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Italian Expressions with “Fiore”
  • essere in fiore - to be abloom; to go through a period of prosperity or the most eccentric phase of a development
  • essere tutto rose e fiori - to be all sunshine and roses
  • la città del Fiore - Florence [the symbol of Florence is an iris and its Latin name is Florentia]
  • essere un fiore - to excel in beauty, virtue or quality
  • essere il fiore all’occhiello - to be somebody’s flagship or feather in one’s cap, to be someone’s reason of being proud
  • il fiore della vita - in one’s prime
  • il fiore degli anni - the flush of youth
  • a fior di conio - [said of coins] to be in a pristine state
  • a fior d’acqua - above the surface of the water
  • a fior di pelle - above the surface of one’s skin
  • a fior di labbra - barely visible on somebody’s lips, imperceptible on somebody’s lips
  • il fior fiore - the best part of something
  • il fiore della verginità - virginity
  • il fiore verginale - [same as above]
  • il primo fiore - incipient beard of young men
  • il fiore in fronte - irregular spots made of white hair on a horse’s forehead

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Let me introduce you to three of my friends: hallucigenia, opabinia, and wiwaxia. They’re all from the Cambrian explosion, the period of time around 500 million years ago when life was just starting and was still trying to figure out questions like “how should a mouth work?” and “legs?”

Hallucigenia was about an inch long (most life back then was tiny, they were only a few eras removed from being single celled after all) and it had sixteen clawed legs, hard spines coming out of its back, and a wicked tentacle neckbeard. 

Opabinia was between two to three inches long and it had thirty fins along the side of its body, along with five mushroom shaped eyes on top of its head. By far though, its most interesting feature was its strange proboscis. Like a Dr. Moreau style mashup of an elephant and a lobster, the long nose terminated in a large claw that it used to grab prey and bring it to its backward facing mouth.

Finally, this is wiwaxia. This danger-artichoke was a two inch long armored slug-like creature with no head. In fact, its actual body was largely just its one massive foot. 

I find these animals interesting for three main reasons. First, it’s incredibly fascinating to see all of the potential paths that life on earth could have taken. Imagine an ocean filled with elephant lobsters! Second, whenever I feel like my life is going nowhere and all my choices are the wrong ones, I like to think that I’m in in my phase where I’m still developing hallucigenias and wiwaxias, and not yet making awesome things like butterflies or velociraptors. Finally - it serves as a stark reminder that if we ever find alien life, there is a fantastic chance it will look like nothing we’ve ever seen before - it might look more like one of these creatures than a human being. 

What Falling In Love Does To Your Heart and Brain

Getting struck by Cupid’s arrow may very well take your breath away and make your heart go pitter-patter this Valentine’s Day, reports sexual wellness specialists at Loyola University Health System.

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“Falling in love causes our body to release a flood of feel-good chemicals that trigger specific physical reactions,”

said Pat Mumby, PhD, Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Neurosciences, Loyola University Chicago Stritch School of Medicine (SSOM). 

“This internal elixir of love is responsible for making our cheeks flush, our palms sweat and our hearts race.”

Levels of these substances, which include dopamine, adrenaline and norepinephrine, increase when two people fall in love. Dopamine creates feelings of euphoria while adrenaline and norepinephrine are responsible for the pitter-patter of the heart, restlessness and overall preoccupation that go along with experiencing love.

MRI scans indicate that love lights up the pleasure center of the brain. When we fall in love, blood flow increases in this area, which is the same part of the brain implicated in obsessive-compulsive behaviors.

“Love lowers serotonin levels, which is common in people with obsessive-compulsive disorders," 

said Mary Lynn, DO, Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology, SSOM. 

"This may explain why we concentrate on little other than our partner during the early stages of a relationship.”

Doctors caution that these physical responses to love may work to our disadvantage.

“The phrase ‘love is blind’ is a valid notion because we tend to idealize our partner and see only things that we want to see in the early stages of the relationship,” Dr. Mumby said. “Outsiders may have a much more objective and rational perspective on the partnership than the two people involved do.”

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There are three phases of love, which include lust, attraction and attachment. 

Lust is a hormone-driven phase where we experience desire. Blood flow to the pleasure center of the brain happens during the attraction phase, when we feel an overwhelming fixation with our partner. 

