phase one of my twist out


“You’re from before she dies, aren’t you?”

“You didn’t stop him.” It’s not a question. Barry’s doppelgänger doesn’t flinch, but his eyes darken perceptibly.

“No.” His tone stings, a caustic reminder of a caustic truth that has burned its way through the foundation of his world for almost ten years. “I did not stop Savitar.” Stepping forward, he adds in a dangerously low tone, “I failed. Repeatedly.”


“You think I gave up? After the first time?” He’s less than ten feet away. Barry has the sudden urge to bolt; he holds his ground. The storm presses against his stronghold, ready to shred him. “I could have.” His doppelgänger steps closer; the storm leans in. “You’re the fifteenth doppelgänger who’s tried to do the impossible. How many are coming after you?”

Barry blanks. His doppelgänger huffs; thunder growls in between them. “Of course you don’t know, you don’t know anything. Know how many times I tried to save her?” Pain twists in Barry’s gut. I don’t want to. “Sixty-one.”

He flinches. His doppelgänger is within arm’s reach now, and the storm burns in his bones. “Get out of my universe,” the Future Flash growls, last-warning low. “Get out.“

“I’m gonna stop him.” Barry steps forward. His doppelgänger puts up a hand; a lethal amount of electricity crackles between them. Stepping forward again, the hand pushes against his shoulder. “I’m gonna stop Savitar.”

He phases just in time to avoid the fatal shot of lightning that lunges from his doppelgänger’s fingertips, plunging through the floor.


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The day is gloomy and rainy on the window and through your sleep filled eyes, you can see the drops hitting the window forcefully. Harry’s tummy raises and falls with each breath he takes and his hand is on the nape of your neck, warm and gentle, fingers tangled in messy stands of your hair. 

The feeling of peacefulness is overwhelming as your head rests on top of Harry’s chest, his heart thrumming steadily under your ear. Although the atmosphere is filled with peace and quiet, inside, your mind is swimming.

You’ve been awake for quite a while now, both of you. He’d pulled you on top of him for a cuddle after he went down to the kitchen to whip you both up some breakfast while you brushed your teeth and got back in bed after your meal. You’ve been like that for an hour now, the TV humming low in some cooking show that you knew he liked watching, but couldn’t focus on that. All you could think about, all you could feel was the heavy, toe curling desire that had settled low on your center and tingled on the tips of your fingers, spreading through your body like a slow but all consuming flame.

You had no idea where it came from or why you were so hot and bothered in the first place, but it was making you mad. Everything was tipping you off - the color of his skin on the morning light coming through the window, the way his taut and defined stomach moved with each breath he took, tattoos seeming to gain life with the movement, how warm and sturdy he felt underneath you, the smell of his skin mixed with yours, the innocent touch of his fingers in your hair … everything

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Okay but the greek gods as high school stereotypes

Zeus is the homecoming king, date-rapey, wears crowns to school half the week, football star, wears a lot of red clothes, daddy issues, dating Hera but mad cause she won’t put out, cheats, has fathered 3 kids but payed the moms off, unliked by fathers, doesn’t read, “No you’re stupid” “I know you are but what am I?”

Hera is the super protective, top of the class, teaches home ec to underclassman, willingly takes the robot babies for fun, vintage sundresses, homecoming queen, loves reading, abstinence advocator, 

Athena is tiptop of the class, v v smart but will fuck you up, wears blazers, vegan, will not hesitate to tell you she is vegan, started chess club, is president of chess club, is the only one in chess club, Quiz bowl, 

Apollo is designated gay guy, throws the best parties, always lit, super tan, spends summers in Tahiti, really likes hummus, shitty poetry slams at the local bars, “come to my poetry slam Tuesday night!” Drums on everything, takes more time on his hair than his homework

Artemis, super gay, wears a lot of jewelry, blogs all night, skips school for first day of hunting season, wears white camo, eats meninists for breakfast, loves the bell jar, dog person

Dionysus wears Hawaiian shirts 24/7, drinks before school, does everything but heroin because that is too far, water bottles filled with vodka, dabs ironically, puts Monster in his coffee and drinks it, spends all his money on booze, eats two bags of Doritos a day

Poseidon– captain of the swim team, ironically doesn’t like fish, has sea food allergy, has a shark stuffed animal, wears board shorts to school, talks about surfing but can’t surf, talks with Californian accent but is from Ohio, “radical”, bucket hats, orange spray tan, cried watching finding nemo

