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Hotter Than Frackin’ Hell, Baby!

Some recent HL fic faves

Fics I’ve enjoyed this year, even though its only August, because why not? I’ve just gone for those with <500 kudos to spread some fics that maybe you won’t have read yet! I’ve linked Tumblr’s where I can!

You’re A Universe by Jiksa | Tumblr

Quite heavy, angst-fest but happy ending.

Ever Fixed by Anonymous

Very heavy, proceed with caution and read the tags but would HIGHLY recommend

Eyes Turned Skyward by elizamackenzie

Cutest little fic EVER, i didn’t know i needed Italian!Louis until now.

enter exit (enter) by louisandthealien | Tumblr

1980′s heartbreak with a happy ending.

High and Dry by whathappenedinwellington

Giggle fest (featuring a sex toy stuck in a bum!)

Maybe, Baby by thoughtsickles | Tumblr

Small town Mpreg fluff

Take Me To A Dream by dinosaursmate | Tumblr

Supermarket workers falling in love! A must read!

On the Go by phdmama | Tumblr

SUCH a giggle!

Jungkook walking into the living room: Hyung! I have a PHD!

Namjoon: Really? I knew you could do it

Seokjin, wiping a tear away: I knew you could do it, i’m so proud of you. I knew from the day i held you in my arms that you’d graduate. You’re my everything. What did you get a PHD in, genius baby bunny?

Jungkook: I got a Pretty Huge Dick!

(Jungkook runs out of the room)

Seokjin in a monotone voice: He’s dead to me

I cannot stand people who are out here calling me and girls who sugar date a victim like honey if anything you’re the victim to society by following the rules of life they gave you to keep you in poverty. I will defend sugar dating forever because it’s changed my life for the positive. That fake social justice morality bullshit Is so corny like stay in your lane. Don’t speak about sugaring if you have no idea what it’s like and have 0 experience with it. Just cause you read a blog somewhere about it last June doesn’t mean you have a PHD in sugar baby theory.

Summary: Years ago Ezra could have only dreamed he’d one day have a daughter with Sabine, but now it was a reality 

“She’s amazing.” Ezra’s tone was one of awe as he gazed down at the small baby cradled in his arms, at the moment her eyes were squeezed shut in slumber, but he knew without a doubt that they would be the same beautiful brown as her mother’s when they opened.  It was funny, six years ago, the idea of him and Sabine having a daughter together would have seemed like nothing more than a dream, and yet here they were.

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i literally want new things im DONE i wanna move to a different fuckin country and be five years older and have my phd and get a baby and like be skinny as fuck or something


Fit At Forty

There’s Nothing Like A Random Hot Daddy Keeping Fit.

Woof, Baby!