This behavior fades during the attachment phase, when the body develops a tolerance to the pleasure stimulants. Endorphins and hormones vasopressin and oxytocin also flood the body at this point creating an overall sense of well-being and security that is conducive to a lasting relationship.

my weirdest childhood phase was my phase when i developed personalities for every volcano across the globe and created complex stories for them
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I can’t help but think that Tony, in his younger years, went through a phase where he developed a British accent. All the time he spent with Peggy and Jarvis, he just sort of took on and didn’t even realize that his accent had changed. It happens as well because I find that if I stay around or watch someone with an accent different to mine, I begin to take it on little by little. 

Can you just imagine little Tony with a British accent and Peggy and Jarvis stare at him, surprised while Ana goes, ‘I knew this would happen.’ 

Then as he grows up and moves away, he slowly loses it until it’s back to the way it was before. But there are still some words that he says where the accent is still there but no one comments on it as they assume he just stayed aboard for a few years. 

I think folks who describe our present state of affairs as “late capitalism” are being awfully optimistic. How do we know that what we’re looking at is one of capitalism’s later phases of development? For all we know, this is only the early stage of something unimaginably more horrible.

What Moon PHASE have you Progressed into? What does it Mean for You?

We go thru phases as we develop who we are (quite literally).

First I shall teach you how to determine which Secondary Progressed phase you are in right now, then I interpret each phase! Find the setting on or where you can pull up your Secondary Progressed Chart, OR you can calculate it by adding how old you are as days to your birthday. For example, if you are 25 years old, and you were born on June 1st, 1991, then your Secondary Progressed birthday would be June 26th, 1991. Enter that new birthday and determine what phase you’re in!

If you do not have a handle on the terminology that astrologers use and geometrical angles, this topic will be very hard for you. If you want help learning the angles and terminology, message me for lessons!

In your Secondary Progressed Chart, if the sun and moon are the same sign, you’re in the new moon phase.

If the moon is one or two signs after the sun, that’s a waxing crescent phase.

If the moon is three signs after the sun, that’s a waxing half moon, they are in the same mode (cardinal, fixed, mutable).

If the moon is four or five signs after the sun, that’s a waxing gibbous phase. This would be a trine or quincunx if the orb is tight enough, each which will happen for a few intense months during this phase of about five years.

If the moon is opposite the sun, that’s a full moon. A 180 degree angle.

If the moon is five signs before the sun, that’s a waning gibbous moon. This would be a 150 degree angle between signs. It will be especially intense when the sun and moon make a partile quincunx for a few months during this phase.

If the moon is four signs before the sun, that’s a disseminating moon phase. This would be a 120 degree angle.

If the moon is three signs before the sun sign, that’s a last quarter phase, this would be a 90 degree angle.

If the moon is one or two signs before the sun sign, that’s a balsamic phase.

It is imperative that you grasp the major aspects in order to understand this.

Secondary Progressed New Moon: You are reinventing yourself at this point in life! It is time for you to view life and the world with a fresh perspective! Start a new hobby. Now is a great time to start a business or move to a new place. Leave behind what has kept you stuck in previous years.

Secondary Progressed Waxing Crescent Phase: You are cultivating what you have started, building upon what you already know. You are sowing the seeds that you will reap later on, so be mindful about whether the choices you are making at this point in life will provide for a comfortable situation that you will be dealing with in the future. You are tempted to go for the gusto right now, but years from now when you’re in the waning phases, you won’t feel as full of hope as you do during this phase of your life.

Secondary Progressed First Quarter Phase (Waxing Half Moon): There is tension in you as you are persistently working on what you started and tackling the conflicts that are coming up because you are currently realizing what works and what doesn’t. If in a cardinal sign, you are finding the power within you, leading or guiding other people. If in a fixed sign, you are resisting obstacles that get in the way of what you want, acting determined. If in a mutable sign, you are learning to adapt to what your clients, bosses, and family members need/want from you.

Secondary Progressed Waxing Gibbous Phase: You are at a climax in your life, feeling like you are almost there in obtaining your goals. The stakes are high and it is up to you to prove yourself. This phase lasts about five years as it contains the moon sign that is trine the progressed sun AND also the sign that is quincunx the progressed sun. In layman’s terms, life feels free flowing for the years that the progressed sun and moon are in the same element, before there is even more conflict for the next couple years after that! This entire five year period is an incredibly creative time for you! Even if your pursuits aren’t creative in nature, you are making great progress and learning to excel at what matters to you!