Hades, oldest but his family hates him, wears nothing but black, still in the scene phase, secretly likes Justin Bieber, girlfriend goes to a different school, “you wouldn’t know her”, spikes hair every day but always brushes it out because “it doesn’t look good”. every day. “welcome to my twisted mind” blog title, guyliner, joined theatre as a joke, is really good at it, under appreciated, watches one tree hill in his free time

Persephone– flower child gone goth, irrational fear of pomegranates, dog person, “It’s complicated” relationship status. only drinks long island ice teas, flower crown and punk edits, wears crop tops and ripped jeans, in love with my chemical romance, cosplay youtuber

Aphrodite– settler in the relationship, cheating on her boyfriend, tells people she is in an open relationship, has had so many abortions her next one is free, wears pink ever Wednesday, spends all her money at Victoria’s secret, Instagram famous, personal relationship with Kylie Jenner, wants to be a model, wears crop tops and skater skirts, makeup youtuber, “I was the sidechick”

Hermes– meme trash, works in school office, wears cardigans, on the track team, studied abroad, afraid of heights, wears nike sandals with socks, wants to be a doctor, tweets for a living, Dabs unironically, trolls everyone

Hephaestus– Girlfriend is cheating on him, reacher in relationship, loves star trek, relates to Spock, makes model airplanes, mommy issues, kind heart, hard worker, pure cinnamon roll. wears a lot of flannels, and work boots 24/7, hates his brother Ares, only reason there is a handy cap entrance, 

Hestia–Possible arsonist, dad is an asshole, cozy fire aesthetic, slut-shamer, obsessed with disney movies, always has tea, wears cardigans, “too hot for you” mug, still sleeps with a stuffed animal at 18, best tipper

Demeter – mom friendTM, seasonal wardrobes, texts you to make sure you ate, loves a good nude lip but is always down for a plum, goes by Demi,, hates when people rhyme her name with things, has a life style blog, minimalist.

Hypnose– Deadass, sleeps all day, failing all classes because he doesn’t do his homework, anxiety, loves camomile tea, loves catcher in the rye, binge watches a new tv show every week

Ares– only drinks fireball, head of the wrestling team, tried to fight teacher, will fight you, will fight his dog, will fight your dog, claims to have wrestled a bear, motorcycle, also wears guy liner, has a designated detention seat, calls the principle by first name, really good with little kids, makes a child army, WOW, rage quitter, texts Hephaestus that he stole his girl 24/7

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took me a week but here they are!! 

pete: emo myspace kid, probably has “welcome to my twisted mind” as his blog header. shops at hot topic. it’s not a PHASE, mom. 

andy: health-conscious jock who works out ALL THE TIME but is surprisingly very nice. lives out of his gym bag. 

joe: stoner/skater dude, pretty chill, always knows a good place to hang out or buy bright nail polish colors. no one knows where he gets his shirts from. 

patrick: hipster/artsy kid, sits in the back of class listening to music or drawing in his notebooks. somehow manages to find flowers year round?? it’s a mystery. 

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Danny Phantom trying to overshadow one of the Gems and accidentally initiating a Fusion. 

The Fusion is messy and both sides are unhappy with the result. The gem side is trying to keep the weird parasite from escaping, forcing the Fusion to continue, while Danny is doing all he can to phase out - resulting in weird limbs and amorphous body sections as he struggles to get away. 

The Crystal Gems think he’s another Gem that corrupted into a monster, that somehow twisted the Fusion ability into a parasitic thing. 



Capturing the Night Sky with @mikkolagerstedt

To see more of Mikko’s long-exposure images, follow @mikkolagerstedt on Instagram.

“Even if I end up with no photographs I’m satisfied with, at least I have spent time in nature and outside in the fresh air,” says 32-year-old Mikko Lagerstedt (@mikkolagerstedt), a self-taught fine art photographer from Finland. “The weather, timing and lunar phases make it difficult to predict a good astrophotography day — that gives it a challenging twist. There is a sense of mystery every time I take a long-exposure, and you can’t know how the picture will turn out. It is one of the key things that inspires me to capture night photographs.”

