phaya naga

The Phaya Naga is a serpent-like creature that is believed to live in the Mekong river. This Naga is reportedly the guardian of Laos, especially of the capitol, Vientiane. It is likely that sightings of these Nagas are misidentified Oar Fish, a species of gigantic deep water fish with long crests that can grow up to 50 feet in length. Many people of Laos and Thailand believe that these Nagas are the cause of the phenomenon known as the “naga fireballs”.

Day 6 - Mythical creature

Only a lousy sketch today, so sorry ;w; Phaya Naga (พญานาค) is a serpent-like creature believed to live in the Mekong River. I thought about mythical creatures and thought that I should draw some creatures from Thailand, since I am half thai and all that. Someday I will drawe something proper with these wonderful mythologies from home

Soul - Phaya Naga
Fel essence - Fertilizing Salt

Tanned skin + light hair = hells yes! His color scheme is actually 100% based on salt, gourmet salt to be exact. The white and grey are normal and grey salt naturally, the brown is wood smoked salt, and the red is Hawaiian Alaea salt!

The rune in the ribbon is actually… the shape of a salt shaker. *shot*

While planning to do the Asian Raevan pair (the other being Tatiana, based on Hindu culture) I wanted to do something more exotic than the regular Asian picks. (Japanese, Chinese) So I chose Thai for the boy, and I wanted to do a strong fighter type. He’s partly inspired by Muay Thai.