Why Oliver Phelps is the most beautiful man on Earth.

First, who is Oliver Phelps?

He is best know for playing George Weasley on Harry Potter.

He likes sports, such as golf,

and soccer.

He looks good when he smiles,

but he looks better when he laughs.

I mean, he even looks cute when he is confused,

when he is being dumb,

when someone pays him a creepy compliment

even when he is sad.

But just look at that smile again!

And to top it all, he’s got a twin brother, who is just as beautiful and amazing, right James?

And that’s it for now, goodbye boys♥

PS. He also has such beautiful, big, strong hands. (And obviously so does James.)

I suffer from O.P.D. (Obessive. Phelps. Disorder.)

If you suffer from O.P.D. you may suffer from one to all of the following symptoms depending on how diagnosed you are with O.P.D.

  • Can determine who is James and who is Oliver.

  • Constantly finding yourself on the “James Phelps” and/or “Oliver Phelps” tag on tumblr and getting excited when new content shows up.

  • Reblogging/liking nearly every post that includes Oliver and James.

  • Consistent day dreams and fantasies about one or both twins.

  • Extreme jealousy when seeing a picture of one or both twins with someone else who isn’t you, male and female alike.

  • Sincere hope that one day you will marry either James or Oliver. Or meet them, at the very least.

  • Admiring everything about them, but especially loving their hands.

  • Up to date with their Sparkle v-log.

  • Unhuman noises when you see a picture of them.

  • Breathing ceasing at the mere sight of their smile/laugh.

  • Spending practically your whole summer saving countless photos/gifs of them.

I am guilty of all of the symptoms listed above.

But I’m damn proud of it. Aren’t I, James?

If someone were to ask a room if anyone suffered from Obsessive Phelps Disorder, I would proudly be all,

So here is a gif spam of James and Oliver C:

And although some of you may be thinking,

I just got to say…

So, people my age are off at parties, dancing, and staying out really late-

And I’m here staying up all night on tumblr, herpin’ my derp, and obsessing over two drop-dead gorgeous men with lovely hands and writing/reading fremione fan fiction~

And I can say quite honestly…

And other people my age when hearing that would just be like,

And I’m just like,


I'm almost 100% sure that I would sell my soul to be James and Oliver's golf club.

Just like how I would give up the internet to be their chair prop.

Or or or, even better… give up EVERYTHING to be their clothes.

I can just imagine…Their hands gripping me tightly. And them straddling me like the way James is doing to that chair. AND HOW THEIR CLOTHES EMBRACE THEIR BODY. IT WOULD BE LIKE GIVING THEM AN AWKWARDLY LONG HUG EXCEPT IT WOULDN’T BE AWKWARD SINCE I WOULD BE CLOTHING THEM.

ASKDFHEIHFO, I need help :C

Well, dear anon. Look at this picture:

This beautiful man is James Andrew Eric Phelps.

Now look at this picture:

This equally beautiful man is Oliver Martyn John Phelps.

They, like most people have the appendage of digits, or hand.

Most people, like myself. Have average looking hands. But the Phelps’ twins.. they have #phelpshands .

#phelpshands - the state of having extremely lovely hands.

These hands make girls swoon, and guys jealous. These hands have been tweeted about over 100+ times. They are on their way to becoming a trending topic on twitter.

These hands are large, ‘piano hands.’ All five tendons are visible. Veins can also be seen. Those with #phelpshands also tend to have attractive arms.

Many girls of the female descent have suffered quote ‘bursted ovaries’ ‘lady boners’ and ‘hhnnnngggg’ This makes them extremely sexually frustrated.

Although the owners of the #phelpshands do not know about their fan base, we all hope they find out someday.


If I could have any job in the world right now,

I’d want to be Oliver and James Phelps’ personal manicurist. That way, they wouldn’t think I’m weird if I held and caressed and treated their hands with some tender love and care because they’d think I’m just doing what I’m assigned to do and doing a damn good job at it.

I can only think of the pro’s that I could get by having this job:

  • I’d get to see Oliver and James on a regular basis.
  • I’d get to hold their hands.
  • I’d get paid for holding their hands.
  • I’d get to have a casual conversation with Oliver and James.
  • I’d get to massage their hands.
  • I’d get paid for massaging their hands.
  • I’d get to bask in the ambiance of their gorgeousness.
  • I’d get to go to their flat and spend quality hand time with both of them.
  • Hell, I’d do the job for free if it meant I got to hold their hands.
  • Did
  • I
  • Mention
  • I'd 
  • Get 
  • To
  • Hold
  • Their
  • Hands?

Can I just go to them and be like,

“I’m the personal manicurist your parents hired.”

And when they’re all, 

I’d ask, “Who wants to go first?”

And then I’d get a reaction like,

And on the outside, I’d be like:

“Alright, alright, if you insist, Oliver.”

But on the inside, I’d be all: