phases of sleep

anonymous asked:

you said autistic people have a variety of sleep problems. what are the ones you know of?

Autistics are made of sleep problems, I’ve determined.


Cog’s humor aside, it’s really hard to say exactly because there are not many studies done specifically on autistics and sleep, and more importantly on autistic and specific sleep disorders. There is Science! that shows sleep issues in general are a thing, that insomnia in general is a thing, and that specifically Sleep Phase Shift Disorder is a thing, but I’ve not run across any specifics beyond that.

Or, as Cogs said, “autistics are made of sleep problems,” but since knowing what sleep problems doesn’t cure autism, no one funds the studies to know what exactly or why.

- Sam

2D, An Evolution

Phase 1: tol boi, brows on fleek, a sweet lovely, deserved better, dodgems king in the making, aesthetically angry

Phase 2: smooth n sexy rockstar, risen to fame, rocks n rolls w/ so much soul, winning the hearts of millions, edgy, fan favorite, beauty is impossible to capture

Phase 3: sad boi, afraid of many things, allergic to murdoc and whales, protect him, mysteriously has front teeth sometimes, distressed and questionably dressed, deserves a break, only friend is an iPad

Phase 4: h o o t y h o o