Told you so. 4 bookmarks completed and ready for printing. Mind you the cutting is gonna be a pain.

Tagging is also a pain… last time.


Yo folks, unfortunately I’ve found myself in a sticky situation, the cut-throat council in my area are trying to screw me over and have given me only a weeks notice to pay some extremely unfair bills. So yep I’m putting the comic on hold for a little while and opening commissions again and pretty much begging at this point for people to either commission me or signal boost as much as they can. All help is appreciated at this point, thanks.


(NOTE: Due to time constraints, I would have to accept payment for any commissions in advance, it’s no help paying me after the whole thing has passed.)

Rough Sketch : $15
Clean Sketch: $20

Clean Lineart: $20 

Gray Cell/Tone Shading: $25
Crosshatch Shading: $25

Flat Colour: $30 Cell Shading: $40
Full Rendering: $50

Additional Characters: 150% of ORIGINAL PRICE
Detailed Background: +$20
Adult Content(Sexual Content): +$20
Traditional+mail delivery: 200% of ORIGINAL PRICE

So I was gonna finish the page but then I was like haven’t slept in like 20+ hours, do I care about schedule or quality more oh yeah that’s right quality so going to sleep and sod the schedule, I’ll catch up probably.

Instead here’s a WIP of the page showing the character lineart and colouring exclusively! To finish this we’d need extra effects on the colouring, painted objects and the heavy detail ‘painted’ background. And then depth of field blurring. And then dialog bubbles and text. And then the logo. And then saved as 5 different files. 

Hawkheir's Broken Cartwheel

So recently things have gone unpleasantly far south for the future of Hawkheir, specifically the printing of said comic.

These past few weeks I’ve been very worried and borderline depressed about the whole thing, even losing a little sleep here and there getting annoyed with the situation I set in motion with such high hopes, all of which have since been dashed.

I promised readers a print version of Hawkheir that would be a grand expansion on the already existent story. I genuinely believe I would be able to deliver with the help of 5 guest artists I wanted working on this project. Unfortunately since that time, all 5 artists have had to pull out of the project for some reason or another, so you can see it’s no exaggeration to say that the project has truly come to a devastating halt. I’m left with two options it looks like; either I print Hawkheir as is, with no additional content, which would be cheapest, quickest and easiest; or I create all the additional content myself.

The latter option seems the fairest and the right one to me, I promised the readers that content and I try to make it a habit to deliver on my promises. But this option also means that the print date will be pushed back indefinitely, I have yet to finish my one shot project and then I will have to draw each new page myself… which could take me up to 10 weeks, and then I could start working on the bonus content which could take who knows how long…

Which all means that my next comic project I was looking forward to so much will not be appearing until next year it looks like. 

I feel more than a little upset to be honest. There’s nobody to be blamed, the fault lies with none this is just how things have turned out and there’s no way to avoid it. I think I really will come to hate Hawkheir before I’m done with it after all, I’m just very tired right now.

I hope the readers and those looking forward to the print will be able to hold on a little longer, I can’t give any dates anymore, it’ll be ready when it’s ready I truly hope.

Until then,