Secondary Progressed Full Moon Phase: You’ve reached that point that you have culminated your abilities, or you at least feel that you have completed something in your life. Your desires will come to fruition at this time, and if they do not, it means that you need to learn a lesson, to be more honest with yourself about what is truly best for you. At this point in life you are realizing that what you thought you wanted isn’t all that it was cracked up to be. You feel an internal uncertainty, as there is a tug of war between your ego and your emotions, for example your desire to socialize (if progressed moon is in Libra) may get in the way of your need to move forward and be self-sufficient (if progressed sun is in Aries). You are probably getting a lot of attention at this point of your life, as the moon shines so bright! If you did not make wise moves while you were in the waxing phases, the carpet is being pulled from under your feet right now.

Secondary Progressed Waning Gibbous Phase: Once again you are realizing what went wrong before, and now is your chance to make adjustments. If you do not take an honest look at your own flaws now, the universe will continue to give you problems that make you feel disheartened. Pluto has this way of giving us life circumstances that reflect our inner world, that’s another post entirely but it is a metaphor to what is happening here. The same problems will keep coming up if you don’t face what is inside you. I can give you a clear insight to what the universe wants you to realize if you get a reading with me!

Secondary Progressed Disseminating Moon Phase: If you have made those adjustments and gained the wisdom the universe attempted to bring to you before, things will be flowing more smoothly for you at this point in life. Your progressed moon and progressed sun are in the same element during this phase, so you are finding harmony within yourself, your life is coming together! If you did not face your flaws during previous phases, then the upcoming phases will lead you to feeling even more discouragement.

Secondary progressed Last Quarter Phase (Waning Half Moon): Now is your last chance to improve upon what you have been avoiding, and you will experience crisis as a reflection of your inner world. You are either reaching maturity or wondering why things aren’t happening as you want. If in a cardinal sign, you are finding the power within you, leading or guiding other people. If in a fixed sign, you are resisting obstacles that get in the way of what you want, acting determined. If in a mutable sign, you are learning to adapt to what your clients, bosses, and family members need/want from you.

Secondary Progressed Balsamic Phase (Waning Crescent): Something in your life is coming to a close. You are finding resolution, reflecting on your mistakes, and reminiscing about the good times. This lasts about five years as it contains the moon sign that is sextile the sun as well as the moon sign that is just before the sun. In other words, there are opportunities for you when the moon sign is sextile the progressed sun, and you will gain a spark of inspiration. When the progressed moon is 30 degrees before your progressed sun, your emotional self is clinging onto something that contradicts the goals of the sun. (For example, progressed moon in Sagittarius is tempted to do what’s fun and wish for more out of life, when you may need to embody your progressed sun in Capricorn that accepts things as they are and realizes that they need to get serious and commit themselves to practicality.)

I can write 15 pages of a reading for you! Contact me!


These are some of the only paintings I actually did myself during the early development phases of June. It was really thrilling to be able to work with so many other incredible artists and watch them bring the concept and June’s entire world to life.

At the same time…so many of these interviews sound so much…like fic. I would expect to see some of these answers in a fanfic, not in an official interview. And while my immediate response is to love it - because fic is usually used as a means to do everything we want the canon to do but know it won’t - I’m also like, “this could also get out of hand very very easily” ….I can’t quite put my finger on it but…yeah. At this point the new writers are chaotic neutral to me and I’m watching them 👀

Blue Dreams (Re)Announcement

Blue Dreams is an adventure game being developed in RPGMaker VX Ace. You explore the daily life of a boy named Lac as he interacts with his family. Following the path of the previous game Dreaming Mary, Blue Dreams will have many secrets to discover for those who look to find them.

Blue Dreams will be a very pretty game with lots of heartwarming family interactions. When you’re done playing around, just go to bed and sleep. Easily you’ll have beaten the game! Hurray! For people who hate horror, as long as you follow my instructions you’re guaranteed a good ending with nothing scary! For people who crave the scares… why would you want Lac to experience such horrible things? Isn’t his happiness good enough for you? Don’t dare take away the memories of his dreams just to replace them with a nightmare, or the consequences will be on your hands.

