Can't Do Nothing For you Man
Public Enemy
Can't Do Nothing For you Man

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I’ve realized that style influences can be something else sometimes.  I was thinking about the overall evolution of evolution of style influences.  Me I started with what I saw everyday.  My influences were the OG’s at my church and my grandfather.  You then move on to different sets like the Rat Pack, and other movie stars.  The problem is you soon realize that most of the guys who you see on tv cannot dress.  It’s less about can’t and more about wont take the time to learn how to do it well.  They pay people to look the way to do. They don’t pay for clothes, so the value in a proper wardrobe drops.  You move on.  Yes!! I can afford a subscription to both GQ and Esquire.  You purchase a Details from time to time if they actually have something good to say. Now if you are a baller shot caller, you subscribe to The Rake.  Congratulations you’re paid and you have a nice sense of the basics in mens style.  

The problem starts when these damn magazines raise more questions than answers.  Oh word? Their is a forum dedicated to the constant evolution of mens style?  I’m on it!  WIWT becomes a code word that these dudes speak.  Influences change almost instantly to names like Adabrka, Phat Guido and Ethan.  These guys have their own blog you say?  I’m on it!  Tumblr!! What’s popping?  Style ideas being fed to you by the second.  Yeah, it’s pretty nice here when it comes to that.  I thought it was cool that the individuals I have mentioned were able to influence individuals personal, professional, and formal wardrobe.  Shout out to those guys.  A big shout out to flavor flav, for not only being influential in Hip Hop, but also still being able to influence peoples style. I saw this guy this morning leaving my grocery store.  I hope you understand the pic now.