The number 13 means something entirely different to the sapphire blue sea. It’s not just a number. It’s Super Junior’s history. And yes, it’s our story.

  • 13. 13 shining boys sharing the stage. The number of completeness, fullness, happiness. The 13 boys that gained the hearts of their beloved ELF.
  • 12. 12 members when they debuted. Though everyone, including the members themselves, detested the addition of the 13th member, we all grew to love our evil maknae.
  • 10. The Sorry Sorry sensation was a hard feat to beat, and coming back with only 10 out of 13 members caused much sadness to the sapphire sea. But even if the number decreased, ELFs vowed to love the missing 3.
  • 9. 9 members will be standing on stage in the coming days. Our space big star made a very dignified decision to serve his country. And yes, we will wait for him. We will wait for Kim Heechul.
  • 5. Five successful albums in a little more than 5 years. 5 years of making their supporters happy. Five years of proving themselves to the critiques.
  • 4. Four Super Junior sub-groups.
  • 3. The missing three we promised to protect. And impossible it might be, these are the three people we yearn to see with our 10 remaining boys; sharing one stage as a whole family once again.
  • 2. the two people who suffered greatly due to nonacceptance of some fans: sunshine Zhou Mi and our dear boy Henry. And  the 2 years that we have to bear as we patiently wait for our boys to finish their duties to their nation.
  • 1. one group, one stage, one fandom, one heart, one sapphire sea– one promise.
  • . The promise to believe, protect, and love our boys– to infinity and beyond.

2 Different Tears: the tears of the leader & the tears of the maknae

Leeteuk: The warm tears 

The tears of the greatest leader I know, the tears of Heechul’s only hyung. Leeteuk-ssi, when you cry, evey ELF cries with you. He is not an attention whore, and nor is he weak– he has been staying strong for everyone for almost 6 years. Thank you for being strong for your members, for ELF, and for everyone you dearly love. We’ll stand with you until the end.

Kyuhyun: The silent tears

The rare tears of the little boy who has to face the fact that his favorite hyung is leaving.  Hee, the evil maknae cried over you. Kyuhyun-ah, it’s okay to shed a few tears. The evil facade cannot conceal your soft spot for your members. Your evil brother will be back. Until then, care for and listen to your hyungs.


Though Leeteuk may come off as funny and makes a fool of himself most of the time, we all know of his soft side. We all know how he shed tears over different circumstances. We’ve heard him apologize to us ELFs, for something that was completely out of his control and things that were not his fault. Despite all the issues and the hardships Super Junior went through, he remained head-strong and promised to continue spreading their love until the entire world is covered with sapphire blue balloons. Teuk gave a different meaning to leadership. He defined leadership as love and sacrifice. It’s safe to say that he was one of the best leaders I’ve known. He was more than a leader to his members; he was a brother and at times even stood as their parent. To our child-like angel, please continue to shine your light and lead the way.

To Park Jung Soo, thank you.