Development is now moving into the programming and graphics-making stage. No new information will be provided until the final stages of the game, where our new ask blog will open and accept questions. As was done in Dreaming Mary’s final development phase, relevant questions asked during this period will be included in the game’s radio! Please look forward to it.

The release date is set this year.

The game format and concept have been changed over the past years, so previous information regarding the game is no longer applicable.

Thank you for your patience, listeners! I guarantee that we will give you something surprising♪

i am just so ANGRY because MICKEY AND MANDY MILKOVICH WERE GOOD FUCKING PEOPLE who absolutely did not DESERVE what happened to them and they are now not even being treated with the respect and love that THEY SHOULD BE TREATED WITH. after their entire lives being ABUSE VICTIMS this is how they’re sent off the show, are you FUCKING KIDDING ME? and FUCKING SHEILA CALLAWHATEVERTHEFUCK talking about mickey becoming ian’s NURSE like literally shut the fUCK up, how do the WRITERS not even have a grasp on their own fucking character what thE FUCK I AM SO MAD. gOD so he’s finally taking care of the person he loves after literally going through HELL TO BE WITH HIM and now that’s a bad thing????? and he was being overbearing??? and oh oh oh ian just missed the old badass mickey??? didn’t want him to be all soft and gentle but now that he’s gone ian just wants something soft and gentle give me a fUCKING break. and WHILE WE’RE TALKING ABOUT IT, WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED TO IAN? HOW COULD YOU DEMOLISH SUCH AN INCREDIBLY WELL-CRAFTED CHARACTER? LIKE WHERE THE FUCK DID IAN GO? see like the ONLY way i’ve been able to interpret his actions is like if ian is still somewhat in love with mickey and the only way he knows how to cope is by distancing himself and trying to convince himself that the relationship wasn’t “real” or all too good or whatever. like i get that. i’ve been there. and it’s a natural coping mechanism. BUT THAT’S NOT WHAT THE WRITERS ARE DOING. THEY ARE FUCKING UP IAN’S CHARACTER AND I’M NOT OKAY WITH IT. BIPOLAR DISORDER DOESN’T CHANGE YOUR PERSONALITY LIKE THAT, DO YOU EVEN UNDERSTAND WHAT MENTAL DISORDERS ARE??? I’M SICK OF THEM TRYING TO DESTROY IAN GALLAGHER. IT’S NOT REALISTIC AND IM FUCKING MAD BECAUSE THEY ALREADY DID THIS WITH DEBBIE. as SOON as debbie became a teenager they literally threw her character out the window and gave her a new one. what, you think as soon as you get your period you become an entirely different person? AND YOU KNOWS it’s because she’s a girl, because carl is going thru his dumbass teenager phase too but it FITS his personality, as much as we wished he wouldn’t take the criminal lifestyle to heart. but NO debbie is a GIRL so of COURSE SHE HAS TO BECOME THE AIRHEADED HORMONAL TEENAGE GIRL WHO’S OBSESSED WITH BOYS AND WANTS A BABY, like are you FUCKINg kidding me? that is the most un-debbie like storyline ever, and it’s sO overdone, are you really lacking creativity tHAT badly?!?!? oh teenagers have the stereotype of being troublemakers so naturally debbie has to be one of them. YES OKAY MAKE HER REBEL, MAKE HER QUESTION THINGS LIKE A TEENAGER, but she IS STILL DEBBIE FOR FUCKS SAKE. SHES STILL THE SAME PERSON. look at the debbie in season 3 and tell me it’s the same person as the one we’re seeing now. go ahead. i dare you. because there’s a difference between growing up and going through phases, and completely developing a new mindset, a new set of beliefs, and a new fucking personality?!?!?! and NOW THEY’RE TRYING TO DO THE SAME WITH IAN.



Karen Jackson? GONE. Sheila Jackson? GONE. Mandy Milkovich? GONE. Mickey Milkovich, who had arguably one of the most beautiful character development arcs in television history? NAH FUCK IT, GONE. 

honestly. part of me is glad they didn’t have the time to fuck up mickey’s character the way they fucked up everyone else’s.


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I'd say it's somewhat convenient for him to have gone from a late teen to an infant. Many similarities come between those two phases. Brain development, irritability, and the need for excessive sleeping are major ones. Just replace an insatiable sex drive with the absence of common sense and/or object permanence, and bingo! An unfinished and imperfect hormonal disgrace of a life form.

