@pharaohthoth, my fav new schoolers?

tough to catagorize most of these dudes as new but

blu, kendrick lamar, elzhi, phonte, black milk, pac div( like is the illest though), lupe, curren$y, dom kennedy, j cole, cool kids (mikey rocks crazy), big K.R.I.T., fashawn

I’m drawing a blank on a couple but yeah…a couple of them have a chance to do big things, but I enjoy listening to all of them

pharaohthoth replied to your postthat puff pic… classic., who r ur top 5? (dead or alive)

Pac Nas Common Mos Big i wanna say Jay lol but he fell off post retirement, so ill call it a draw with BIG, fat nigga only releases 2 albums and was already a legend.

I don’t know..American Gangster was an incredible album in my opinion..blueprint 3 was okay, kingdom come was wtf…but hov’s past resume before that is like jordan with the bulls

top 5s get tricky

big L, ice cube(imo), common, mos, pun, BDK, kool G rap, eminem, the list can go on…I pull my hair out everytime somebody asks me to do one of these