phen mas


A portrait of my grandfather Alex Rodrigue.

When Alex was 9 his father passed away, and he was the oldest of the boys in his family. He helped his mother take care of his brothers and sisters. He worked several different jobs sending money home to his family. He grew up to have 8 children of his own. Alex has always been a hard worker, and a lover of music. He plays Cajun fiddle and Harmonica. When working on his car one day, there was a terrible accident and he lost his thumb. This has made playing the fiddle difficult. Alex has been a hard worker his whole life , and has many stories to tell. I look forward to each time I get to sit with him and learn more from his life.

No man is an island, entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent.

John Donne

I am a firm believer in Teamwork, and the strength in numbers. I have met many great people who are talented beyond the normal scope. They are capable of achieving goals not thought possible for a single individual. Even still, these people are better with a team of unified minds to help push them to their goal. We all depend on one another in some way. Our relationships are very important, and sometimes we forget that. Building a team of people you can trust is an important step to your success. I believe that with my whole heart. I always strive to do my part to be a substantial contribution to any team I am a part of. 


How I Got Started…

When I started College in Louisiana my brother was living in Hawaii. I was studying graphic design and one of the mandatory electives was photography. Well, the Thanksgiving before my photo 101 class, we had a trip planned to visit my brother in Hawaii. I got my first film SLR in preperation for my photo class. I decided I would use my time in Hawaii to get familiar with the camera. I totally had not any clue what was involved. Well luckily on my trip not all the photos I took were completely under or over exposed. Here are some of my first photos.

Beyond Fashion Week : Website Update

I know everyone is posting a lot of Fashion week things, which is great! I just wanted to take time to share something different, that is personal to me. I just updated my website with the help of a constructive eye. I rearranged my beauty and celebrity sections. I removed some of my weaker images and retouched the images that needed a bit of refining. Take some time and enjoy the new flow, I think you will like the feel of the new beauty section. 


 Phen Mas

Updating some photographs, and I saw this editorial I did last spring. I really enjoyed this day, it was a lot of fun. I had a wonderful shoot with a great team. It was really a dream team. I had models Sean Robinson and Mike Rose on set. Leibi Carias was doing make up, and she rocked it as always. Sienree was doing male grooming, phenomenal as per usual. Cat Wright was our wardrobe expert on set. She picked the right look for the shoot, and made sure each shot was perfect. While I was lucky in shooting with the team of my choice, what I couldn’t choose was the weather. The day we were suppose to be shooting spring wear … it was still winter in California. The models did a great job in toughing it out and we made sure to move quickly. We had extra jackets for everyone, and made sure to stay as warm as possible. At the end of the shoot we all had a great time, but were glad to be going back inside to some warm air. The shoot resulted into a publication in INK magazine and a few follow up publications. It was a great day, with a few speed bumps.