They’re offended.

@vinkumakkara​ told me to write about Julius and the Boss’ relationship changing between SR1 and 2 and man ! do i love talking about Julius Little. 

in Saints Row 1 the Saints are in dire straights – they’ve been around for long enough to gain some members, for those members to have earned ranks as lieutenants, as second-in-commands, but they’ve made very little progress. they barely have a hold on the Row. 

Julius says “we need all the help we can get” so i think at this point hes trying to build up enough of a gang so that he feels stable enough to to launch an attack. no point fighting if youre going to immediately get wiped out by the retaliation. by the time he finds Playa, he’s about feeling like they can stop defending their territory and expanding. Playa is kind of a last minute find.

that’s Playa all over at the start. Julius stumbles in on them – if you wanted to sum up Saints Row 1 in a phrase it would be wrong time, wrong place – and from there, he brings Playa into the fold. 

something i’ve mentioned with Julius several times is that i believe he deliberately constructed the Saints out of people he thought he could control. thats why most of the Saints are barely out of their early twenties; he’s an older man with power and influence, theyre people who will follow him willingly. Playa came with a bonus in that regard – Julius saved their life. they owe him one. wanting to pay someone back can be a powerful motivator. 

Playa starts off in the gang as a new recruit that Julius has a good feeling about, and they very, very quickly become the Saints’ most valuable asset. Julius knows this, everyone knows this. the Saints spent god knows how long getting nothing done and then suddenly here comes the hero.

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Painting: Economy and Process

Before I paint I like to develop a pallet and become familiar with my options.

Working this way does take a little extra time, but it makes for more reasoned decisions and better Economy in your mark making.

Good Economy makes for more confident looking work when each stroke has intention and confidence behind it.

Economy in a painting is a subjective value. Personally I don’t want any part of my work to look weak or unresolved (unless that’s the intention). The general process of generating thumbnails, doing studies, and developing color/value schemes is designed to answer the most challenging questions before you execute the final painting.

When I was a younger artist, I resisted the process. But I find that the process is really your opportunity to improve your success rate with creating something that you’re pleased with.

After a while, it does become easier to take shortcuts. But, no matter how good you are, you’re results will always be their best when time and attention are given to preparation.

Everyone has their own approach and work philosophy, I suppose. Personally, I really enjoy the development phase and really honing in on the underlying structure.

When I paint, I tend to think of the surface as a problem. And my goal is to use a strategy to transform that surface so that it communicates effectively. At least in the commercial sense of art, my goal is to find an answer. The finished painting is an answer.

A good process is a framework for problem-solving. There will always be some problems that you can address intuitively. But for certain problems, it’s the process that gives you the margins for working them out.

Good process is the source of my confidence. I don’t have to know everything or be a genius painter. Because being comfortable with the process means I can probably overcome just about any obstacle, simply by deconstructing the problem. The other thing is that having good process means that when things go bad, you are better equipped to analyze and articulate the issue.

MOST IMPORTANTLY, if you use good process you can always reuse the artifacts for future work - which over time become very valuable assets…


Why I don’t like the OT3 (Damen/Laurent + Erasmus)

This obviously involves shipping in the fandom so please read this post and understand I’m not making this to personally attack anyone.

Conditioning definition:

  1. have a significant influence on or determine (the manner or outcome of something). Synonyms: constrain, control, govern, determine, decide
  1. Bring (something) into the desired state for use. Synonyms: treat, prepare, prime, temper, process, acclimatize, acclimate, season

I’m going to be using this word a lot. It can have types of meaning, depending on how it’s used. There can be innocent, cute ways such as giving your crush a piece of candy every time they see you, so when they see you they think of candy. But we’re not talking about that. We’re discussing slavery and it’s affect on relationships. Human Conditioning is “the characteristics, key events, and situations which compose the essentials of human existence, such as birth, growth, emotionality, aspiration, conflict, and mortality.” Basically, how treatment and situations affects you as a person. It’s often talked about how it can be used sadistically against humans and their nature (i. e. slavery) (It’s quite an interesting psychological study and I recommend anyone who likes psychology learn a bit about it!).

