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The Signs As Brallie Moments

Aries: Brandon going to see Callie on her Girls United field trip even though he’s under a restraining order.

Taurus: Brandon serving Callie lasagna when they first meet.

Gemini: Callie jokingly telling Brandon she didn’t ask for his opinion.

Cancer: Brandon making Callie leave the pharm party once the police showed up because she was on probation.

Leo: When Brandon told Callie they couldn’t be together in season 2 because he promised her that he wouldn’t let her give up on getting adopted.

Virgo: Callie helping Brandon put on his Christmas pin because his hand was broken.

Libra: When Brandon and Callie had to practice dancing for Mariana’s quinceanera.

Scorpio: Brandon telling Stef and Lena that him and Callie are in love and there’s nothing they could do to stop it.

Sagittarius: Sneaking off to Mexico to illegally go hang gliding.

Capricorn: Brandon telling Callie he’d give up the tour and just about anything else for her to get adopted.

Aquarius: Brandon taking the blame for the fake ID so Callie wouldn’t get arrested.

Pisces: Brandon singing ‘Outlaws’ to Callie.