14. The Showgirl Must Go On (Season 4 - Episode 4)

The Sharon and Phi Phi pheud. Years from now, historians will look back and remember this revolutionary rivalry. It’s a classic tale of the old vs. the new, the showgirl vs. the punk, the cosplayer vs. the number ‘366’.

So how did this all start? Sharon felt that Phi Phi was constricting her drag and called out her “weak leadership” to the judge’s panel. I understand that Phi Phi gets a lot of phlack for this, but her decisions ultimately led Sharon to that challenge’s victory. Sharon claims that it was just her talent; to which Phi Phi responds “go do the one look that you got.” Is it blonde? Phi Phi definitely has more versatility with that one.

Sharon comes back by calling Phi Phi a “tired ass showgirl.” I don’t know her sleep schedule, but I think staying up preparing for challenges would make Phi Phi pretty restless. Still, Phi Phi won’t let her get away with it. At least I am a showgirl bitch! Go back to Party City where you belong!

My favorite part happens at the pinnacle of their fight. After the queens have argued back and forth, Kenya Michaels comes in with a Jesus is a biscuit!Her grasp on the situation is probably looser than her grasp of the English language, but I appreciate Kenya’s attempt to calm the room down.

This fight eventually becomes a running gag throughout the entire season. I’m glad that the queens decided to make a joke of it instead of constantly harping on their beef like previous contestants

This candid moment during the pregnant runway is probably the most accurate description of the Sharon and Phi Phi drama: strong, but still light and playful.

Looks like their feud is being passed onto the next generation!

P.S. A couple of people have found inspiration in the girl’s fight and created love/hate fanfiction about Sharon and Phi Phi. Some of it is pretty unrealistic (Phi Phi being a top?) but I know where they’re coming from. So, in honor of the four-year anniversary of this fight, let’s show some love to Sharon Needles and Phi Phi O’Hara.

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