Yesterday was a phenomenal night. Being able to witness my sister’s happiness on her special day was priceless. Love was in the air and a joyous night it was. I’ll never forget it. Once again, congratulations baby girl. @lynnettessilhouettes, I 💕 you. #bridesmaid #proudsis #aslongasyourhappyimhappy #wedding #bahamas #nassau #sister (at Sandals Resort, Nassau, Bahamas)

sesescorner replied to your post:If being as good at animation as that…

Why do you say he’s a shitty person? D: What has he done? I’m a big fan of his works…

I am a fan of his works too. He’s a phenomenally talented animator but he’s also phenomenally shitty for making racist posts (x) (x) about Steven Universe, and back when the creator of Clarence was under fire for sexual harrassment, Hot Diggeddy tweeted this gem (x)

Quite the case of shooting himself in the foot and sticking it in his mouth at the same time

I am not posting this shit because I enjoy putting social commentary on my blog, I came here to just draw and animate and make people happy. But I can’t in good conscience hold my tongue on this matter; this behavior is despicable and I do not condone it, and should I ever in an act of arrogance and ignorance try to pull this shit with any of my followers, I can only beg them to bring it to my attention and remind me to handle it with more grace than him

Lea from CrossCode

Throwing balls at your enemies until they die is always fun, that or ring them to death too!

I really had a lot of fun with this picture. I decided to go more trying to be similar to the original style of the game. Which made me go for more solid coloring and less smooth, that made this much more fun to do having that 16 bit era cutscene look to it.

And well, as for CrossCode, it’s an amazing RPG indie game that’s on the works, so far is spectacular with how phenomenal the game feels even for a small demo, the world and story seem promising, same for the amazing gameplay and beautiful soundtrack! I recommend give it a try and check it out!

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what makes you love mcavoy more than fassbender? ik this sounds like "explain yourself!!!!" but i just love reading people saying sweet things about sweet mr mcavoy

well no actually you dont have to compare them just tell me why you love him

no worries anon, though i do appreciate the lack of demanding haha

basically…hm. aside from finding him aesthetically pleasing to look at and believing him to be a phenomenal actor in all of the roles he’s had, i’m interested in mcavoy as a person. i really enjoy watching/listening/reading to his interviews and hearing his responses to questions both about his movies/roles and his answers to outside questions whenever interviewers slip them in. i find him to be an extremely straightforward person, and he’s unapologetic about it without being a jerk or asshole. he isn’t flaky or condescending, but he knows what he’s talking about and usually puts good thought into his answers and the way he expresses himself. it’s a type of personality that i’ve always been attracted to irl with my own friends and people whose company i enjoy, so it’s not too much of a stretch to imagine mcavoy as someone i’d get along with fairly well haha.

fassbender is equally nice to look at (when he manages to clean himself up haha) and i do enjoy his acting, but i’m just not as interested him as a person beyond the acting, you dig? it doesn’t mean i dislike him, and i’ll sometimes watch/listen/read his interviews too, but i’m just not as…into him? that’s not exactly the term i’m looking for here but you feel me haha.


Treated my mama to an early Mother’s Day lunch today at DC’s Steakhouse and Sports Bar in Eunice, LA. We like this joint, and I’ve shared food porn from here previously. DC’s is nothing fancy for sure, but they serve good, filling, home style grub in a very casual setting. Their gumbo and crawfish étouffée are solid #1’s on my list. Solid. Better than anywhere else in Acadiana according to moi. Today, we shared the étouffée over fried eggplant (SUPERB!), and I had a cup of chicken and sausage gumbo (PHENOMENAL! as always) and a broiled shrimp salad. My mom had the catfish bites (not pictured). It was another solid A+++. If you’re ever in the area, check it out. Order the gumbo or anything crawfish étouffée and you can’t go wrong!

Eight years ago, I was a plucky college student participating in the National Student Exchange program at the University of Washington. My course list was so great! My Intro to Acting class turned out to be life-changing, pulling me entirely out of my shell and teaching me that my time was worth something incredible. (If you’re a student at Chapman University, take a class from Amanda Zarr. She’s on faculty there now and she’s phenomenal.) I took a scenic design class from a professional designer and for the first time in my life saw a name that I knew in a playbill. (Shout out to Matthew Smucker and his phenomenal designs.) I was challenged in my modern dance class and tackled choreography for the first time – to the tune of “Hide and Seek” by Imogen Heap, of course. And I took a Biology of Drugs class that I was able to transfer to my undergrad as an Intro to Biology credit. 

You have to understand that I was very different eight years ago. The first time I rode the bus, I was terrified. Until I talked to an 80-something year old theatre patron who’d arrived at ACT the same way. And had been using the bus every day for as long as she could remember. I was interacting with theatre professionals leagues more experienced and more talented than I. I was introduced to the work of Mary Zimmerman, Stephen Adly Guirgis, John Patrick Shanley, Pina Bausch, and Bill T. Jones. I discovered podcasts while hand-coloring my set model for Metamorphoses. So much of my Seattle experience opened me up and created the foundation for the artist that I am today. And I’m here to say that in August, I’m moving back.

