phase distorter

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An out-of-left field thought: since they have the ability to embed solid matter in their bodies (including living beings, who can thus be confined without injury save to their dignity), do you suppose Topazes can phase, like Phantom Girl or Shadowcat?

One thing though! Recall that in Adventures in Light Distortion the gemstones themselves couldn’t travel through the hull of the ship. In that regard gems in their light phase could phase around objects and even through smaller objects but they can’t phase through walls or anything large enough that would hinder their gemstones from coming along.


Correct. The only way I know Pokey is from his wrongdoings … And from the ways he has hurt me and my friends.
I’m certain he’s more multifaceted than that. You would know. But from what I know, I’m certain he didn’t take the Phase Distorter for a casual cruise; Surely he is plaguing the spacetime continuum elsewhere, doing as he maliciously pleases with this powerful technology he has at his disposal …