Brony leaves the castle looking excited.”

[Delta Brony] “Hahaha!! I live for a good friendship between me, and the Mane 6, or… 7 because of Starlight. Silly me.”

*Suddenly, Darcy was hiding in the bushes, looking at Delta with a smug.”

[Darcy] “Well now, I see that a pony is trotting in the town. and he is mentioning about the others. It’s time for me to dig in.”

*While Delta Brony is walking, he meets the Cutie Mark Crusaders*

[Apple Bloom] “You met Rainbow Dash’s parents?!! That is amazing!!”

[Sweetie Belle] “Never thought you went to Cloudsdale Scootaloo.”

[Scootaloo] “Trust me, I squealed whan I saw them.”

[Delta Brony] “Crusaders!! You seem to be excited.”

[Apple Bloom] “How’s it going Delta Brony?”

[Delta Brony] “It’s going pretty well, just left the castle a few minutes ago.”

[Scootaloo] “You never gonna believe what I just met.”

[Delta Brony] Babs Seed?”

[Scootaloo] “No silly. This!!”

*Scootaloo shows a picture of Rainbow Dash’s Parents, Bow Hothoof and Windy Whistles. Delta becomes shocked.*

[Delta Brony] “EGADD!! Is that…. Rainbow Dash’s parents?!!”

[Scootaloo] “Yes!! I was so enthusiastic when I first saw them!! I was doing a school report during that time.”

*Delta Brony becomes speechless in a few seconds and starts to shout RD’s name.*


To Be Continued…


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