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My parents and I are good friends because of Star Trek. I love them and all, and they raised me, but I know a lot of people aren’t really friends with their folks. It can be a tough thing.

But I’ve been lucky that because my parents loved and watched Star Trek, we always had something to talk about beyond how well i was doing in love/school/work/life. We could always talk about the moral and philosophical implications of the latest Next Generation episode.

And when it came to Thanksgiving, for a number of years my Dad, Uncle and I would go see the latest Trek movie in theaters come gobble gobble day.

The first one we saw was Undiscovered Country and I remember this vividly because I remember thinking Spock with rocket boots was kind of silly. Not logical. But I loved it anyway, cause Leonard Nimoy would sell you all the logical charm he could muster, and you and everyone else you know ate it up cause it was delicious, and Leonard Nimoy was awesome.

So I already loved Leonard Nimoy. But then I found out he wrote the song to the Bilbo Baggins animated feature. Being the enourmous Tolkien fan that I am, I was understandably beside myself to find that Spock was singing about this Hobbit I loved so dearly.

And just now i finished watching this great interview he had with Pharell Williams, and i had no idea he was such an amazing photographer. Well it sadly took him dying for me to find that out, and to find out he’s such a warm amazing creative person IRL. Sad day.

RIP Leonard Nimoy.