Little black girl at the charter school: Miss, your hair looks so pretty. Are you natural?

Me: *smiles* Thank you and I am natural. Your hair is beautiful and so are you.

Little girl: *cheesy smile* Thank you! I’m natural too, my momma lets me wear my hair down on the weekends! (She had pretty plaits with barrettes in her head)

Loving that our babies love their hair! Change is happening…

13/100: Still reading

~26 June 2017~

I did not finish any books today but I am still reading. I am getting a little frustrated by my own lack of progress. My mind just does not want to focus and I do not know why. Still, I am determined to make progress even if it kills me. So, I can happily report that I did make progress reading even though I am still frustrated that I did not finish my book.

Dragging myself forward even if my brain does not want to cooperate….

Also, I just want to say I love all my followers :) You guys are the best! 14 strong and growing!