phew crisis averted

Save Me - Chapter 3

After I purchased the tickets I almost immediately hit another glitch. It wasn’t a deal breaker but it would definitely make things a little more hectic.

I didn’t look at my schedule very well apparently. Fuck, maybe when I’m trying to put this kind of stuff together I should refrain from indulging. I’m to be heading to Kissangani on June 6 for three weeks, leaving the Monday after the show. Talk about one thing right after another. The stars were aligned somehow because although I had to change a few things with regards other work commitments, the dates don’t exactly overlap. Phew, crisis averted.

Okay, time to rearrange the plans a bit. I pulled out my calendar, grabbed a pen and paper and started to write this shit down. Knowing these kids and their parents like I do, they need a structured schedule and apparently, so do I, so I don’t mess anything up.

If I have to leave on Monday and the concert is on Friday, that leaves us Thursday to head to Chicago, relax a bit, maybe do a little shopping. I know “American Girl” is going to be a must for Lily and Paige but that, I’m dreading. Friday is the concert which looks like an all day activity, which reminds me, I need to actually make an effort to sit and listen to Thirty Seconds to Mars…note to self! Then the final day to this adventure, Saturday. I’m thinking, let’s hit the zoo in the morning then we’ll meet up with Aaron who graciously offered to drive down to pick them up, thank you Geezus! Which will give me an evening to recover and get ready to head to Africa Monday morning.

Volunteering for the Red Cross as a young adult really helped me find my passion. My job is technical and fulfilling but heartbreaking too. When a crisis has happened I’m on a the first responder team that goes in to asses what the needs are then coordinate all our assets to the region. Helping people, THIS is what I’ve devoted my life too. And I wouldn’t change it for the world.