This Longshot Bill Would Encourage States to Legalize Marijuana
Sen. Cory Booker is introducing a longshot bill to incentive states to legalize marijuana.

HAIL TO SENATOR CORY BOOKER’s new bill to encourage states to legalize marijuana.

4 Points:

1.)    De-scheduled marijuana from the list of controlled substances

2.)    Retroactively expunges people who have been convicted of use and possession of marijuana

3.)    Create an incentive for states to change their laws and stop enforcing marijuana laws in an unjust way and stop targeting people of race and lower class.

4.)    Creates a community reinvestment fund; So that the communities who have been disproportionally impacted for decades by unjust marijuana laws and their applications could apply for these community reinvestment funds to help with projects like, job training, reentry services, community centers, libraries and programs that are dedicated to youth, just to name a few.