[punches a hole in the wall] enjolras being horrible at casual affection, enjolras not understanding how limbs work in such close proximity with each other, enjolras ardently adoring every fiber of grantaire but being angrily incapable of expressing it, awkwardjolras, grantaire just stands by with little lovehearts coming out of him and sighing because enjolras


THAT’S ALL OF THEM! i did it, i drew every single starter………..’s unevolved form yay me. sorry for uploading this same thing three times in two days but i am just very excited about having done a lineless experiment i’m actually pleased with uvu

you can get these on stickers!
or on other stuff!


we are we are we are we are HEY FUTURE FISH wake wake wake wake UP

one of my favourite EDs in recent memory! i already have too much free! merch but i really wanted to draw a tribute blrhggh

a3 print for SMASH 2014!!


this is a story of how i talked myself into shipping nagisa/sousuke, because they’re my two faves and also the two characters most poorly-treated by the show

it was a joke at first but i think i’m really in here guys… i may need help….. or more nagisou

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