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Girl Power! With the release of Wonder Woman I’m hoping that mavel pick up the mantle and get their asses in gear in making a female superhero movie too. There are so many characters to chose from in the DC & MARVEL universe. On a personal note I’d love to see maybe a (Jean Gray rise of the Dark Phoenix) movie on the big screen Or Even a Ladies Of DC Or Ladies Of Marvel. Plus a a modern take on the Supergirl movie would be frikin awesome too. (Rant Over sorry)

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Excalibur #29

Alex Power, of Power Pack, asked Excalibur for help to free his parents and siblings from captivity. But they were captured as well. Nightmare was trying to feed on their fears, but Pheonix was more powerful than he ever had guessed and she freed them.

I made a thing! when I saw the new Rainbow Rocks trailer and Trixie did this pose instantly this went through my head. And I had to do it! :p (Sorry for the poor quality my tablet is broken and I used a mouse.) I’ll remake a nicer version later. :3