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Danny’s Ghostly Wail is one of my favourite powers because it’s just so god damn fucking destructive like its only purpose is to fuck shit up and even when using it to protect people he still destroys tons of property and risks hurting civilians

Not to mention the ability itself would mean two very important things to Danny. 1) His Wail would be a constant painful reminder of his alternate future and what he has the potential to become and what he can do with such a destructive power. And 2) it would be a constant reminder that the future isn’t set in stone, and the fact that he has that power at such an early age is a sign that he’s already changed the future phenomenally, making that alternate version of himself far less likely to come to pass

I also like to think that Danny’s throat, lungs and vocal chords in general hold power, the Wail is just one thing he can do with them, but there are other smaller abilities that he hasn’t realised exist yet, subtle abilities. Maybe like the way Ember’s songs have a hypnotic effect on people, Danny’s voice has power all on its own, his words specifically, things he says can take root in someone’s mind and not leave them for weeks. When he needs to lead, people will listen and follow his commands without hesitation, he can hurt and heal and lead and influence people just by speaking to them

When he cries everyone in earshot can feel his pain, when he laughs everyone around him is filled with his joy, any sound he makes can project his emotions onto anyone who hears. His Wail almost works on this particular level of this power, because it’s a pure concentrated cry of frustration, fear, anxiety and determination. Its waves don’t just knock down buildings or leave his enemies with bruises and ringing ears, it leaves them emotionally and mentally unsettled, it shoves such strong emotions into them that even after the battle is over, for weeks afterwards, they’ll still be affected by the lingering emotional damage

(Also doesn’t Danny hit Vlad with a Wail in the episode with the clones?? Imagine the kind of thoughts and feelings Vlad would be experiencing for weeks after that encounter)

Although they have probably been instrumental in keeping his ghost half a secret I mean he’s a terrible liar how has he not been caught out yet? It would make sense if this little ability of his could prevent people from thinking too hard on it, without even realising it Danny could project that weak, useless, wimpy image of himself into their heads just by using a particular tone of voice when he speaks, and then using the same power with the opposite effect as strong, protective, heroic Phantom, anchoring it inside people’s minds that these are two different people

This would be such a fucking incredible power, and it’s so subtle that nobody would even realise he’s using it, not even Danny

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Can ya draw any past or future sam and max being cute together?


extra small extra soft children

aand idk if its cute but i guess that one future timestream version just cause i like em a lot and i meant to draw them ages ago

Protect the Grandpa

Not only does Los Angeles duo Lost Kings deliver a very important message on their smashing new tune, but Phone Down is also a phenomenally resplendent future bass opus, and it features sensational vocals by Emily Warren, too. The mellifluously lulling, opulent thrilling future bass anthem reminds us to live in the moment rather than obsess over the superficial. Lost King’s Phone Down is such an enthralling gem, not an iota of me wants to split my attention with anything else. For a few brief heavenly minutes, our phones do not exist. Phone Down takes us to another plane of existence, one where anything important could “wait until the morning”, or at least, after the ravishing track completes its ensnaring hold on us. Phone Down is out now on iTunes.

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For My Younger Self


for all that is holy

Don’t build walls up around you

People do love you

Just keep loving yourself

As Maya Angelou says,

See yourself as a phenomenal


You’re too sacred on this Earth

To harm your body

From petty diets

Be at peace with yourself.

Everything will fall into place.

Dear "True Believers..."

Spiderman doesn’t have to be Peter Parker.

I posted this before in the comments of another post. But you know what? It deserves its own damn post. Because I’m sick of seeing all this drama over the Marvel cinematic universe.

Read the Spider-Verse.
There are literally thousands upon millions of spider-men from literally all spectrums of reality, countries, and cultures.

The general term, is Spider-Totems. And they’re all amazing.

And if you’re still bitching and moaning? Here. Have a few prime examples of spidey being more than just “peter parker.”

Examples include:

^Paviitr Prabhakar, the Spiderman of Mumbai, India.

^Miguel O’hara, the Spiderman of the year 2099, Mexican-Irish descent.

^Miles Morales, inherited the title after Peter’s death. The Spiderman of the Ultimates universe, black and Latino.

^Takuya Yamashiro, Spiderman of Japan (inspiration for the robots in power rangers.)

