pharmacy night

Dont ever look up reviews for the company you work for.

So i work for a mail order pharmacy and last night i got damn curious. I googled the company i worked for. For laughs i said. People are always saying how horrible the reviews are gor us and they didnt lie. But the thing is while reading the little sob stories and complaints i noticed how privelged these people were. They were complaining about stuff we couldnt even help with. Things that were out of our hands. But like most privelged first world people they expect us to be able to do everything to make them happy even illegal shit. People don’t understand next time you are mad because Walmart wont do something a small business would its because big business cant do it most of the time legally. Like Medicare requires us to treat everyone equal. The FDA requires certain legal documents to be regarded as such. Most of my job is listening to people complain about how unfair things are. I put them on mute and say oh well its unfair that i dont have a unicorn.


I don’t usually walk to the pharmacy at night, but when I do, I try to go around the same there have been Red Robin sightings on the same block. Maybe he likes a quiet place to read his library books?

[Replies tomorrow or later today– had my Pharmacy course formal last night, got extremely drunk, fell a little bit in love with my lecturers and their adorably shit dance moves, and am now nursing a hangover to end all hangovers.]

Fanfic: Numbers Game

Jonathan goes out to pick up some medication. Sock tags along. And that’s before things get weird.

Originally written as an entry in the W2H Shorts contest.

Notes:  Just so you know, this actually happened to me the night Erica announced the contest (sans Sock and his antics). I had gone to the 24-hour walgreens to pick up my prescription (Had just gotten out of the hospital that day and slept most of it away). So in a way, based loosely on a true story. The numbers were real and I got spooked by a stray cat in a dark alley on my way back to the bus stop, so yeah…

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I work in a pharmacy and the other night one of our regulars came to drop off their script for their ADHD medication . They were on their phone with headphones in but nonetheless very polite as usual. They dropped their rx & license with the Rph and then walked away. Rph called their name….then 2 more times. They were so distracted that they didn’t hear her b/c by then they had taken their headphones out. They came back 10 minutes later and she it gave it to them. Then they came back again and said “I’ve come to pick up my ADHD meds and I’ve lost my license” and burst out loud laughing. It was good to see that they had a sense of humor about that. They were on the far end of the spectrum and I just wish people who don’t believe that ADHD is a real condition could meet people like that and develop a better
understanding that they’re not making it up.

This could be about me.



Having to make an emergency run to the pharmacy on a Saturday night. I’m in socks & sandals. OlderTwin is in his rain boots & shorts. YoungerTwin is wearing his grim reaper costume (and only has underwear on because I insisted he wear it).

No we don’t look like a meth family unless by that you mean we totes look like a meth family.