Let me start off by saying in most fandoms I let people ship whatever they want. For the most part I don’t think most of fandom stuff is harmful (some truly can be don’t get me wrong). I’,m an extremely open minded person. Both online and irl. It is one of the things I truly actually respect about myself. Captive Prince is a bit different though. It touches sensitive subjects and already has discourse surrounding it, so I automatically am very particular about what I feel and do in the fandom (of course i sometimes mess up or change my feelings/ideas about something, I’m only human and it’s bound to happen). However I’ve come across this ship for weeks and it’s been bothering the absolute fuckery out of me and i can’t not express myself anymore on why it’s bothering me.

Now Erasmus was the only character I liked book one and half way through book two. I don’t say that lightly. I didn’t like Damen, or Laurent, or Nicaise, or anybody. Erasmus showed up and I was like “oh thank fuck finally, a character who doesn’t annoy the absolute fuckery out of me.” So he’s very special in my heart.

And… boy. BOY.

Erasmus has been trained since he was a child to be a [pleasure] slave. Now I live in an area that has a high percentage rate of human trafficking, so I’m going to talk about something that’s very upsetting and real. There was a girl whose parents sold her into human trafficking as a baby. Her whole life she was a sex slave. Yes, there are disgusting human beings out there who have sex with two year olds. And she was a victim of that. By the time she was 18/19 (around Erasmus’ age) She had been rescued. After lots of therapy and attempts to help her learn and understand how society morally is (not the trafficking society she was raised in), she still had trouble understanding what happened to her was wrong. She didn’t comprehend that being a sex slave as a child was wrong, and didn’t understand that she was rescued. It’s all she knew. There are lots more awful stories like this, too many. But human trafficking is modern sex slavery. That’s it. Period. So here is definitive example of human conditioning in sex slavery.

Akielos had this fetishized ideology that if they didn’t beat their slaves or have sex with them when they were children, that it was perfectly okay! Damen believed this 100% and didn’t even really see slaves as people (because he was raised with the idea that slaves were property). Erasmus was conditioned since a child (at least starting at age 11/12) to be a sex slave. And before that, probably a regular palace slave (it’s most likely he was born/sold into slavery at an extremely young age, especially considering how obedient he is).

That is the same exact shit this poor girl went through. At a young age, sold into [sex] slavery. Now brains work in different ways I understand this. Look at Kallias for example: Kallias was a sex slave, raised just as Erasmus, but he was a bit more rebellious. He outwardly would state/express in some way that he wanted to be with Erasmus and be free. He only remained obedient for reasons I will assume like: Wanting to remain close to Erasmus, not wanting to be punished, not being able to obtain a job and survive (Meaning, perhaps slaves can’t work if they’re disobedient, and he was also a high rank slave being Kastor’s main slave and all. He probably hoped for a bit more freedoms coming with being a High ranking noble’s). But his personality was definitely more rebellious than Erasmus’. Who was straight up obedient to a fault.

Erasmus was training to be Damen’s slave. Lykaios was also Damen’s main slave. How did Damen describe her as she was being murdered? Something along the lines of “soldiers didn’t even need to forcefully kill her. If they asked her to show her neck to cut it, she would obey.” THAT IS THE KIND OF SLAVES DAMEN OWNED. So don’t try and tell me that Erasmus, the sweet little angel who would try to not cry out when he was being tortured with fire, not because he didn’t want to be hurt, but because he wanted to obey, was not trained to the point where if Damen told Erasmus to take a sword to the throat he would (spoiler: he would).

So far: Erasmus has been trained and conditioned since childhood (an early development phase in which affects a person through the rest of their lives) to obey all royalty or higher rankings without question, specifically King Damianos.

I’ll circle back around to this but let’s turn our focus onto Laurent and Damen. The second main reason I don’t like this ot3 is because it’s so out of character. Like above and beyond. I’m gonna break it down through each character:


