ummm vlog is up

and I say awkward a lot

watch if you dare

anonymous asked:


♥ - My tracked tags.


instrumentalalchemist (still don’t know why I haven’t untracked this yet oop)


project voicebend

☺ - My first URL.

cough cough bluepandalove ( I WAS LITERALLY 11.9 SHUT UP)

♦ - My current tumblr crushes.

  1. pharaohdarcy (what up gurrl?)
  2. yatabu
  3. that-one-girl21
  4. knowyouravatarfacts (??? wtf??//??)
  5. nuvematown (hi piparoo~)
  6. alysalt (hi alysaaa)
  7. monicakimle
  8. fuckyeahtinychatshipping (wtf we haven’t even updated this blog in like months)
  9. takashied

♪ - How many messages do you have in your inbox?

14 including this thing

↕ - How many blogs do you follow?

139 yo, but I wanna follow more anime blogs T___T

⇨ - How many posts do you have?


✞ - How many likes do you have?


♔ - How many drafts and posts on queue do you have?

2 Drafts, and they’re both for future reference.

btw i’ll love you forever for sending me these k