Mikko had studied design in school but thought that it wasn’t the thing for him. “One year before graduation, my very first inspiration toward photography came to me when I was driving on a summer’s eve to my relative’s cabin. After a rainy day, the sun started shining, and the fog was rising in the fields. I just had to stop and watch this beautiful moment, and then I realized that I wanted to start capturing these kinds of moments,” says Mikko. After he had saved up enough money, he bought his first camera on his graduation day. Since then he has been honing his skills and is eager to reveal his creative process to others. “I try to share my knowledge as much as I can. I feel obligated to do it as it would be something I would have appreciated when I was just starting and learning photography.”

the signs as middle school things
  • Aries: always getting the best time/highest scores in gym class, back talking the teacher, getting a phone call home for bad behavior
  • Taurus: "my favorite subject is lunch lol", always having tons of pens/pencils
  • Gemini: dying your hair pink, going through your "random" phase
  • Cancer: obsessing over a really popular person, listening to music in class (secretly.. the earbuds are in your hoodie..)
  • Leo: being really popular, having lots of family at the school
  • Virgo: sucking up to the teacher because otherwise you would fail your eighth grade advanced math class (omg I'm so smart! these teachers are the real dumb ones!)
  • Libra: getting a new boyfriend/girlfriend and saying "I love you" after three days
  • Scorpio: the seventh grade Emo phase, having a tumblr with a title like "welcome to my dark twisted fantasy" (so different from all these simple-minded losers..!)
  • Sagittarius: the class clown who somehow gets good grades, smiling at people in the halls
  • Capricorn: stressing out over grades, thinking you're grown up when you really aren't
  • Aquarius: having a really cool art teacher that definitely smokes weed and plays music in class, that one kid with the weird sense of humor
  • Pisces: crying in class because the sixth grade is just too hard and your fish died this morning :(, zoning out during a lesson

i hate people but i like you // an andy/april mix

i. crazy little thing called love // queen (there goes my baby / she knows how to rock n’ roll / she drives me crazy)

ii. accidentally in love // counting crows (so you said “what’s the problem, baby?” / “what’s the problem?”, i don’t know / maybe i’m in love)

iii. happy together // the turtles (i can’t see me loving nobody but you / for all my life)

iv. the way you look tonight // frank sinatra (some day, when I’m awfully low / when the world is cold / i will feel a glow just thinking of you)

v. all this and heaven too // florence + the machine (and i would put them back in poetry if i only knew how / i can’t seem to understand it)

vi. can’t fight this feeling // reo speedwagon (what started out as friendship, has grown stronger / i only wish i had the strength to let it show)

vii. your song // elton john (i know it’s not much but it’s the best that i can do / my gift is my song and this one is for you)

viii. i hate people // jemina pearl (feat. iggy pop) (oh i / i hate people / oh i / but i like you)

ix. marry you // bruno mars (it’s a beautiful night / we’re looking for something dumb to do / hey baby / i think i wanna marry you)

x. just say yes // snow patrol (just say yes, just say there’s nothing holding you back / it’s not a test, nor a trick of the mind / only love)

xi. every night // imagine dragons (i’m the colorless sunrise / that’s never good enough / i’m the wind that’s in your hair / that ruffles you up)

xii. you make my dreams // hall & oates (twist and shout my way out / and wrap yourself around me / cause i ain’t the way you found me)

xiii. i love how you love me // neutral milk hotel (i love how your eyes close / whenever you kiss me / and when i’m away from you / i love how you miss me)

xiv. young dumb and in love // mat kearney (she’s not like any other girl / she’s got me crying first, dying first)

xv. the only one // the black keys (i’m so wrapped up in a daze / hoping this is just a phase / but when all is said and done / i know you are still the one)

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INCEPTIVERSARY CHALLENGE: sum up our entire Fandom History in 10 fics

hahahaha, okay, nonnie, i’ll try! it’s impossible to categorically attempt to define and summarize a complicated and diverse fandom with lots of complex fics and views and wildly divergent takes on canon, but as a thought experiment, i hope it’ll be ok!

I should stress there are dozens of fics if not hundreds that could slot into each of these general “categories” and trends, i don’t want to say any of these are like The Definitive Treatment, they’re just fics that spring to my mind as examples of a trend or aesthetic! Enjoy the recs but please don’t take them as like, a declarative statement on How Fandom Was or anything! 

Also, this is an Arthur/Eames History, because write what you know etc.

