Proof that the cancer industry doesn't want a cure - even if it's a pharmaceutical
‘A safe and effective cure for cancer has been discovered with a drug that was once used for unusual metabolic problems. Yet, the cancer industry shows no interest with following up on dichloroacetate (DCA) research from University of Alberta in Edmonton, Canada, reported in 2007. That’s because DCA is no longer patented.

That research also confirmed cancer as a metabolic malfunction, not a weird mutation of cells often explained away as a genetic issue. But the medical mafia doesn’t want you to hear about it. But it confirms what most alternative cancer therapists already know.

Since Nixon declared the “war on cancer” in the 1970s, the cancer industry has succeeded with raising money for researching very expensive chemo substances at $50,000 to $100,000 per round or more for toxic therapies that rarely work.

Chemo drugs usually lead to demanding more business with drugs to ease terrible side effects ( Meanwhile, more are getting cancer and more are dying from it, mostly because of the toxic treatments.’

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The “War” on “Drugs”: /FAIL!
The Disease Machine: Why Drug Makers Keep You Sick

‘Why are ineffective and dangerous drugs peddled by supposed ‘public health’ organizations in place of well-established natural solutions with virtually zero side effects?

The truth of the matter is that drug makers simply would not profit if the world were to awaken to the plethora of free health-promoting substances that beat out over-priced pharmaceuticals and medical interventions. There would be no need for pharmaceutical manufacturers, phony ‘public health’ organizations peddling the latest ‘miracle’ drug, and certainly no research organizations feeding off the donations of good-hearted individuals.

You may think that this is an impossibility and that natural solutions simply do not compare to ‘scientifically proven’ pharmaceutical science. The truth of the matter is that scientific evidence is the very thing disproving the safety and effectiveness of pharmaceutical drugs, as well as highlighting the surplus of beneficial properties associated with inexpensive and free vital nutrients.

Contrast: Cancer Drugs Causing ‘Mega’ Tumors, Turmeric Reduces Tumors by 81%’

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Pharmaceutical Industry: Making you sick what keeps them in business

               Siguro sa tingin ng karamihan oo nga naman. May sakit ang isang tao hahanap ng lunas sa pamamagitan ng paggawa ng gamot.

Pero yung ayoko sa buong pagiisip na ito e yung dinadamay ang buong field ng pharmacy practice. Para lang magkaroon ng idea ang iba tungkol sa paggawa at pagbuo ng isang gamot dadaan muna ito sa napakahabang proseso (Clinical trials for almost 20 years) at napakalaking pera ang inilalaan para sa research at analysis (Trial and error) isama mo na din ang nilaan na oras ng mga researchers para makagawa ng gamot na gagaling sayo.  Ang isang pharmaceutical company ay maglalaan ng million o billion sa pagbuo ng isang gamot dahil ito sa haba ng panahon na ilalaan para ma-assure na safe for human use ang gamot, mahigit libo ang pwedeng maging potential na gamot pero iisa lang ang makukuha at dito pa lang oras na ang kalaban. Dadaan sa clinical trials ang isang gamot na hindi lang linggo o buwan ang kailangan pero taon o dekada dahil kailangan pa itong itest para sa safety, toxicity at efficacy sa animal at sa mga human volunteers. Pagkatapos nito papasok na ang isang gamot sa Post Marketing Surveillance kung saan titignan ang performance ng isang gamot sa market at may patent lamang sila na iilang taon na mas maikli pa sa taon na nilaan para sa paggawa ng gamot pagkatapos maexpire ang patent na ito, maaari ng gayahin ng ibang company ang gamot at gumawa sila ng generic. Pag nagkaroon pa ng side effect ang gamot na hindi naman naka-indicate, pull out agad ito sa market at dadaan nanaman sa reformulation kung saan hindi pa nababawi ng mga companies ang na-invest nila sa pagbuo ng gamot na iyon. Ang sinasabi ko lang hindi din madali sa mga companies ang pagbibigay ng certain price sa isang gamot at madalas din na talo at nalulugi sila. Gusto ko lang sana wag lahatin ng iba ang Pharmacy profession at tawagin itong money sucking profession kasi HINDI at kung meron man, sila yung mga taong hindi pinapahalagahan ang kalusugan ng tao kundi pera lamang.  As a pharmacy student nakakalungkot na makita yung ganitong tingin ng mga tao sa magiging trabaho ko at sa field na papasukin ko. Gusto ko lang iparating sa mga tao na hindi madali at hindi biro ang gumawa ng gamot, hindi namin gusto na magkasakit kayo para kumita kami dahil ang optimal goal namin ay yung kagalingan ng mga pasyente namin. Yan ang itinuturo samin kung papaano matutulungan ang pasyente para mapagaan ang kalagayan nila. Hindi kami magaaksaya ng panahon para lang sa pera. Hindi namin hahangarin ang lisensya para lang i-degrade. Gusto namin na makita kami ng tao bilang makakatulong sa kanila, wala ng iba.
Pharmaceutical Industry Payouts Prompt Conflict of Interest Concerns

‘It seems that a large number of healthcare professionals and researchers — many of whom are state employed — are supplementing their salary with a nice sum of money paid out by the pharmaceutical industry.

More than 25,000 physicians and researchers in Texas received a combined amount of at least $57 million in cash from the pharmaceutical industry in research money, free meals, travel, and more, from 2009 to early 2011.

Many of the medical professionals, some of which were already attaining a state salary as much as $500,000/year, were bringing in $100,000 between 2009 and early 2011 thanks to the pharmaceutical industry financial push.

These medical professionals were paid for various tasks such as assessing products, speaking engagements, and ultimately anything that would increase sales for the industry.

As much as $100,000 is more than enough money to influence opinions and decisions. With having a family to take care of and a house to payoff, it is no surprise that many individuals accept the money, even while knowing at heart that it is for the opposite of the greater good. These payments issued by the pharmaceutical industry, while legal, are simply bribes and payoffs to support and place their product on the market by having it both FDA and publicly approved. This is the kind of “behind the scenes” situations that occur within the shadows.’
4 Creepy Ways Big Pharma Peddles its Drugs

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‘It’s no secret that advertising works. Big Pharma wouldn’t spend over $4 billion a year on direct-to-consumer advertising if it didn’t mean massive profits.

What is more unknown is why drug ads that sow hypochondria, raise health fears and “sell” diseases are often the most common–and effective–even when the drugs themselves are of questionable safety.’

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Elf For Employers

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Marinus Pharmacueticals Update


Still holding all my shares of my “other” biotech stock, MRNS (Marinus Pharmaceuticals) even though I’m down 31%. As this line chart comparing MRNS to the biotech index (IBB) shows, the price has been mirroring the index. So one can’t blame the company for this price drop; and besides, there is an important catalyst coming up soon that should cause a price spike…maybe even a sustained uptrend. If there is a bearish divergence from the index (i.e. if the stock’s price goes down while the index rises) well then it may be time to bail.