it’s been a year now since Soup and I booted up Eden Eternal and made our halfkin babies, and I can’t tell you how grateful I am that we did. looking through old screenshots for reference for this made me so emotional; they bring up so many great memories, they’ve grown so much in-game and as characters and just. they’ve come so far

so happy birthday babs, I love you. <3

also as of today they’ve been in-game boyfriends for a year! that’s my next project uvu

hpreducedtonone said: headcanon in which one of them is really fidgety while sleeping and the other one gets annoyed all the time

Ooooo so cute! Elli can definitely be a little wiggly when he’s settling down, or if they’re just laying around being comfy and it’s not actually bed time, but he’s actually a pretty sound little sleeper once he’s out. His only requirement is that he’s cuddled up to something; I think he’d be pretty restless, otherwise. The two are pretty sleep-compatible!

Though there definitely was a point in time when Phern had to get used to his clinging.

Gosh that seems like it was SO LONG AGO. they prooobably have pants on, there

minn-maigi said: Uh… well… I-I don’t really know the halfkins all that well… *flails* But I think it would be super cute if Phern was afraid of lightning so every time there’s a big storm, Elli cuddles with him in a designated pillow fort.

MINNNNN, it’s okay! I can work with anything! uvu

Phern’s actually a bit of a storm-chaser! Standing in the middle of a cyclone and laughing while his hair blows around, it’s REALLY CUTE. What an unexpected little daredevil. Elli also has a super bitchin’ lightning spell that he uses in battle a lot, so I’d hope he’d be used to the crackling!

Pillow forts tho. That is definitely not to say they don’t cuddle in pillow forts during storms~

that’s also not to say that Elli’s new dragon isn’t afraid of lightning.