yeah so what I made this in ten seconds in Photoshop so what I used emojis deal with it

I wasn’t gonna do one of these since I prefer to make nice posts on the computer but I didn’t have access to one and I rly wanted to make one so yeAH

ok just a heads up these aren’t in alphabetical order so hunt 4 your URL. first up is people I think are really cool and/or who interact with me the most and ily

bathroomdave, astro-butts, finding-my-family, goddessof-urculture, bishounnen, hobbitmuffin, lzayan, noctash, emorainbowcloud, the-ragnarok, heroyetgentleman, pastelmarceline, shit-kun, actualikari, exyi, missfiirelight, katvonsat, karasunogf, floorpotato, count-your-blessings-not-faults, comic-reader-13, littlerabbitpaw, gebbeh, spyair

OKAY YEAH SO YEAH NExt are the ones who are loyal mutuals and also people who I think are rly cool and am to afraid to talk to! So if u see your URL and we don’t talk much just know I think you’re rad.

sachikoneverafter, attack-on-dangan-ronpa, janeysprite, seragaki-aoba-senpai, light-traffic, a5hikiba, neptits, kaneki-kun, ghoul-core, manager-yachi, vitious, detectivearryson, m-u-s-h-r-o-o-m—k-i-n-g-d-o-m, babbynix, summerlycoris, taikwondoofus, rusalnaya, tryingforpride, theoryness, yousadlittlechild, meteorictraceur, deathweaponalchemy, xingkari, tsukishxma, sailoruzamaki, jurisama, tokyo-ghoulio, peter-phawn, noctis-l-caelum, merlinxarthur394, youforgotthekey, astrotxt, flowerreject, big-ass-christmas-trees, whrilybird, call-me-alliecat, mamabraun, ymir-reiss, stassy-ness, koush1, hereyagomo, eteal, undercut-squad, fangirlingdragon, soumako-trash

UM SO YE I don’t talk to some of you very much, but you all have made this shitty year something to celebrate. Much love and a happy new year!

To kick of 2016, I decided to do a follow forever for this year! This is mostly all of my amazing mutuals who are super duper rad, and most of you on this list have been here for a long time! Happy New Year guys.


@actualikari, @ariaforthesoul, @bearhack, @butttouchersunited, @celestial-inferno, @certified-determination, @comic-reader-13, @craictropical, @creepyandsleepy, @cutieyama, @dadmom, @dealwiththerandom, @detectivepeachi, @dil-is-a-penguin, @dontbadgermatt, @emorainbowcloud, @exyi


@floorpotato, @gayfucc, @gebbeh, @geroamingerome, @goddessof-urculture, @heroesoflightandshadow, @heroyetgentleman, @hiiragisniper, @ihatepetewentz, @impishaerialist, @jardonsrose, @jetstream-josephor, @jjiversen, @jojosbaratiddies, @jurisama


@kaitlez, @kaminari-denkis, @karasunogf, @kennal13, @killua-zoomyck, @kumoships, @kyloh, @littleattorney, @littlerabbitpaw, @lizmapes, @maniizu, @marshmallowgiraffe, @marthanite-goddess, @mellow-jacket, @merlinxarthur394, @moistevil, @monadonut, @mot-kikoku, @mysterymadness, @naughtymortician, @neutralpuffins, @noblx-atonxmext, @officialenjolras, @officialshitsalad, @onod-punpun 


@peter-phawn, @pharrahmaybe, @plebiancasualty, @polterqeist, @ren-mharti, @she-wolf-121, @shymemes, @shynerdie, @snudder-mado, @something-cleverly-clever, @summerlycoris, @sweetlysexy, @taroroll, @terminallyscribbling, @the–girl–who–has–everything, @theoryness, @trans-stiles, @tuckerbonxr, @turntcoat, @twistedxgrace


@universequartz, @unluckyduckies, @vitious, @whrilybird, @windyinferno, @wingedfantasy, @witchywaffle, @woshua, @yousadlittlechild

I wasn’t going to do this originally, but I gave in. I just really want to thank everyone for making this blogging thing so much fun. It’s been really great making so many new friends. If I didn’t include you, it doesn’t mean I don’t love you. Love you all ❤❤❤

(Mutuals are bolded)


the lil shit

| bilbabe |

RL friends

| acerbictomes | angelasweightblusocket | esacosailegal | kylekeichandabagofpotatochips | lilaccatastrophelittlemousejelly | monsieurerwinmx-lee | ritaleavinghomerock-out-with-your-spock-outseanthehuman | srowder | somethingothersomethinglovelytinyjuiceboxes | zeldacollections |

Cute and wonderful people I look up to


| acebertholdt | actualdangoanairidh | aoboobiez | aphcubasarminarlert | arminarlerted | armin-arlert-actually | armin-daffodil-arlert | arminpngarmxnarlert | attackonhoenn | attackonwesteros | atrooquiney | auruobossrad |


| basedshinji-kunbevsi | blondejeanbodtsquads | brontophobic | celestially-awkweird | coldatoleczerwik | definitelynotsaradotpixis | dyingarmin | empresseren | erensbirthdaysex | erernin | erensarlert |


| falloutboyonboy | falloutgirlongirlfernletsfozzet | freckledcorpse | gayboyjeangayfarmer | genderfluidrapunzel | halfoffmarcohanji-zoehellabodt jeankirstchein | jean-kirschtein | kaid-the-kittenkique7kunaike | meekasaackerman | moblithanjimoburito


oeilvert | ooh-aah-butt | queerarminarlert | rawr-said-the-trex | reiner–braun | leftovermarcoleonhardt-relatable | meijimienatt-o | peter-phawn | picturesofarmincryingpiehaterprincesshistoriareiss |


| sashas-blouses | sqongebob | that-horse-face | thatlocochick | tooast | teenage-mutant-ninja-tittiestrainergreen | trashbaby-prince | vaimoinen | wolsi | ymirsbianyumikuridoodlesyumikuries | yumikuris | yumikurisexual | yumikuriy