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Heterosexuality is not … simply an orientation toward others, it is also something that we are orientated around, even if it disappears from view. It is not that the heterosexual subject has to turn away from queer objects in accepting heterosexuality as a parental gift: compulsory heterosexuality makes such a turning unnecessary … Queer objects … may not even get near enough to ‘come into view’ as possible objects to be directed toward.
—  Sara Ahmed, Queer Phenomenology (90-1)

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Hey guys, could you please update the pack fic tag? I wont get through the week without some shenanigans. Thanks! <3


The Alpha by SereneCalamity (1/1 | 2,683 | NC17)

People were sometimes to surprised when they realized who the Alpha of Beaconhills was. Sterek.

Kisses of Acceptance by Yoru_Lun (1/1 | 3,058 | PG13)

Stiles realized that there’s an increasing amount of kisses between him and his pack mates and there’s an interesting part in the ancient book that Deaton had lent him

A glimpse of what is to come by Breakingoffmyantlers (1/1 | 1,424 | NR)

A glimpse of what is to come, if Stiles and Derek don’t make the right the decisions with their family in mind.

Christmas by Immortal_Magic_Freak (1/1 | 4,691 | PG13)

It is almost Christmas in Beacon Hills; it is a time to be merry! So, why not have a Surprise Christmas Party? Well, simple: Derek. What happens when the Pack try to surprise Alpha Sourwolf? Will it all go wrong, or will it be a perfect Christmas ending? And how did Derek get - and why does he have - a plastic sprig of mistletoe? Well, there is only one way to find any of that out.

Some Of Us Are Human by phenomenology (1/1 | 3,326 | PG13)

it’s just kind of fluffy? it was supposed to be more than this but I crapped out…anyway

Stiles gets hurt on a mission with the pack and Derek is a worried boyfriend.

Taking The Time by Yoru_Lun (1/? | 1,753 | PG13)

More than a decade is enough time to finally gather the courage to confess.