pharomachrus auriceps

Golden-headed Quetzal (Pharomachrus auriceps)

…a species of quetzal (a group of trogons) that occurs in the Andes of Venezuela, Colombia, Peru, and Bolivia. Golden-headed quetzal typically inhabit humid highland forests and are solitary. P. auriceps is sexually dimorphic with females sporting a duller coloration and a grayer head, and males sporting an iridesent green coloration with a golden cast to their heads. Golden-headed quetzals feed mostly on fruit and insects, lizards are occasionally taken as well.


Animalia-Chordata-Aves-Trogoniformes-Trogonidae-Pharomachrus-P. auriceps

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I'm on a BOAT

BLSummer Bingo: Yachts and Sunscreen! Rated T, mostly rhack but Tim is here and a bit of rhackothy happened- just spreading the love!


“This is a no pants allowed zone, Rhysie!” Jack spread his arms out wide as he walked backwards up the ramp from the dock to his yacht. It was, of course, bright yellow with a white stripe around the sides. There were no sails or rigging involved in the sleek design- only a motor engine. “Get some shorts! Speedo! Or nothin’ at all!”

Rhys grinned. “Think I’ll just get some swim trunks, okay?” He climbed aboard the yacht, dubbed ‘The VIP Deck’. Obviously named by Jack. He kicked his shoes off and was about to make his way down to the sleeping quarters to change when another Jack walked on board. “Uh?”

“Hey good lookin’!” yelled Jack. He leaned on the deck railing and put on shiny reflective sunglasses. “Rhys, meet Tim. I’m paying him to be sober and drive the boat if you or I get too busy being wasted or having hot juicy sex.”

“Uhhhhhh, hi?” Rhys held out his hand and Tim groggily shook it. “No offense, but- I kinda thought I’d be alone with Jack.”

Tim scoffed but gave Rhys a genuine, warm smile before going back to sounding dead inside. “Chillax, kid. I’ve been to Jack’s parties, I’ve seen some things. Nothin’ you do will bother me. Especially considering how handsome you are yourself!”

Rhys wished he knew if that was Tim being in character, genuine, or both. He hoped both.

Jack grinned and winked at Tim. “You got the attitude down today, huh? What exactly did you do all night, eh Timmy? Got a lucky girl? Guy? Other being?”

“The lucky girl I spent all night on was Google, learning how to drive this boat.” Tim yawned and climbed in the cabin to look at the controls. “We probably won’t die!”

Rhys didn’t have time to doubt him. Jack put his arm around Rhys and led him down a few steps to the cabin and bedroom. “We’re gonna have the BEST vacation, Rhysie! Drinks, sunshine, fresh air, you name it.”

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