phase 22

List to do on March 22

• wear eyeliner
• must cry
• blast every MCR album
• wear MCR merch
• start the “YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND ME” phase
• makeup the emo style
• “Rawr XD” every post
• March the town
• wear black and show your respect
• when someone ask what are you doing say “ its a death anniversary”
• a speech about how great mcr is
• dont forget the anniversary
• play on piano and every instrument WTTBP beginning
• spam G Note every emo post
• dont forget to cry
• remember its an idea

montparnassee  asked:

Prompt: Claquesous trading names with Montparnasse when Javert is questioning them AGAIN and exaggerating it x1100 (because it's canon)


Claquesous freezes and Montparnasse groans inwardly. How does he do that. For a guy that looks like he has damn marching music playing on a loop in his head Javert sure know how to appear out of nowhere.

“Officer,” he grimaces, turning around and his friend does the same.

“And what might you two be doing out here at this hour?”

Honestly, four in the morning is exactly the appropriate time to be outside a shady club but whatever. “Are we being detained?” Montparnasse asks coldly.

Javert smiles thinly. “There’s no need to take that tone,” he says. “We’re just having a friendly chat. Nor is there any need for the parade about you two having forgotten your identification.” He squints at Montparnasse. “Mister Montparnasse, is it not?”

“No,” Claquesous suddenly speaks up. “That would be me.”

He’s taking such care to pronounce all the vowels in the words that Montparnasse nearly smirks, but he just manages to keep a straight face.

“And that would make you Mister Claquesous,” Javert points at Montparnasse.

Montparnasse slants his head and lets his shoulders sag a little. “Yeah, sure,” he mutters.

“And where is your loud friend?”

“I expect he is still inside,” Claquesous says with a sigh, delicately brushing his fringe out of his face.

“We’re havin’ a night out,” Montparnasse says, shoving his hands into his jeans pockets. Two can play at this game.

“Really?” Javert says, unimpressed. “And what did this night out involve?”

“Mostly dancing,” Claquesous says before Montparnasse can answer. “I am an excellent dancer.”

“An’ I just like to…soak up the music,” Montparnasse slurs in retaliation.

“I see…” Javert’s eyes seem to be continually fixed on either one of them. Dude could outstare a cat. “If that’s the case I’m sure you wouldn’t mind emptying your pockets for me?”

“Are we being searched, officer?” Claquesous huffs with a flounce of his shoulders.

“If you’re looking for drugs, we don’t have any,” Montparnasse mumbles, trying to make enough hair fall in front of his eyes so he can glance out from behind it. “I don’t need it…I live for my art…”

Claquesous takes in a sharp breath. “You think I’d touch drugs? You have any idea what that stuff does to your skin?”

Javert probably isn’t capable of not frowning, but he’s definitely frowning more now. He probably thinks they are on drugs instead of carrying them. “If I was about to search you, you would know it,” he says coldly. “I am only asking, in a very friendly manner, if you wouldn’t mind emptying your pockets.”

“Oh, well, if that’s all,” Claquesous says and he smiles. He actually smiles.

Montparnasse has to hold his breath not to laugh at Javert’s face.

“Sous,” Claquesous snaps. “Hold this.” And he begins shoving whatever he has in his pockets against Montparnasse’s chest. Montparnasse has to scramble to take his hands out of the pockets of his skinny jeans and grab the random shit Claquesous always seems to be carrying around.

“Most of this useless crap is yours anyway,” Claquesous scolds. “God your so messy. I never carry anything but the essentials. Like a mirror. And three different eyeliners.” He turns his pockets inside out and makes a face at Javert. “See? Nothing naughty.”

Montparnasse scoffs and stuffs the mishmash of things back into Claquesous’ hands. “You’re so full of shit,” he slurs. “Here.” He digs his packet of cigarette’s out of his jacket and tosses it to Claquesous. “Take your cancer sticks back.” He glances up at Javert. “I don’t smoke. It’s bad for my voice.” He continues emptying his pockets. There’s only one eyeliner by the way and no mirror. “There, nothin’.”

They both have plenty of things on their person that could land them in jail, but none of it is in their pockets that’s for damn sure.

Javert stares at them for a moment. “Alright then,” he says curtly. “I suggest you find somewhere else to spend the rest of your night.”

“Hm-hm,” Montparnasse grunts.

Thank you officer, so kind of you,” Claquesous snarks.

They watch him walk away and turn the corner. As soon as he does Montparnasse straightens up and Claquesous leans back against the nearest wall.

“What the fuck was that?” Montparnasse asks, but he can’t stifle the grin on his face.

“Bored,” Claquesous says with a lopsided smirk. He starts putting his belongings back in his pockets.

“Hey,” Montparnasse snaps his fingers and holds out his hand.

Claquesous rolls his eyes and gives him his cigarettes.

Montparnasse lights up and smooths his hair back.

“So,” Claquesous hums. “Where’s your mirror?”

He just manages to evade Montparnasse’s kick to his shins.

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So like, I went sans bra to work today ( since it was only half a day ) and it was honestly a whole new world. Can we just…. collectively make not wearing bras a thing plz ??

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