Summary: In which Phil works too hard and Dan is the calming factor.

Genre: fluff

Word Count: 1.7k

A/N: this if one of the aforementioned fifteen billion fics that have been sat half finished for months now, so I decided to finish it. My perfectionist side isn’t happy, but oh well.

Triggers: I don’t think so (Please tell me if there are)

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When I have to explain a witty reference to Raiders of the Lost Ark to my students because no one has ever seen it

I’ve decided from here on out, I’m giving my students a popculture survey on the first day of class so I can learn what their fandoms are. I mean, even Harry Potter references are starting to get lost upon these kids. 

My first day of my umpty-bazillionth year of grad school. It was a comedy of errors, really: I dislocated my finger on the bathroom cabinet really badly yesterday, I got stuck in traffic trying to get to school, the disability office forgot about 2/3rds of my paperwork, etc. But! I made it through, even managed to teach today. It’s all going to be okay. And my freshly dyed hair looks amazing. #fashionablyacademic #gradschoolproblems #firstdayofschool #selfie #jewishgirl #jewish #latina #haircolour #moi #phd #spoonie #edszebra #ehlersdanlos #ehlersdanlossydrome #chronicillnessprincess #chronicpain