It was challenging to say the least to be shooting in a studio with very smelly pheasants and to add to the challenge my dad and fiancé holding them up by a pole laughing at the hole thing! 

Very pleased with the final out comes. 

I have my favourite ones freezing in my mum and dads freezer just incase I need to re-shoot!! 

I am watching Master Chef right now and I am disgusted.

Each person had to catch a different kind of bird and that’s the bird they had to prepare.

One girl said she’d never killed a bird but if she had to she would, even if it meant killing it with her bare hands. Because she came to win. As she held it. She could feel its terrified heart.

When the judges said those birds were safe, everyone relaxes. They didn’t realize that another life still was taken. Just. So they could win a fucking gameshow.

And that hurts a lot, to hear that a life - half a dozen lives - aren’t worth more than the chance of winning some money.

Why do people do this?

"Do that bird justice." Thank you for that horrible comment, judge.