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Do you still have hope for Bellarke to happen in The 100? The show and Jason's staff is giving me such a gay vibe... I really fear the show may be cancelled before Bellarke happens...

To be honest I used to but now idk! The Bellarke fandom is so big and despite the writers protests about not writing for Bellarke, Bob and Eliza have phenomenal chemistry and the foundation built for a romantic relationship between them is incredible, so the decision not to have Bellarke canon would be odd. Not only would it upset the Bellarke fans, but for writers who are ‘only writing what makes sense for the story’, it seems downright impractical that two people who care so much for each other wouldn’t question if that relationship is something more at some point. 

I do think the writers are still super excited about c/exa (as well they should be, LGBTQ representation in media is huge) but with Alycia not being a recurring character next season I don’t think that’s likely to continue for long. That being said, that doesn’t necessarily mean I think they’ll give us Bellarke right away, Jason + the writers have been adamant that the show is not about romance.

I totally get where you’re coming from; the show’s ratings haven’t been great and who knows how many season’s we’re going to get. I am ALL FOR Bellarke slow burn, like the slowest of Bellarke slow burns, but I’m totally where you are; I’m terrified the show will be cancelled before I get Bellarke. That would crush my soul.

So in short: I think in a perfect world where this show gets 5+ seasons yes, ultimately the writers will get there, to me it seems like a natural progression. If the show doesn’t get more than 3 or 4 seasons (especially shortened seasons), much as it breaks my heart to say it, I doubt we’ll see canon romantic Bellarke.

Floyd Mayweather Jr vs Manny Pacquiao

Photos by Esther Lin for Showtime

by Gautham Nagesh

In the end, Mayweather-Pacquiao was destined for the same ending as the other 47 fights of Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s career.

Filipino superstar Manny Pacquiao had his moments, landing a hard left hand in the 4th round and sporadic flashy barrages that kept the crowd engaged. But the result felt inevitable from the moment Mayweather landed his first sharp right hand in the first round. Mayweather looked faster, and sharper than his shorter opponent. Bigger, taller, and faster is usually a pretty good advantage in any sport.

The true genius of Mayweather is how he makes a phenomenal athlete like Pacquiao look ordinary. The fight unfolded like so many Mayweather fights, with the rounds ticking by slowly in his favor, and his opponent increasingly frustrated by Mayweather’s refusal to let himself be hit.

Pacquiao kept trying, and occasionally found success by forcing Mayweather against the ropes with his jab. At times Pacquiao caught Mayweather with his left hand, or with the tail-end of a four or five-punch combination. But more often he found himself on the receiving end of Mayweather’s counter-right hand, or a check hook. Floyd refused to stand and engage, Pacquiao’s chosen style, and stayed mostly in the center of the ring, where he remains the king.

The final scores of 118-110 and 116-112 (twice) were merely academic. Stiff Jab scored it 116-112. To the millions watching the fight, it was obvious that Mayweather was the better man. Despite facing a decidedly hostile crowd under the brightest lights, Mayweather performed like it was just another day at the office. That might be why he cashes the biggest checks in sports history.


This weekend past I worked. 

The school that I teach for took a bunch of music students down to compete in a competition in Mt.Gambier called Generations in Jazz. This is a competition mostly headed-up by legendary horn-player James Morrison and vocal acapella group The Idea of North.

The competition provides an opportunity for schools to compete in jazz choirs and stage band, in varying divisions indexed by skill, as well as see two concerts put on by a few artists; this year along side James and Idea we got to see The Hot Horn Happening (comeback special) and the phenomenal and inspiring Take6 (who also did a vocal workshop which was fantastic). 

The weather was pretty drab, it rained a lot and I got soaked through and consequently have a cold (which is why I am home writing this instead of being at uni), but spirits were high and we got to see some amazing talent from all across the country. 

On the long drive home (5 hours) the clouds put on a gun show and this morning, after waking up feeling absolutely disgusting, I made a really healthy breakfast and a huge cup of coffee to consume while I wrote this blog. 

A great weekend, looking forward to going back next year. 

Breakfast: gluten free weet-bix, sultanas grapes and banana, sunflower and chia seeds, pepitas and flaked almonds, honey and soy milk. 


A fantastic weekend at Mass Poetry 2015! Salem was lovely, and everyone on staff at the festival was helpful and lovely. I saw presentations on everything from Gwendolyn Brooks’s legacy in form to the “state of poetry” today, and especially loved the outstanding headliner event with Rita Dove. particularly want to thank everyone who came out to my panel, “Writing Across Cultures” (where I was lucky enough to present with two phenomenal poets, Tara Skurtu and Patrick Sylvain). Thanks also to kelly-grace, my bestest bestie twin of my heart, and my wonderful boyfriend for sharing the weekend with me.

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Just wanted to let you know that you are really sweet and amazingly nice. Your patience and understanding when you answer people's questions is phenomenal. You've really helped me gain confidence as I work to change my wardrobe. Thank you for your work!

I’m so glad I can help you !! ; o ; 

This is a really lovely message and akes me really happy, so thank you for this~