So hey, artists and writers who follow my blog.

I think it’s probably safe to say that Gravity Falls fans like weird towns, cursed locations and strange lore.

How many of you would be interested in contributing to a comic anthology about weird local legends? Strange myths and stories, alleged town cryptids, rumors about eccentric neighbors or cursed houses? They wouldn’t necessarily have to be supernatural (although that’s definitely part of what I’m looking for,) just strange.

It would be paid work.

Personal stories about places you’ve lived are the best, but second-hand stories, or legends learned about through research are good too. I’d be looking for non-fiction exclusively. By which I mean, if you submit a story about a dude who lives in your town that people say is a vampire, you don’t have to prove he’s a vampire, but people in your town should genuinely be saying he is–it can’t just be something you made up.

If this interests you, you might want to start thinking about what kind of ideas you want to submit. Or if you’re someone with a good story who doesn’t feel like their drawing skills are at a professional level yet/someone who can draw but doesn’t have a story in mind, you might want to find someone else to pair up with. Right now I’m just gauging interest, but within a couple months or so, you’re going to be hearing more about this.