The 14 Phases of Writing Fanfic

As told by Chris Pratt gifs…

1. The “Great Idea” Phase

2. The “This Is My World and Where I Belong” Phase

3. The “It’s 3am” Phase

4. The “Here Comes the Angst/Hurt/Comfort” Phase

5. The “First Read Through” Phase

6. The “Massive Breakthrough” Phase

7. The “To Post or Not to Post” Phase

8. The “Posting Anyway” Phase

9. The “ Actual Posting” Phase

10. The “Waiting for Feedback” Phase

11. The “Split Second Before the First Kudo/Fav/Follow/Comment” Phase

12. The “Reading First Kudo/Fav/Follow/Comment” Phase

13. The “Replying” Phase

14. The “I’ve Got Another Idea” Phase