pharrel willams

my fav pop/rap sigers

1 : skylander boy and raps

2: fnaf songs 

3: twenty one pilots

4 : Keatsaty parry

5:jon bellion

6: pharrell willams

7 :elile goulding

8 : beyojnce

10 :coldplay,

11: chainsmoker 

12 : melanue martinez 

13 :meghan trainor

 14 :marron 5

15 : da games

16 :taylor swift 

17: fall out boys 

18 : rianna 

19 : jessie j 

20 : flo rida

21 : charli xcx

 22 :weird al 

23 : becky g

24 demi lovato 

25 : petatonix

26 : owl city 

Aries Celebrities + Moon Signs
  • Aries Moon: Marlon Brando, Celine Dion, Nathan Fillion, Rooney Mara, Lucy Lawless, Sean Faris
  • Taurus Moon: Robert Downey Jr., Kiera Knightley, Quentin Tarantino, Elton John, Pharrell Willams, Diana Ross, William Shatner, David Blaine
  • Gemini Moon: Ewan McGregor, Jackie Chan, Bette Davis, Doris Day, Jessica Chastain, Reba McEntire
  • Cancer Moon: Heath Ledger, Miranda Kerr, Aretha Franklin, Big Sean, Natasha Lyonne, Robert Frost
  • Leo Moon: Jessie J, Maisie Williams, Brenda Song, Jesse McCartney, Sean Bean
  • Virgo Moon: James Franco, Leona Lewis, Marvin Gaye, Elle Fanning, John Schneider, Perez Hilton, Hayley Atwell
  • Libra Moon: Kristen Stewart, Alec Baldwin, Steven Seagal, Maya Angelou, Susan Boyle, Rosie O'Donnell, Akon, Austin Mahone
  • Scorpio Moon: Lady Gaga, Mariah Carey, Charlie Chapman, Steven Tyler, Harry Houdini, Eddie Murphy, The Undertaker
  • Sagittarius Moon: Emma Watson, Vincent Van Gogh, Jamie Lynn Spears, Thomas Jefferson, Paul Rudd, Selena, Jim Parsons
  • Capricorn Moon: Kourtney Kardashian, Reese Witherspoon, Sara Jessica Parker, David Tennant, David Letterman, Al Gore, Kate Hudson, Billie Holiday, Maria Sharapova
  • Aquarius Moon: M.C. Hammer, Russell Crowe, Victoria Beckham, Steve McQueen, Amanda Bynes, Conan O'Brien, Ashley Judd, Bach
  • Pisces Moon: Sarah Michelle Gellar, Hugh Hefner, Lee Pace, Peter Capaldi, Kenny Chesney, James Woods, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Piers Morgan
Why Andre 3000 is Better Than Your Favourite Rapper.

Andre 3000 is the king. King of current Hip-Hop (lets not tread on Pac’s toes now, that would be silly), King of RNB, heck ,chuck him a gritty beat and I’m sure he’d be the king of Grime! Too far?! Okay maybe I got a little caught up in the moment. The truth is, Andre 3000 is better than your favourite rapper. End of.

Rumours went flying last week that Outkast were to reunite at Coachella this year. With the prospects of one of Hip-Hops heaviest duos coming together again, I wanted to reflect just why Andre ‘3000’ Benjamin is one of the strongest, most talented guys in the game.

I’ve always said that Three Stacks was the master of guest verses; stealing the show with a mere few bars, but it has to be said how he has conquered every aspect of the music, and to some degree- the entertainment industry.  

In recent years, Andre has blessed us with guest verses for the likes of Beyonce, Rick Ross and Drake to name just 3. Each and every time, his instantly recognizable voice, immaculate flow and detailed word-play captures the audience. Having gone into a music hiatus, when Andre features on a track, he make it his own, and reminds his fans why he is one of the most respected artists in the music industry.

What I love about  3000 is his versatility. We all know how capable and comfortable he is with the typical ATL style beats, but his recent collaborations with Gorillaz (Do Ya Thing) and Capital Cities (Farrah Fawcett Hair), show his ability to cross genres and still come off on top.

Yes, his Georgian drawl makes him very distinctive, but another reason he stands out amongst the sea of artists is his unique fashion style.  With childhood friend Fonzworth Bentley, their fashion taste is eccentric to say the least. With clothing label Benjamin Bixie (one line in 08, and one rumoured to be coming soon), Andre 3000 and Pharrel Williams are 2 great examples of how Hip-Hop can leak to the fashion world and still remain high-fashion. Kanye-  I think you need to speak to ‘Dre- sounds like he got the answers you’re looking for!

As well as being a successful music artist and fashion designer, Andre 3000 is a triple threat, the final area he’s conquered is TV and film.  A recent project has seen him starring as the legendary Jimi Hendricks. Also staring in Idlewild, Four Brothers and Be Cool. Andre has his fingers in all the pies; owning production company Moxie Turtle too. In partnership with Cartoon Network, he produced, created a lot of the music for, and voiced a character in kids cartoon which put out Class of 3000, a cartoon series  based on a blues teacher and his class, short lived on Cartoon Network. 

Andre is an elusive character, leaving no footprint on the social media sphere. Which, in this digital age is actually quite refreshing. He, and Jay Z show us how very little fan interaction can actually leave us wanting more.  With questions surrounding his personal life (and sometimes sexual orientation), the mystery of Benjamin Stacks keeps him forever current, I read a great quote today; ‘gossip is plentiful, scandal is profitable and falsity is just part of human nature’.

 What can we expect during the run up to Coachella then? ‘Leaked’ tracks from Outkast, rumours of a split after the performance, and a flamboyant outfit from our leading man.