Seeing Spider-Man at CEO plus this will be crazy. There are so many teams with Pheonix, and there’s a way to deal with her. So damn pretty.

X vs A

So as you know Im pretty big into comic books. I kinda hate admitting this given how much attention these two franchises have gotten lately but the Avengers vs Xmen series has been rad. To catch up read messiah complex, its a good crash corse on the beginnings of this story and dark phoenix explains a lot as well. Any way, it basically shows what would happen if the Xmen’s big 5 had the powers of the Phoenix and the New Avengers had to wrangle them. There is only one book left in the series so jump on it now before the last one drops. 

*It starts super slow and predictable but getts better, you have been warned 

Blow It Away.

I blow it all away
Watching the world turn to smoke
The troubles which once burdened me
I breathe as I watch them choke
Everything around me crumbles
I no longer stumble
& like the phoenix from the ash
I span my wings & fly away
I fly away with all the smoke