  • Even as a child was an introverted bookworm. Did not really have any friends besides his brother, Auguste
  • First sexual relationship was a nonconsensual relationship between him and his Uncle (whether Laurent was aware of it as wrong/nonconsensual during the time is unknown. Metas have talked about both cases. Personally I believe he didn’t, and was groomed prior to the relationship becoming fully sexual)
  • Laurent became known as “frigid” in the Kingdom for his active showing dislike of sex (at least having sexual relations himself).
  • Spent months accepting he loved Damianos
  • Still suffered from the trauma of his sexual abuse (“Yes, Uncle,” automatically getting on his hands and knees to have sex with Damen in PG, dissociating as if it was common practice when he was almost raped in PG, being shocked when Damen wanted to kiss Laurent even after Damen had finished in his mouth, etc)
  • Laurent is described by Damen in Summer Palace that he “kissed Damen like he never wanted to kiss anybody else”


  • Owned slaves/ viewed slaves as property
  • Was known to be a big slut (no slut-shaming LOL this has a point)
  • Laurent being the only person he has ever had an emotional connection to (“It’s…it’s never like this”).
  • In book one actively treated/spoke to Erasmus as if Erasmus was lower rank. Attempted to protect him yes, but not to no longer be a slave, but to give him/sell him to better masters.

Laurent is an extremely sensitive and vulnerable character who, due to his prolonged abuse, has extreme difficulty with all kinds of relationships. Damen works well with Laurent because he doesn’t take shit from Laurent, even when he was a slave, and never used his size as a tactic to scare Laurent. They are equal rank, therefore they see each other  mentally as equals. There’s lots of wonderful meta’s on Damen and Laurent’s relationship so i’ll stop there.

Now why is Damen/Laurent okay but not Erasmus? Well, first of all Damen and Laurent are exact equal rank; Prince and Prince, then King and King. “but Damen was a slave too, just like Erasmus!” It’s canon that Damen never once saw himself as a slave, and laurent admitted to knowing that Damen was never truly a slave. If Damen had wanted to, he could have killed Laurent/been free. Every abusive thing laurent did was a tactic of revenge for Damen killing Auguste. If he hadn’t known it was Prince Damianos, Laurent would have let Damen go.  Secondly, Damen was not trained like Erasmus. Damen was brought up as a child that he was the prince. He is higher rank. He is boss and in charge. Damen knew this, thrived off it when he was laurent’s “slave.” Every time laurent asked him to do something he did it, but the back of his mind always said “this is survival. You are not a slave. When you are free (notice it’s ‘when’ and not ‘if’) you will have your own revenge.” This is a strong mind that was built into Damen’s brain. In fact, he had more of a confidence/control rank over Laurent because Laurent was constantly scared and saw himself as second-best (mostly not even best, just second choice).

Circling back to the beginning, Erasmus was raised as a slave. There is no “when you’re free” or “This is survival, you’ll be free soon and you’ll be a king.” No!! Erasmus’ thought process was “Don’t scream no matter how much it hurts because your masters don’t want you to scream.” Damen had to protect Erasmus because Damen knew what protecting was. Erasmus didn’t. Whatever his masters wanted he did. Even if he felt they were being abusive his only true worry was that he didn’t understand what he was doing wrong.

Damen knew the abuse was wrong and was waiting for the opportunity to be free again and take his rightful place as king. Erasmus didn’t understand what he was doing wrong to prompt the abuse. That’s the difference of their minds and how different they’ve been conditioned to think.

Laurent actively hates slavery through every book. There’s lots of great metas about how it’s because he understands what it’s like to be forced into doing things (specifically sexually), and how much of a mindfuck it is to be conditioned to think a certain (abusive)  way.

So far part II: Damen would never see himself as equal rank with Erasmus because he never once saw himself as a slave. Erasmus would always feel beneath Damen and Laurent. One, because he will always see himself as a lower rank, being trained as a slave/to think of himself as property since he was a child, and second because he was specifically trained for several years to bend completely to whatever Damianos desired. Laurent would feel uncomfortable being in a relationship with someone outside of Damen because of his past abuse. Damen would never be able to have an emotional connection with Erasmus because the only person he’s experienced that with is Laurent, who is the same rank as him, and it took three fucking books for them to gain such an intense emotional connection.

He [Erasmus] was specifically trained for several years to bend completely to whatever Damianos desired. There’s obviously a lot to go off of from this, but Erasmus will never be able to be “reconditioned” by royalty, specifically Damen, because no one will ever know if he is able to think like a free man, or if he is still only doing what his “masters” are telling him to do. (Basically, imagine you do a love spell: Do they love you because they truly love you? Or do they love you because of the spell? That’s what Erasmus’ “teaching” would be like.)

