I couldn’t help but smile and laugh the whole time I watched this video! She’s so funny and has such a great sense of humor! I love her so much and I bet everyone who has met her has been touched by her! I can’t wait to meet you! 


i just found this. how does lindsey not know about this?


It’s Lindsey Time! 

As a preview to the start of my LindseyTime video series starting tomorrow, I’d thought I’d give an introduction to Lindsey Stirling’s alternate ego, Phelba, who’s almost as beautiful as Lindsey ;). This video is of Phelba spreading the news of Lindsey’s shows in Europe! Wouldn’t it be awesome if she did a show and ran around a city where I’m in and I ran into her and we chatted it up? I would be so happy! Every second with her, would be a second in heaven.

P.S. Tomorrow night I get to see Plain White T’s and Parachute. Not only is this awesome, but it means that if the school can afford to bring these two popular bands to St. Ambrose, then we can bring Lindsey Stirling too! I’ve been on Campus Activities Board’s back like crazy! I might even join them so I can really spread the Lindsey love!