Finally done with this thing! I’m pretty happy that I was able to finish this- usually I never get around to finishing things that last over 3 months!

But yeah, this is my very flawed angel-plant hybrid character Ibara who is turning orange for winter. His body can’t handle hibernation so he gets incredibly sick instead.

That’s why he looks so disturbed. D: …Poor Ibs.

“Look at these petals, Steven”So I’m actually a huge fan of Steven Universe so I had to draw a little fanart of my favorite gem. ; u ; This is also for my friend Cooky as a belated christmas gift because she wanted me to draw pearl! :D Hope you like it Cooky! If you guys haven’t heard of Steven Universe, I suggest checking it out because it’s adorable, has great characters and a great message.  It makes me grin like crazy every time.

That foreshortened arm Aghhh. Well I tried. 

My first 2D animated short is finally finished! (And it’s hella cute ; u ;)
I came up with the concept when I heard the song at a symphony. Ravel’s music is just so spritely and happy… I imagined flower fairies!

I’m probably going to go back and fix up a few spots later and reupload.
I hope you guys enjoy my two weeks of hard work in Flash. ; u ; 


Here’s Mechanimator’s Sexy character, Angel, in Sci-fi/Cyberpunk Get up for the OC art exchange!

God its just. Cyberpunk is my thing, man. I feel it in my bones.
So I had to go all out.
….But dang that hand.
I’ll have to fix a few things later, but I’m happy about how far I’ve challenged myself with this one!

Also I never draw girls. xD

Hope you like it Jay! :D

I also resisted the urge to put a sparkle in her eyes. Hopefully they don’t look dead. :/