^Hobie Brown, black descent, the Anarchic Spiderman, from a world where osborn gained the symbiote, and took over the country. 

Oh but wait it doesn’t stop at just race. Spiderman’s also been a title held by women.


^Gwen Stacy, from a universe where peter died instead, because he’d tried to become like her after she’d gained her powers.

^ Jessica Drew, Spider-woman. Same universe as Pete, even more magnificent with her skills.

^Cindy Moon, Asian descent, goes by the name of Silk. A current companion of Spiderman, and a top-notch super heroine.

^Anya Sofia Corazon, Hispanic descent, Spider-girl. Also known as Araña.

^May “Mayday” Parker, The daughter of Peter and Mary Jane Parker, from an alternate future. A phenomenal character with incredible abilities.

So, I guess what I’m trying to point out here is?

There’s an Infinite realm of possibility with the Role of Spiderman.

Any person of any race, Any gender, any age, could be Spiderman. And It doesn’t just have to be, Peter Parker. And even the comics acknowledge it, For example. Take a look at this page, from Amazing Spiderman #013. Which holds a conversation between Spiderman of India, and Spider-UK.

So to close off this little rant.Here’s the point.

Anyone, can be Spiderman within a story.All it takes is the courage to step away from the monochrome idea, that “Peter Parker, is the one and only Spiderman.”


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The moment it was announced Jared was cast as The Joker, and that it would be the follow-up to his award winning tour-de-force performance as Rayon in Dallas Buyers Club, I had two immediate thoughts: 

1) wb gave bb a very very very very very convincing sales pitch.

2) pleasedeargodohlord do not let this be his Catwoman (Halle Berry’s immediate follow-up to her tour-de-force performance in Monster’s Ball).

Unfortunately for bb, Suicide Squad did become his Catwoman, in more than a few ways. One major way being he, like Halle, has now been nominated for a Razzie for a performance following an academy award winning performance. Sandra Bullock also holds this honor.

The Razzies do not discriminate against Oscar Winners (in fact, most times they taunt them) so while this may outrage some people who truly loved Jared’s Joker, Jared is still in good company. This year alone he is joining fellow Academy Award alumni (Nic Cage, Robert DeNiro, Julia Roberts, Ben Affleck, etc.) - so at the end of the day, what does a nomination like this even mean? It’s actually an opportunity.

We can all agree, the Razzie Awards (like basically all awards) are nothing more than PR opportunities. It’s not about the title - it’s about how you accept it.

Both Halle Berry and Sandra Bullock showed up to accept their Razzie Awards for Worst Actress, the year after they won Best Actress Oscars. Their speeches at the Razzies became iconic - and people adored them for being big enough to take it all in stride and laugh it the fuck off. Because they were last seen on stage accepting Academy Awards, seeing them march up and graciously accept a Razzie made everything that much more lovable and enjoyable.

Jared’s been a Hollywood whipping boy from the get-go of his career, and most of the criticism tends to cut deep and go really personal. “He’s pretentious, he’s too sensitive, he takes himself too seriously.” blah blah blah. He draws a lot of hate for a plethora of insanely unfair reasons and while I feel he has every goddamn right to carry himself however he pleases - and if it’s a problem of interpretation or lost in translation within pop culture, then it’s their problem, not his - it doesn’t quiet the haters. And because he wants to be the black sheep, but he also wants to be one of the popular kids, an issue with his image lingers in the public perception. And it’s exhausting.

My main concern with this nom, honesty truly, is if he does win and doesn’t appear to affably accept it, it’s just going to add fuel to the haters’ flames. His avoidance of it would just support everything they already assume of him.

With this Razzie nomination, if Jared wins, he should really consider accepting it. In person. It would give the shove-off to a lot of his haters. It would prove to everyone that thinks he takes himself too seriously that he really can laugh at himself; that he’s not as pretentious as they believe him to be; and above it all, it would remind everyone that he’s actually an Oscar Winner (along with 40-something other award wins) and that fact can never be taken from him. No matter what kind of performances he gives in the future - and you me & everyone we know *knows* he has a lot of phenomenal performances in his future.

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If you’re reading this (which I totally doubt, but I’d freak out if you did) HAPPY BIRTHDAY DANIEL! Thank you for voicing my favorite animated character/nerd! :D <3

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9-year-old dances to “Hallelujah” - absolutely phenomenal. 

(my future daughter right here)