wild world was a phenomenal album. dealt with real world issues, the best reactionary album coming out of 2016, up with the likes of the best political album lemonade. okay im pissed.

PISSED that it wasn’t acknowledged in places like the grammy’s but didn’t even win other award shows.

what bastille did with wild world is what the public needed and wanted. it was fun, but serious. you had songs like oil on water, way beyond, the currents, winter of our youth, four walls, etc


but because of popularity, because the recording academy and the likes are AFRAID of the social commentary people beyond the fandom will never know. because the shows don’t give them credit when it’s due.

reviews, awards shows claiming to show this “resistance”, claiming to actually look for talent and meaning, didn’t for once mention wild world or bastille in anything. trust me i looked!!!!!!

wild world far surpassed bad blood and all this bad blood. it’s the truth.

im pissed people will never get to hear it and that bastille won’t win anything because of it. they worked so hard, have brilliant minds and hearts.

thrown away for what? normalization of neutrality, people in fear that music should not be political? the 1975 just being popular?

whatever the reason that may be im mad as fuck.

honestly? name a better month than august . the entire month is a nostalgic sunday before school starts filled with summerlong reality tv show finales and warm evenings Just cool enough for a blanket as you watch golden sunsets .. the sunrise is late ISH so that if you want to see if you dont have to get up at 5 .. the contentment in knowing that you did as best as you could with the tools you were given to use your summer as much as possible …… the ANTICIPATION of seeing all of your friends again and saying hi to teachers and the hopes of starting off a new school year with a positive attitude …..

june and july are phenomenal but august caters to EVERYONE its the best month

.:Caretaker of the Ruins:.

Telva is a friendly brownie fairy goat. Her Mark is a red rhombus with two orange spheres. She is the second fairy you meet on your journey in the Fairyground. Her magic lies in levitation, and she is also a very neat freak. This means that if you visit her cottage, you might find a variety of cleaning utensils cleaning up the house by themselves! Telva also enjoys flowers and plants, so you’ll see plenty of flora and fauna at her place, even though there is a mysterious dead tree in the middle of the garden.
One of Telva’s aspirations is to become a teacher. She has a soft spot for fledglings (a name for fairy children), and wishes to brighten their minds with knowledge. She is especially knowledgeable in snails and all there is to them. Telva also knows how to wield fire, so her cooking is also phenomenal. She always wears an apron to avoid getting baking batter or other things on her pristine clothing. She seems to bear a heavy resemblance to the Oak King of the Fairyground.
34 Books by Women of Color to Read This Year
Searching for Unicorns in Publishers’ Catalogs
By R.O. Kwon

Samanta, Katie, Lesley, Dina, Kamila, Danzy! 2017 is going to be a PHENOMENAL literary year.

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You asked me to look at your page today and I'm suppose to be working on a presentation for Spanish, but instead I'm reading bits of your soul that you've allowed us to have and I think that's pretty amazing. The fact that you willing let us have a part of you. And I want to thank you for asking me to look at your blog because it is amazing and I think you have a real phenomenal talent here. :) Have a beautiful day Eloquence

Oops - it’s never my intention to distract someone from the school grind, I’m well acquainted with that struggle. 📚🎓

But definitely no need to thank me, it’s absolutely the other way around. We both liked a certain piece of writing and when I have the time, I try to message a handful of people who may have similar interests. It’s a random thing to do but always worth it because I end up meeting kind people like you! The way you frame my writing is beyond sweet, I appreciate you saying so, truly ❤️

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who wants compliments?

@peletiier // yo, i love carol so fucking much. can’t even begin to describe how shook i am by your take on her? 👌👌👌 the aesthetic, the tale, the whole deal? you’re phenomenal, friend.

@dcntopen + @katanawielder // i mean, rick and michonne are basically my parents. i am blown away by their respective portrayals of rick and michonne. the mun are sweet peas, too. give ‘em a follow. 🔫⚔️

under our tree,
under the long abandoned tree house–
our knees on the grass above
his objects we’d buried years before
in the little kid hope that it’d all disappear–
our foreheads touch and
I actually laugh at your unruly curls that
tickle my bare skin and
the rippling sound is absurd,
phenomenally absurd;
you put your strong, ropy arms around
my square shoulders and whisper
“you don’t have to do that anymore.”


please listen to this fantastic mashup!!  the chorus is out of this world! <3