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So I was watching a documentary on the Westboro Baptist Church last night, eating my Cup Noodles and just shaking my head in disgust the whole time. However, I had quite a number of questions for this “church”:

1. Why do you make your stance on anti-homosexuality your priority?

Surely, as a supposed ‘church’, you’d have other things on your agenda than to bash on same-sex couples, marriages, and even our troops.

2. Why do you shame our troops so much?

I mean, really? I don’t see any of your cult overseas to fight for our country. Instead of picketing outside funerals of fallen troops, do something else, like, not exist.

3. If you hate the United States so much, why don’t you move out of the country?

I’ve never seen more of a hypocritical family/cult in my life. They bash America, walk on the flag, disrespect the soldiers–it’s like, move out of the fucking country if you hate it here so much. Rather, they’d like to stay here because of their first amendment, which our troops and our government are fighting hard to protect. So stupid.

Now, some statements/opinions I have made during the documentary:

  • Your “patriarch” is an absolute piece of shit. No self-respecting minister/priest/whatever would cuss during a sermon.
  • Your kids should be put up for adoption; they shouldn’t be saying “I HATE FAGS” at 6.
  • You have no real understanding of the Bible; Jesus was Jewish. DUH.
  • Understand that your shaming of others will land YOU in hell.
  • Any middle-finger, heckling, or even physical contact you receive during your picketing, you DESERVE IT.
  • You spend over $200,000/year on any form of transportation for you to picket (they flew from Topeka to Chicago to picket for 45 minutes, SO DUMB), when that money could’ve been spent on something more worthwhile

The documentary was called The Most Hated Family in America, if you’re interested in watching it.

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Just watched the most crazy controversial documentary ever. Extremely interesting but forewarning its very judgmental, explicit and far from I believe to be biblical truth. It definitely worth the hours, trust me. Its frustrating to watch as there are so many verses you just want to ask these people about. The documentary guy is doing his best, but wish he was a bit more prepared to really get some good questions in. But all and all very interesting and shocking. Sad and heartbreaking. I found myself praying for this dear family and innocent children as I watched.


Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do. (Luke 23:34)