Let’s really think about this: There is nothing different between Torveld being in a relationship with Erasmus, and Damen being in a Relationship with Erasmus. It’s not good. It’ll never be equal, and Erasmus will always see himself as a lower rank. Even if he is taught not to see himself as lower.

Even if he is not taught to see himself as lower. Slavery may be gone, but even the most close in rank and best friend of Damen, Nikandros, still spoke to Damen starting his words off with “exalted”. Erasmus would say that and be reminded of his lower rank. Maybe it’s nice to think “aw but Damen would never make him say it” jkdsnfskdjc If Damen has Nik do it you b e t Erasmus would have to do it.

I’m not saying Damen/Laurent can’t be nice to Erasmus. But a relationship? No no.

But  "Erasmus could learn how to not think like a slave by hanging out with the very person who he was trained for"

  1. See: ‘love spell’ example
  2. Reconditioning someone’s brain can take years and constant work at it. Damen and Laurent are Kings. They don’t have time to do that. Especially when they have their own personal issues they’re still dealing with (Laurent’s past, Damen’s time as a Slave, probs other shit too). They need to focus on each other and themselves.

And this is saying that Laurent/Damen is okay with having a third person in their very special relationship:

  1. Erasmus would act like a slave →  Laurent would feel uncomfortable → Damen wouldn’t notice immediately because of how he was raised →  Laurent would probably get upset with damen for not noticing → arguing → Erasmus becoming upset for ‘causing problems’

But LMAO: Damen was jealous/worried about Laurent hanging out alone with women in Adventures of Charls. Even with their relationship so loving and stable, and Laurent being explicitly not interested in women, Damen was still jealous. Not to mention, Laurent doesn’t seem to get jealous, but he does get insecure. Damen treating someone else the same as Laurent would probably make Laurent feel unimportant or second-choice.  

And Torveld too!! NO! That’s literally a relationship that could never be truly equal and healthy! Because he bought Erasmus as a slave. Like yeah thanks Torveld for having basic human decency and not abusing human beings just because they’re slaves but, you’re not really reaching very far! Sksgksjdskbf Like Laurent sent Erasmus to Torveld because it was the best option at the time. Not because he felt Erasmus would be freed/experience freedom. He is still a slave forced to have sex with a master (because as a slave he legally can’t say no).

I’m usually a very open and accepting person when it comes to fandom stuff. But other things just make me uncomfortable. And this is one of those things. I’ll be honest and say I ship Kallias and Erasmus hard af. I love them together. They’ve been through extremely similar experiences (born and raised as slaves). They’re best friends and love each other in every way. They’ve got that agonizing tragic ache of forbidden love which I am a sucker for. They’re the same age and rank. Kallias seems more able to jump into freedom, but he can also gentle help Erasmus understand the world. Kallias has been the only person to help Erasmus admit to wanting to see the world. Kallias could travel the world, any time with Erasmus, and they would both be so mesmerized by traveling, and there wouldn’t be “we have to stay at the palace” etc. it would be their own decisions based off what they, as free men, would want to do. Two people, who have been in love for years, finally being together as free men and traveling the world. How is that not the most romantic (and healthy) thing?!

My argument isn’t diminished because I ship them. Honestly, I’m fine with Erasmus with Kallias, or Isander, or some random guy he could meet while traveling the world, or even just being by himself and enjoying his freedom. I’m fine with any of that because it’s equal ranking and there won’t be any foul play. But being with Torveld or Damen/Laurent? Nah, it’s too ooc and unhealthy. That’s just how I feel.


I wish…Orabeoni was my real brother. But I also wish he wasn’t.”

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HI, I just wanted to say you have a great site. I noticed you put up a number of art drawings and I am not sure if you have looked here but have you seen Matt Rhodes Concept Art for for Dragon Age? It has some great official concept art from Dragon Age 2 including Fenris and Merril. I would love to hear some of your comments on this. The first part is about Mass Effect but halfway down is about Dragon Age. Thanks again.

Hey Nony!

Sorry for the delay getting back to you. We went through quite a few Matt Rhodes posts (the man is everywhere!!) to find the one we thought you were talking about.  Anyone who hasn’t seen Matt’s review of DA2’s concept art is missing out.

All four of the Sisters Wyrd sat down together for tea and to talk about these designs.

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