  • A certain type of very early inception fic, ie the thankfully short-lived ‘Eames is a bad speller and kinda dumb and he and Arthur have “banter” that is regrettably indistinguishable from sexual harassment until he wears Arthur down and then they fuck’ phase of our existence
  • Das Vorbewusste by weatherfront ie the follow-up complete polar reversal, ‘nevermind, Eames is THE MOST BRILLIANT PERSON EVER TO EXIST ON THE PLANET AND IT’S A WONDER THAT ARTHUR DOESN’T MELT AWAY IN HIS FINE SUIT JUST BEING NEAR HIM BECAUSE QUITE HONESTLY WHO COULD BLAME HIM HOT DAMN,’ a phase which thankfully still exists to this day :D :D :D :D 
  • Towards Zero by mirabella ie oh shiiiiiiiit everything is terrible PROJECTIONS ARE THE WORST PLOT TROPE IN HISTORY I’M TERRIFIED AND NO LONGER TRUST WHAT IS REAL, THIS IS A NIGHTMARE WHO DECIDED THIS FANDOM WAS A GOOD IDEA ie that phase when everyone was writing angsty plots with projections and reality mindfucks and i’m so glad we are out of this phase mostly because my heart could not take it
  • Unexpected Plot Twist by ethrosdemon aka that phase when fics were blowing up dreamshare and issuing scathing critiques of the military while they were at it
  • Late Night Phone Call by Sparkledark. I feel like “wildly delightful AUs completely separate from the inception canon but no less memorable for it” aren’t really a phase so much as a staple in this and every fandom, and they’ve been here since the beginning, but when this one was posted back in (originally on LJ for the inception christmas fic exchange in i think 2011) it was just the BEST THING EVER. It definitely counts as a fandom moment, for me at least.
  • Get Lost by winterlive aka that phase when everyone was very introspective and fics were only nominally about dreamshare, but were very much about character explorations, and the sense of vastness that canon left us with, and also maybe an attempt to recreate the aesthetic of SGA fandom here in new space, and also a little about the poignancy of collective creation of narrative, if that makes any sense.
  • Our Man in Africa by witling, ie that, like, 2-year late-fandom phase when it seemed that we had a real infrequency of longer canonical fics (my favorite kind), but whenever we got them, thanks to newcomers like redcat512 and awesome perennial fans like witling and pushdragon and lurrel and laceymcbain etc etc, they were amaaaaazing, and kept the fandom feeling fresh and alive and not stagnant at all.
  • Next Big Thing aka prolly the reason this fandom has spent the last 6 months exploding in celebrity AUs :D
Requiem for Humanity’s Greatest Strategist and Most Intelligent, Armin Arlert

I remember when I first got into Attack on Titan. The dub was coming out on Toonami. I was reluctant to watch it because I thought it was overhyped, but I’d watched it anyway. 

I do not regret my choice.

I got into a massive, weeaboo-like AoT phase. It had taken me no more than three or four days to catch up to the manga. I spent so much time reading fanfiction. AoT parodies are life, and I’ve hundreds of AoT pictures on my tablet. The majority of my pictures consist of are related to one cinnamon roll: Armin Arlert.

Armin Arlert was my legitimate life. I loved him so fucking much, and I literally could not stop talking about him. Armin was the sweetest cinnamon roll. He was bae. My earlier Tumblr days had posts pertaining to him and just him. That is how much I cared about him. Armin isn’t the first fictional character that has had a large impact on me - Inuyasha is and still remains the first - but Armin was the first one to come to a close second. I defended his character, appreciated his intelligence, and personally referred to him as Humanity’s Most Intelligent, a title associated with Hange. I always believed that Armin wasn’t weak, that he wasn’t useless. I loved every moment of his character development.

Eventually, I got out of my Attack on Titan phase, started obsessing over things like Seraph of the End, One Punch Man, etc. I still kept up with AoT though because I still enjoyed it and Armin had cemented himself as a dear and favorite character. I experienced all the twists and turns this manga had to offer. Even recently I worried about Hange and I’m still concerned for Erwin.

But today, Chapter 82 happened.

I read it, waiting to see if Reiner and Bertolt finally get their comeuppance, hoping for updates on Hange, Levi, and Erwin. Instead, what I get, what I fucking get, is one of the cruelest things to happen to an innocent character.

I could not fucking believe. I struggled to hold tears back as I read Armin’s last wish for Eren to get to the ocean. I could barely look at the panels. I was distraught and I still am. Various emotions are coursing through my veins, but they mostly consist of anger, shock, and extreme grief. I still refuse to believe what I read.

After all, no one expected Armin Arlert to die.

I honestly hope that he’s alive, that he experiences plot armor like Hange did. We’ve already lost Marco; we can’t lose him. Levi will save him with the serum, Armin will live, justice will happen, and he and Eren will experience the grandeur that is the ocean. 

But alas, this tale is dark, full of realism and tragedy. All types of people die, even the ones that don’t deserve it. That is life, sadly.

So I type this with tears in my eyes. If he is truly dead, then we all need to look back upon Armin with fond memories. We will never forget him. His death will never be in vain. And if he is truly alive, like I want him to be, then we all shall rejoice.

                    ~ • ~ We love you Armin Arlert. Rest in peace. ~ • ~