incredible…im getting sorority girl gatekeepers on the Post about overhearing the beta omega thing and saying that i made it up for notes…and ok from a sorority girl to another…like!! i know these people aren’t PHC or IFC!! they’re probably local or multicultural or service who knows!!! i don’t know what they are talking about but thats what i heard!! my god!!! go drink some starbucks and moisturize!!! 

anonymous asked:

Taboos other than age could be weight, career, and upbringing. Maybe she's overweight. That would definitely be a huge shock to a lot of people and would definitely be out of the norm for him. I did read on another prediction site something about her being curvy. Or maybe she doesn't have a well paying job, or didn't grow up in a house with tons of money. 1/2

Maybe one of her parents was a single parent and had to live off of paycheck to paycheck. You have to remember what would be taboo for the royal family.. not just us regular people. 2/2 

i remember a while ago on phc that an anon mentionned what if FD was overweight or curvier than his past girlfriends and people went nuts like that’s not his type stop trying to project yourself onto FD he’ll never date someone like that, people are vicious about the things you listed

Thor Reading List

Here is another Marvel reading list, this time focusing on everyones favourite Asgardian. Please make sure you check out the rest of my reading lists here, and remember to visit my page and follow me to subscribe to future content.

Thor is a character that has been through several notable writers hands in a relatively short period of time, this reading lists breaks it down by creator and covers the major Marvel happenings that factor into the story.

As usual, here’s the key:

Bold text: Main Series
Normal text: Supplemental
Italics: Notes


Thor: Ages of Thunder - Matt Fraction & Various
This is a series of one-shots set during the early days of Thor’s life in Asgard, but it’s also possibly the best thing Fraction has done with the character.

Avengers Disassembled: Thor - Michael Oeming & Andrew Divito
Ragnarok story that ends with the apparant death of all Asguardians

Estabishes status quo that Thor awakens in

J. Michael Straczynski’s Run

Thor: Volume 1 - Joe Straczynski & Olivier Coipel
Thor: Volume 2 - Joe Straczynski & Olivier Coipel
Thor: Volume 3 - Joe Straczynski & Olivier Coipel

JMS wrote some of the best Thor stories ever during his short tenure on the book, re-establishing the character, his supporting cast, and Asgard in a new setting of Oklahoma.

Kieran Gillen’s Run

Thor: Latverian Prometheus - Kieron Gillen & Billy Tan
Gillen took over the book as it approached the Siege event. This volumes nicely ties up a lot of the loose ends JMS left.

Siege: Thor - Kieren Gillen & Various
I would consider this event essential as it is set on Asgard and heavily involves Thor. The tie-in issues mainly focus on the supporting cast.

Thor: Siege Aftermath - Kieron Gillen & Various
One of the less essential books, but tells a decent story and has some ties to Gillen’s work on Journey into Mystery.

Matt Fraction’s Run

Thor: The World Eaters - Matt Fraction & Pasqual Ferry
Fraction’s first volume is under the old branding, but is still important to the story he’s telling as it re-establishes Odin, who plays a big role moving forward.

Mighty Thor V1: The Galactus Seed - Matt Fraction & Olivier Coipel


Journey into Mystery V1: Fear Itself - Kieron Gillen & Doug Braithwaite
Journey into Mystery V2: Fear Itself Fallout - Kieron Gillen & Various

From this point on Journey into Mystery runs parallel to Mighty Thor. Gillen returns to the franchise to focus on Loki.

Mighty Thor: Volume 2 - Matt Fraction & Pasqual Ferry
Mighty Thor: Volume 3 - Matt Fraction & Various

Journey into Mystery V3: The Terrorism Myth - Kieron Gillen & Various
Journey into Mystery V4: The Manchester Gods - Kieron Gillen & Various

Mighty Thor/Journey into Mystery: Everything Burns - Fraction/Gillen
This crossover is the grand finale that concludes both series.

Jason Aaron’s Run

Thor: God of Thunder V1: The God Butcher  - Jason Aaron & Esad Ribic
Thor: God of Thunder V2: Godbomb - Jason Aaron & Esad Ribic
The first two volumes of Aaron’s run tell one big story. It is available in separate PHC’s, TPB’s, or an oversized hardcover.

Thor: God of Thunder V3: The Accursed - Jason Aaron & Nic Klein
Thor: God of Thunder V4: Last Days of Asgard - Aaron & Ribic
The second two volumes are available in PHC, TPB, and an upcoming OHC.

ORIGINAL SIN - Jason Aaron & Mike Deodato
Thor isn’t too heavily involved in this story, but it’s written by Aaron and the ending is very significant for the character so it is recommended. 
Original Sin: Thor & Loki: The Tenth Realm - Aaron/Ewing & Bianchi

This mini is co-written by Aaron, and it establishes Angela as Thor and Loki’s secret sibling, and her home-world of Heven as the tenth realm of Asgard.

Thor V1: Goddess of Thunder - Jason Aaron & Russell Dauterman
Thor V2: Who Holds the Hammer - Jason Aaron & Russell Dauterman

Picking up where Original Sin left off, this series focuses on a new Thor.

SECRET WARS - Jonathan Hickman & Esad Ribic
Secret Wars Battleworld: Thors - Jason Aaron & Chris Sprouse
Aaron’s Thor story continues during Secret Wars with this mini-series.

It’s unclear what the landscape will look like post-Secret Wars, but Aaron is expected to still be writing Thor. He has said in interviews that he plans to tell a long enough story to fill three omnibus’. This reading list will be kept updated as these things become clearer.

Thanks for reading, if you found this useful please check out the rest of my reading lists and feel free to send me any questions you might have.