pharmacy pun

(lend me some sugar)

I have a headcanon that Emma and Killian eat lots of junk and Henry is all smug teenager about it and tells them off for it, and months and months ago @freyreh prompted me to write Killian trying cotton candy for the first time. For some reason this baby bit happened? I don’t know, guys. Captain Swan Believer fluff, quite literally.

(Also contains a terrible Pharmacy Tech pun, if you get it I will be impressed.)

~1k. Rated K.

Henry lets himself in, toeing off his shoes and sending his schoolbag skittering across the polished floor with a touch of vindictive relish. He’s not had the best of days. It had started with a request for a ‘chat’ with the principal, the thought of which had set his heart racing and his palms sweating before he’d even had a chance to ask Violet for a lunch date. That part hadn’t been all that bad, though as it turned out spending most of the school year in other realms wasn’t doing much for his GPA, and he’d had to swear blind to avoid all portals, magical objects and anything else that wasn’t immediately relevant to the curriculum for the foreseeable future.

Okay, so he may have had his fingers crossed, but his more immediate problem was that he was being kept awake at all hours of the night by baby Robyn’s colicky screaming, since it’s pretty hard to concentrate on even the most interesting lesson if you need to keep your eyes propped open with toothpicks.

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disregardcanon  asked:

I'm not into overwatch (because video games aren't my thing) but I think it's totally genius that your cute otp with the healer character is called Pharmercy like a pun on pharmacy

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) it’s even better cause it’s canon that Fareeha (the big blue rocket birb) loves puns.