pharrell and diddy


Watch the official trailer for our first feature film #DopeMovie. In theaters June 19th. 

Why people need to start making more movies like “Dope”

Yeah, on the surface the new film “Dope” looks like an Instagram-famous, urban hipster’s wet dream. And even if it is, it still boasts way more depth than you’d expect, bitingly relevant humor (for instance, Malcolm and his friends are nerds for liking “white people shit” like skateboarding, Manga, and Donald Glover), standout performances, and a fucking killer soundtrack. 

Creatively produced by a team that included Pharrell, Sean Combs, and Forest Whitaker, and written and directed by Rick Famuiya, the film speaks to an authentic experience: what it means to be young and trying to learn who you are – even if who you are happens to be a nerd. 

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